Top 2 Best Kindle Voyage Cases

Textured Leather Origami Case for Kindle Voyage – The Thinnest and Lightest PU Leather Cover for Amazon Kindle Voyage

  • Origami Stand Design, Could set your hands free during your reading. Only 2.8 oz, protect your device without adding unnecessary bulk or weight
  • Wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the cover. Magnetic clasp ensures cover is securely closed, secures your device without straps covering the front
  • Full access to all features without removing the case from your kindle Voyage
Leather Origami Case for Kindle Voyage

This is a great product. The quality is acceptable for less than $15 dollars. It holds the Kindle Voyage in portrait and landscape mode very well. Sometimes the reading angle in portrait is too steep depending on how I sit. If I need a less steep angle (maybe 40-45 degrees?), I take the Voyage out of the case and then shoehorn it back in upside down. Then carefully stand the Voyage back up in portrait mode with the text right side up. You may need to skew the top fold a bit to the left so Voyage isn’t standing on a tilt. It’s a workable solution but ensure you don’t let the Voyage go to sleep (power button hole doesn’t line up).

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Cartoon Printing Series Case for Kindle Voyage – [The Thinnest and Lightest] Protective PU Leather Cover with Auto Sleep/Wake for Amazon Kindle Voyage

  • Ultra slim lightweight protective hardback with premium quality PU leather. The no-scratch microfiber interior adds comfort and an additional layer of protection
  • Premium protective edition. The exterior provides a true leather feeling to the touch. The thick shell of this case heavily guards your device from damage
  • Wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the cover. Magnetic clasp ensures cover is securely closed, secures your device without straps covering the front
  • Available in a variety of bright and fun colors.
Cartoon Pattern Leather Cover for Kindle Voyage
Cartoon Pattern Leather Cover for Kindle Voyage

I LOVE this thing so far.

Fits my Kindle Voyage perfectly and the Origami folding means it will keep it standing in both portrait and landscape reading mode. As should be, the front (magnetic) cover turns the Kindle off/on as you close/open the lid. Great cover that also feels great when you are reading.

As an on the side funny positive, I found out by accident, that this thing turns your Kindle into a large refrigerator magnet.. 🙂 Maybe not unusual these days, but I did not have magnetic covers for my older Kindles. The whole cover, including the back, is magnetic, so it sticks (quite hard) to flat surfaces. Stick it to the refrigerator while cooking and you can read on the run.

Mine stuck to the side of one of my desktop computers by accident. On a black metal casing it later took me a heck of a time to find the now camouflaged Kindle after forgetting about it. 🙂 )

It glues on so hard than you can probably stick it to the side of your car and take it for a spin down the road. 🙂

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Top 5 Best Amazon Fire 7 Cases (5th Generation)

As a lucky buyer of the Black Friday 2015 Fire 7 for $35, I needed a very handsome and strong case to protect my new toy! Below slim shell cases give the proper protection and support for my tablet, for a minimal price. I liked the different color choices.


1. England Flower Flip Cover for Amazon Fire Tablet 7 Inch

Excellent fit, stand-up feature works smoothly, nice magnetic cover.

The basic black at $10 is excellent value if dull for Project Runway fans – the more colorful and complex versions are more like $19 and are so fine that discerning eyes cannot decide which is best.

Haven’t tried controlled drop tests, but 11 year-olds may be a found experiment. The former base 7″ Fire broke once (no case) and SquareTrade promptly replaced – but with the case on we’ve had no problems, even in a backpack to and from middle school.

Haven’t counted lately, but we have at least 4 with one more in the mail.


2. Cartoon Deer Flip Cover for Amazon Fire Tablet 7 Inch

This Case is Absolutely Marvelous! I love it! I have 2 tablets and an ipad…this cover exceeded my expectations. Other reviewers said they did not feel it would protect their 7 inch fire. ??? That seems to be a very strange remark about this case. It’s has a hard shell on the bottom which gives better protection than any other case I’ve ever seen or used. It certainly protects better than a slide in padded case and better then the thicker bulkier leather cover I have for my 10.1 tablet. Ok if you want to throw your tablet across the room no cover will protect it. I really appreciate the invisible magnet on the cover that goes over the screen. It’s very much like the cover on a surface or an i pad but better and stylish too. I wanted a smaller tablet to slip into my purse everyday but I needed a cover that would protect it yet not add lots of bulk. This cover fits that description. It has a nice pebbled texture leather like feel. The texture makes the case much less likely to slip out of my hand. Have it next to my bed for end of the day reading or a quick check of something in the internet. I expect to order another one soon to go with a 7 inch tablet I’m gifting for Christmas.


3. Colorful Plaid Flip Cover for Amazon Fire Tablet 7 Inch

This is a great looking case! The Fire 7 snaps into the case which fits the tablet perfectly. It has perfect sized openings for all buttons, speaker and memory card slot. It’s not leather, but it sure looks like it. The 2-tone front cover, to me, looks classy! This is exactly the kind of case I was looking for. Flipping the cover back and rolling it up, you can prop the tablet up in landscape mode for video viewing. The case offers very good corner protection. It also protects the screen well. In a couple of test drops (not on anything too hard…), the front cover stayed shut thanks to the two magnets. The materials seem to be good quality so far (a couple weeks of use). The openings for buttons, ports and speaker line up just right. I definitely recommend this case.


4. Sunflower Flip Cover for Amazon Fire Tablet 7 Inch

What I really like about this case is the Fire snaps right in and is completely snug with all the ports easily accessible. This is a big plus because I really hate those other covers that lock the unit down with those thin bungie-like things. That just looks cheap, and sooner or later those things lose their snap, leaving you with a loose fit.

As others have mentioned, when you close the cover, the fire does not turn off, but I believe that’s by design of the fire and not of this cover, so I take no points away for that. You can’t blame the manufacturer of this for something out of their control, and really, it’s not that hard to hit a button, am I right?

The cover, when closed, stays closed. It has a little bit of weight to it (maybe magnets? I don’t know, I’m not a scientist), and won’t flop open when it’s in your bag.

The kickstand is surprisingly sturdy. When I first folded it over, I figured the weight of the Fire would just knock it back, but not here. That sucker held up just fine.


5. Stand Cover Case for Amazon Fire 7 inch Tablet

This is a great cover for the 5th generation Kindle Fire 7″!

The design feels very sturdy and there are two separate angles you can rest the kindle at (I don’t really ever sit the Kindle down; I basically always just hold it if I’m using it or watching anything on it). The shape is perfect for the Kindle: it fits snugly in place and none of the buttons, outlets (mircoSD slot, headphone slot, mini USB slot) or the speaker on the back are blocked in any way. Additionally, the case adds very little to the overall size of the case/Kindle combo. It is very compact. The fit is so accurate that it seems as if it was made by Amazon!

Can’t really comment on durability, because I’ve only had it for a week, so that aspect hasn’t been tested yet.

The magnets that keep the kindle closed seem sufficiently strong to keep it from coming open, but not too strong to where the cover slams shut.

The only thing that I don’t love about the case is that it DOES NOT put the Kindle to sleep when you close it. My previous kindle case for an older Kindle did do that, and I found that to be a very nice feature. As I’m getting used to this, I do find myself closing the case without pressing the power button to put the Kindle to sleep. But, all I have to do then is press the button after I close the case lid, so it’s not a huge deal. However, I can’t take away a star for that because I knew that when I bought it.

Overall, I would highly recommend this case. it’s very slim and fits the Kindle perfectly in all ways. It stays shut due to the magnets, but it doesn’t put the Kindle to sleep.

Fire Tablet 7″ Display Review

After spending quite a bit more time with the device, I would give it a 4.5 due to a few specific gaps that are a bit annoying. However, you are still getting an amazing 7″ tablet, with front and rear facing cameras, a gorgeous interface, fairly snappy performance and durability, all for under 50 bucks! I can’t imagine not buying these for myself and my whole family, but not a primary tablet for a techie adult by any means. For background, I have every Kindle, a couple Fires, and multiple tablets from Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. Note that my review with 5 stars considers the value equation, not just performance and how that may or may not compare to other tablets – if you are expecting this to compare to a tablet costing several times more, don’t bother. But if you are looking for a great entry level tablet that does most of the things people want, this little tablet definitely delivers the value!

PRICING/CONFIG: I prefer this tablet with ads and no accessories to keep the costs down. You have the option to spend more money, but I recommend against it. You can easily see the specs online, so I won’t do you the discourtesy of simply cutting and pasting those here. Here is the price breakdown:

– 49.99 base price – what an incredible price point! Or buy 5 and get a sixth one free! This puts it into reach of schools and non-profits.

– No sponsored screensaver ($15) – big deal that each time you turn it on it shows you something interesting you might want.

– MicroSD card ($19.99 for 32GB) – you probably already have one laying around somewhere. Beyond that, there is memory in the device, and you are using the cloud for storage mostly anyway. If you end up needing this, just buy one off Amazon, it certainly won’t be more expensive. Also, the SD is likely less useful than you might think, since it is currently a bit limited in what can be stored on it.

– Amazon Fire Case (24.99) – it is supposed to be 2x the durability of an iPad. No case needed.

– Accident Protection (9.99) – who wants to spend 9.99 to insure a $49 device? During your install, they will give you another chance, and you can get the two year for 15.99 if you like. But to me, insurance is for catastrophic things, not a <$50 tablet. UPDATE – after looking into the accident protection, if I were giving it to kids, I might get the insurance. You can get a 1 year pretty cheap as long as you are in the US, and it covers everything from dropping it off a building, running it over with the car, or accidentally hitting it with a baseball bat. As long as you have the pieces, you are good, and there are no back and forth shipping charges to pay.

– That is a total of $119.97, or almost triple the price. If you’re buying this device, you’re probably a bit price sensitive – if you aren’t, you’re buying a different device and this review is somewhat irrelevant.

Fire Tablet, 7
Fire Tablet, 7″ Display

GETTING STARTED: Here is some timing for me to get started with this device:

– 1 minute – open box and read instructions

– 18 minutes – download and update to latest Fire software. If you are giving it as a gift, it is simply good form to turn it on first to get the updates done, even if you are not setting it up under your own name.

– Battery started at 65%, so I had plenty of time to connect, download, and play around with the device.

– I ordered it without my account being integrated, just as if I were buying it as a gift, unregistered. However, it came pre-configured with all of my information. If you are giving them away, I would double check this.

– Tutorials are super simple and quick, and well worth doing if you are unfamiliar with the Fire interface. It is really nice that they integrate your own data into the tutorials.

– HINT: While setting up, go to settings, select security, and take care of adding a passcode to your device. If you ever lose it, someone can cause some havoc if you don’t.

APPSTORE: Appstore Underground is fantastic. Simple to use, lots of great apps. Nice to know I won’t get gouged here for other fees since everything is included. I have not yet explored the quality of apps available here, so more on that in a later update. Had all my critical apps – LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Skype, etc. However, as noted, you cant use apps from the Android store, so you have to wait for them via Amazon. Not too big of a deal for me, but others might find it a problem.

EMAIL: Email setup was a breeze. In less than 3 minutes, I had my Office 365 account, yahoo account and gmail all set up and flowing perfectly. The interface for switching accounts is one of the easiest I have ever used.

CAMERA: The camera and video functionality were easily accessible, and I liked the quality. Not quite the same experience as using the iPhone, perhaps, but it may be that I also don’t have the apps yet installed that make it look so great, so more on that later as I experiment. The camera is 2MP, and the video is 720 HD. If you need something higher res, the Fire HD has 5 MP camera and 1080 HD. But then you don’t have a $49.99 tablet ‘ Same goes for the added speaker and lack of Dolby sound – this is a single speaker that sounds OK, but it is certainly not the same as the Fire 8 or an iPad. UPDATE: Have played around with the camera a bit more, and added a composite image – the first picture you’ll see that it does a very poor job in low light conditions. As the light increases, you get some more detail, and brightly lit is not a bad picture at all, with good detail. This is not the same level of camera you will get on an iPhone or Lumia, so don’t expect that, it is fine for casual photo, selfie, Skype, etc.

OS: The new OS is fantastic. It is simple to use, even for my fat fingers, and makes sense. Just as advertised, it puts the things you are likely to want to do front and center, makes it easily accessible to find new TV shows and the like, and just overall is a super clean and simple interface. Rotation responsiveness is immediate, unlike many other tablets, and I found the Silk browser on this to be quite snappy in performance. Watching video I found absolutely no lag when I streamed my Prime TV shows.

FORM FACTOR: This is light and easy to hold, with smooth, rounded corners that don’t dig into your hands if help for extended periods. It is heavier than a kindle – if you are used to reading on a Kindle, it is not a replacement for that. Given the lower resolution on this device at 171ppi, I will DEFINITELY keep my Paperwhite for extended reading sessions, and would not recommend this tablet if your primary purpose is reading books, and you do quite a bit of that. I included a screenshot, along with comparison to one of our phones, and you can definitely tell a big difference when looking at fine print, and brightness does not compare. I did enjoy the fact that during several hours of use, I never accidentally hit any buttons, something that always drives me nuts on other devices, so button placement is one of the most convenient out there.

SD CARD: Note that I saw in another review that you can have all of your music on an SD card, you just have to download it through your laptop first. I have not personally tried this, but I imagine that several things with the SD card will change in future updates to make it more broadly valuable, and Amazon has said this in support interactions. I don’t have any view of when that update might be coming, however.

OTHER: Have to love all the kid-friendly (or rather, parent-friendly features) that this comes with. Again, buying a pack of these things for the fam is definitely a no-brainer. Charging is not fast – I ran it to zero, then charged for exactly 30 minutes, which brought it to 11%. Doing the math, you’re looking at somewhere in the 4.5 – 5 hour range to fully charge.

SUMMARY: There is plenty more to say about this, but basic summary is this is an amazing product for the price, and delivers much more than $50 value, especially if you have a Prime account. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending this enjoyable product. This is my go to tablet for just carrying around in my car. I will still keep my Paperwhite for reading, and I have another more expensive tablet for really watching movies, doing actual work, extended email sessions, etc. But this makes a great 3rd device, and I far prefer it vs trying to do similar activities on a phone. It is perfect for Skype, games, Facebook, browsing, watching videos, emergency reading, etc. There is tremendous value in this device.

NOTE: There are 3 attached pictures/videos. First is one of the Fire next to my cat to show the nice size. Yes, the cat is huge and I only had seconds before he covered it with his massive body – why do cats do that? The second is a screenshot comparison between the Fire and my phone – big difference in text clarity. The Third is a video showing my 3rd drop test, with no cracks, fractures or other damage. I am now done dropping it, rest assured, it seems quite durable.

Best Fire Tablet 7-inch Cases -
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iPhone 7 Plus Cute Cartoon Smart Touch Case Window View Flip Cover

Cute Cartoon iPhone 7 Plus Smart Touch View Window Flip Case Cover, compatible with iPhone 7 Plus, designed and Manufactured by TAGreat only, a professional manufacturer of cell phone case and tablet case and ebook case since 2008.

Unique Creative Design, with a soft sensitive silicon slide bars to answer the phone without opening the case and soft silicon well protected your iphone glass screen not to scratch comparing with the metal strip bar, the smart silicon slide buttons are ingenious sensitive enough to answer/decline the phone even with tempered glass screen placed. Perfect cut outs for the speaker phone and microphone, built in stepless stand while folding into a kickstand position to watch videos hands free, magnetic closure to auto lock the case, also the front cover can magnetize to the back cover when completely flipped open.

Viewing window, able to see some information like incoming calls, messages, time without case open. Your iPhone will fall in love with this ultra slim thin lightweight professional protective functional user friendly iPhone case.

iPhone 7 Plus Smart Touch Case S-View Window Flip Cover

I have to say that this is nicer than I expected. I received it in great condition, no issues. I ordered the gold color because the rose gold was an add on item (I hate that). Anyway, it is still nice and looks really good on my phone.
It fits well & it was very easy to put on my phone, it just popped right in. The inside part of the case is like silicone…soft and bendable. I have been using this for several days now and have no complaints.
It shows you perfectly the date and time through the window. Does not show notifications, you have to open it for that.

My favorite feature is the swipe to answer. It worked great and I love that I don’t have to open it up to talk on the phone. I can hear the caller perfectly and they have no problem hearing me either. It’s great!! If anything, I recommend this for that feature alone. I have had no problems swiping. If it doesn’t work on the first swipe, it does on the second. It also stands on it’s side nicely and does not fall. I use it to watch Netflix, etc most days and it has really worked out for me. Your power cable and headphones hook in with now problem and the buttons on the sides are all easy to use.Though you do have to open it up to adjust the sound/volume buttons. The only time I find that to be frustrating is when I need to turn the volume up for the other person when I’m on a call. Otherwise, this is a pretty solid and nice case.

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3 Best Cases for the Kindle Paperwhite

The TAGreat Case sports a simple and classy design. The back shell is made from durable polycarbonate material so you do not need to worry about any damages. It offers an easy clip-on application. The cover is designed to fold back, so you can read comfortably with just one hand. Our innovative cover was designed to specifically fit your Kindle Paperwhite and secures your device without any hinges or straps. Thin, lightweight, and durable, this cover is perfect for taking Kindle Paperwhite wherever you go. The TAGreat Kindle Paperwhite Case comes in a variety of bright, fun colors, the widest selections to suite your taste. Product may be available in a different size, colour, scent, version or platform.

1. Bear Case for Kindle Paperwhite

5d149425080406cf1637de7e22a3efad-image-220x264This case looks very elegant and it has the look as if it were an agenda or a book. I think it protects very well your kindle and for the price it is a very good purchase, because the official Amazon case is much more expensive. The Kindle recognizes when you open the case and when you close it, and it protects your kindle, so at the end it does the job for a cheaper price. The only thing you have to be aware of is that you have to make sure that the magnets in the case match the edge of it, so that the Kindle can recognize that you have closed the case and enters the sleep mode. Appart from that it is a good choice for a Kindle case.

2. Eiffel Tower Case for Kindle Paperwhite

f63c65f5f94b3cbdcf84e4c02de9d311-image-220x264This is a great little case for my new Paperwhite. Lightweight and will protect it when I travel or just toss it in my purse. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the Paperwhite sits in it crooked. I finally gave up playing with it, trying to get it so that it was straight. I have seen other comments about this. One wonders how hard it is to make the case so that the device it was intended for sits in it properly? I have cases for other devices (iPad, NOOKS, iPods, phones, and another Paperwhite) and have never encountered this problem with any other case. I decided to keep it and ignore the crooked factor because of the cheap price and fact that other than that, it performs just as I wanted it to.

2. Colorful Plaid Case for Kindle Paperwhite

4255bdaa3be05ec41f43fe7f5a1764ae-image-220x264i knew I liked the way this case fit my Kindle Paperwhite and magnetically opened and closed it. However, the other night at the beach I became busy with other things and forgot to retrieve my brand new Kindle which had been left on our deck. Overnight, we had terrible thunderstorms with deluges of rain. When I realized where I had left my Kindle, I was almost afraid to go look at it. Thankfully, this case had kept it dry. Kindle powered right up. I had to remove it from the case so the case lining could dry, but it’s all good now. Highly recommend. P.S. It’s also keeping the blowing sand from harming the Kindle.

Best Sticky Fly Traps – Get Rid of Flies

There are so many great things about spring and summer. Vacations. Adventures. Warm sunshine… And then of course there are the bugs. Flies, mosquitos, and gnats to name a few. The door to your house swings open and closed far more often with the kids at home. And every time the door opens it’s another opportunity for one of these flying insects to enter your home. Once they’re in, they never seem to find their way out again. Worse, YOUR food becomes THEIR food. (And in the case of mosquitos, you become their food).

The current solutions on the market scream, “Check me out! I’m a fly trap!” Bright yellows and greens. Odd ribbons hanging from the ceiling. Sure they might catch some bugs, but then they look like a brightly-colored insect graveyard – unsightly, to say the least.

  • IMPORTANT: This trap is only designed to work when placed properly on windows where flying insects are frequently found.
  • NONTOXIC AND SAFE – No pesticides, No insecticides, No smells, No toxins, so you can feel confident that your loved ones are safe and secure. EASIEST EVER – Expose the sticky strip on the back of the trap and stick it to the window. What’s easier than that?
  • WORKS AMAZINGLY WELL – You won’t be disappointed. And just in case, we have a Satisfaction Guarantee, or YOUR MONEY BACK. No questions. No hassles. No worries.
Sticky Fly Traps
Sticky Fly Traps

We’re living in a new development where there are tons of flies drawn to all the exposed soil from excavations and new fertilized lawns. I put the traps into the corners of two windows where the house flies seem to congregate most, and within a day, had more than 40 house flies and numerous small gnats trapped in each. I’ve had to replace them every two-three days – these must be the “newer adhesive” versions, as they remove from the glass very easily and without leaving any residue. It’s a little gross hearing several flies buzzing away at any given time because they’re trapped, but it’s better than when they were flying everywhere in our home.

Wow! Amazing! For some reason we have had so many flies in our apartment this summer. We have tried a couple of different products this by far is the best!
The first day I used four of them on our two windows where the flies like to hang out. It’s a great product and very inconspecious as it hides the flies from sight. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and most of the annoying flies in our Aparmtment are gone!!!!

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Homemade Dog Toys: Drinking Bottle Toy

The recycled drinking bottle toy is one of the simplest toys to make due to the fact all it requires is an old drinking bottle along with a little bit of effort. This style of toy is a favorite among almost all dog species because of the cracking and crinkly sound that it produced when chewed on by a dog. Just before handing the recycled drinking bottle to the dog, always make sure that the lid, and the ring, which is usually attached to the lid have all been carefully removed.


On top of that, if your pet is a serious chewer, you can consider giving him or her a different homemade toy as an alternative to the recycled drinking bottle. The careful approach is essential because plastics tend to form very sharp corners that can cause some serious damage to any dogs’ delicate gums and occasionally some the sharp pieces may be swallowed by your dog, there are three recycled drinking bottle ideas that it is possible to use when brainstorming for an ideal do-it-yourself toy.

You can possibly choose to remove the lid from the bottle, and then fill it with dry food such as biscuits. The main concept behind this particular design is that your dog would have to roll the bottle so as to get treats out it. One more dry bottle concept that you can opt to use is the pierced recycled bottle, you will be required to get an old dry plastic bottle then pierce several holes continuously on its side.


Compared with the first recycled bottle concept that has the food coming out of the lid, the pierced recycled bottle concept has the food coming out of the piercings on its side. On the other hand, you can decide to take the plastic bottle and fill it with water about the half mark. Right after you complete the first step, you will then freeze the bottle on its side. This unique toy is ideal during the hot months when your dog will be in urgent need of some cooling effect.

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Best iPhone 7 Plus Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Case

The Nillikin iPhone 7 Plus wireless qi charging case arrived professionally packaged and instructions were clear and concise.


I bought a different case first and broke it soon afterward. There were two things that I hated about it. The Thunderbolt plug couldn’t be moved. That’s how I broke it. I pulled it out of the case and bent the plug. This one has a plug that will get out of the way so I can quickly plug into my phone. The other problem was that the bottom was thick enough that none of my headphones had plugs that were long enough so I had to take the phone out of the case if I wanted to listen to something in the car. So dumb. This one has full access to everything and the leather looks great. I can’t imagine what would make this case better. This case has an answer to everything.

I have had a few cases like this that are QI-based and they work well. This one though is top notch versus more basic. It has a leatherette covering to it, trimmed in chrome metal appearing plastic. This leather is a leather byproduct that has polyurethane incorporate into it(i had to do research). But for the price you can’t beat it because it looks very executive and top shelf.

The case fits my broken phone very snuggly and the cut outs for the buttons and charging/auxiliary ports are well-defined. The around the screen framing does stick above the screen a few millimeters so that it protects your screen when it’s facedown. I still recommend a glass screen saver to protect your phone even more.

After you place this case on your phone and plug in the lightning adapter your phone easily syncs to any QI charging pad. It syncs usually within one second. The charging speed for this QI case is one amp. This equates to the same speed as the wall charger that you received with your iPhone.

iPhone 7 Plus Qi Wireless Charging Receiver CaseIn conclusion, this is a great case that looks very expensive but is not. And also incorporates QI charging into your lifestyle. Which makes it convenient and easy to charge your phone without plugging it in.

I received this QI charging case for free in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. I am a registered nurse and my word/trust is my reputation!!! I will follow up with any negative results.

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Best Designer Dog Clothes – Make your pet stylish!

Clothes’ only purpose should not be just to keep your pet warm and safe; they can also serve as stylish accessorizes. Owners who care about style themselves very often love dressing up their furry friends in designer dog clothes and choosing colors and clothes they consider fit Fido the best. There is nothing wrong about that as long as your pet is not feeling uncomfortable and looks gorgeous.

In this article we are going to go over some of the most famous dog clothes that were created by designers, where you can find them, what makes them special and unique and many more. If you are looking for a special piece of fashion for your dog, then keep reading on.


If your pet is of smaller size or is a tiny dog breed, then you should definitely have him prepared for the cold days and winter. The same applies to the dogs with short coats because they cannot handle low temperatures. Looking for cold weather clothes can be fun, because you have to choose from various styles, materials and patterns.


Firstly, check out this adorable Stars Pattern Dog Hoodie by TAGreat Dog Supplies. It is made of soft material and it is meant for really small dogs. Carefully measure your furry friend before you order the hoodie. It is available in various colors and more than 60 customers rated it with high praises.

If the hoodie is not your thing, TAGreat offer this amazing blanket coat made of polyester. It is available in various colors and sizes. It is machine washable and easily dried because of its material; and most importantly, it is waterproof. The lining is soft which will be comfortable for your dog.

Having in mind that more than 900 customers rated it positively, that means that you should definitely give it a try if you need a dog blanket! The product dimensions are 15.5 x 14.5 x 2.5 inches while the weight is 11.2 ounces. Additionally, it can be shipped to the selected countries out of the USA.


Another very cute hoodie is this one Bear Pattern Hoodie Coat for Dog. It is a perfect winter gift for your furry friend as he will be warm and cute! This hoodie is meant for dogs of smaller size, but it is available in various sizes and only two colors, brown and gray. Your dog will look amazingly stylish during the winter holidays and you both will love it!


If your furry dog is a she, then having a wonderful dress is a must! You get to choose a color that goes well with your pet’s fur and coat and it is also important to pick a right size. You need to make sure that the dress is not uncomfortable or that it does not get your dog into accidents.

For example: if it is too long, your dog can step on it, fall down or even worse, the hem of a dress can get caught onto something. If you still fancy buying such a dress, you should know that it should be worn only for a short period of time and under your strict surveillance.


So, first, let’s check out this Lip Design Dog Dress. This fluffy dress is suitable for small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, Poodles, Cup Poodles, Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers, Bichon Frises, Cocker Spaniels and similar. The product’s dimensions are 6.9 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches while the weight is 0.3 ounces.

The dress is available in various patterns and colors, but this pink one with a fluffy hem is the most popular, purchased by more than 150 customers.


Take a look at this adorable Leopard Print Skirt Dress for Dog It is available in various colors and sizes and it has been ordered by almost 800 customers. What makes it amazing is the cute material made of cotton and fluffy hem. It is soft on your dog and it is not tight anywhere, if you pick the right size, of course.

Additionally, it is meant for small dogs only. Your dog will look absolutely adorable in this dress! You can also easily find similar dresses, only in different patterns and colors, with different types of hem and many more. It is not weird anymore to dress up a dog or puppy and it definitely looks fetching.


Not only people can have fun during masquerades; dogs can too! As long as it fits and it is not uncomfortable, the costume can look really amazing on your beloved pet.


First, check out this fantastic Bear Halloween Costume Coat for Dogs. TAGreat is a famous company and trademark. This means their models are unique and the clothes designed for dogs are also special. It is recommended that you measure your pet carefully before placing an order because their sizes are not the same as with the other sellers. For only $5 you get a dog costume as you have never seen before!.

It will make your little furry friend look as if he is a little Bear standing on two feet. It is comfortable, soft and it is easily washable. It is also distributed in other varieties such as: Spiderman, Pirate, Batman and many more. Make your dog not only stylish but also a real head turner!


Next on the list is Rubie’s with this really classy Pig Pattern Dog Halloween Costume. This costume has a tux inspired shirt jacket and buttons, plus there is an attached black bow tie, a cape and a white shirt. It looks really stylish and many customers dressed up their male dogs in this costume for their weddings. Therefore you can use it as a classy and formal piece of clothes.


Adorable Sheep Design Dog Halloween Costume is a cute jumpsuit for smaller dogs. Pay attention on the instructions provided by the producer on how to measure your pet properly. If you don’t, the clothes would not fit and the end result might be too big or too small. This jumpsuit can be used either as a costume or a simple jumpsuit for colder days.

It consists of a soft and comfy material plus the adorable bunny design that it will make your puppy a real star of the evening!


Dog Turtleneck Sweater with Bowknot
Dog Turtleneck Sweater with Bowknot

Check out this stylish Dog Turtleneck Sweater with Bowknot! Your dog will be definitely fashionable with this knitted like sweater and a comfortable turtleneck. Plus, he will be warm. However, this is only for small to medium sized dogs, and it is available in various bright colors. Imagine taking your pet for a walk on a nice autumn day; he will be a real head turner with this modern sweater.

Stars Pattern Hooded Sweater Hoodie for Dog
Stars Pattern Hooded Sweater Hoodie for Dog

Next, Pet Life presents the Stars Pattern Hooded Sweater Hoodie for Dog. This cool sweater is available only in one color – bright orange; which makes it cool because your dog will be visible almost anywhere. The material is cotton, which means that it is very comfortable for your pet’s coat and it is also easily washable. It features a leash slit holder along the back and tail end side and it can be adjusted according to your dog’s needs. The product dimensions are 11 x 13.8 x 9.4 inches and it is only $12.25.


If orange is not your color, take a look at this eye-catching Cute Bear Pattern Dog Turtleneck Sweater. The sweater is made of 100 % acrylic which makes it an easy wash and it also dries quickly.

It is designed for small to medium sized dogs in various patterns and colors. This is a nice trendy sweater that will not only keep your dog warm but it will also look fashionable. The exact pattern of knitted diamonds in the sweater is exactly 9. The product dimensions are 1.1 x 11.5 x 14.1 inches while the weight is 4 ounces. More than 20 customers rated this product positively.


To sum up, there are a lot of clothes for your dog out there. There are sweaters, dresses, lifejackets, raincoats, even costumes. There is also a variety in sizes and prices, so everyone can find what they need that fits into their budget.

As we already said, clothes are not only a necessity; they have become a part of a dog’s style and fashion as well. If an owner is a stylish person who likes dressing up, there is nothing wrong in dressing up a pet, as long as he is comfortable and safe.

It is easier if you are buying clothes at the local pet shop because you can check the size right there, but if you are purchasing online, make sure to check the size charts, measure your furry friend, and only then order! If you got the size right, then there is nothing stopping you from turning your dog into a real head turner with amazing and warm clothes that any pet owner would envy. Make sure that the fabric is of high quality and easily washable and you are ready to go!

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Cartoon S-View Flip Cover

The Cartoon Samsung S-View Flip Cover folio case protects the smartphone’s screen when it is not in use and is easily flipped open for full access to the screen. The back cover provides a seamless replacement for the original battery cover and features a rubber seal to maintain the Galaxy S7 edge’s water resistance. When closed, the S-View cover offers instant access to critical features, thanks to the Samsung ID chip. View the home screen to check the time, weather and other status items. Accept or reject incoming calls with just a swipe, or reject calls with a preset message. If you miss anything, notifications are shown in the recent activity menu of your S-View cover unless phone security settings are activated. Swipe left to quickly access your phone’s camera without opening the cover.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge S-View Flip Cover will power on your Galaxy smartphone when opened and power down your main display when closed, a convenient option for those needing quick access to their phone’s features.

Additionally, these cases have been specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone. The back easily snaps on, replacing the phone’s standard battery cover, without making the phone bulky. Installing a Samsung phone case is simple and only takes a few seconds.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge S-View Flip Cover
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge S-View Flip Cover

At first I deliberately ordered a cheap substitute since they claimed it works as good as original. It did not. The phone was constantly confused by the commands sent by the cover. Then I ordered – what I thought- a real (OEM) one for $35 from another vendor, but it worked as bad as the the first, cheap, cover. I returned it.

I am so impressed with this case; had no real idea what it could do when I ordered it. I was just looking for a case that really fit the design and style of the phone, and this was my fourth try among all the options out there. I was quite happy with a wallet style case I had found, but wanted to be able to see information without having to open the case all the time. This solved that and more. I love the S View and sleep/wake functions and am so impressed with how slim and compact the phone is when it’s installed. I went ahead and ordered the third party magnetic clasp that is referenced frequently throughout other reviews, since I am one who likes to keep the case closed when in my purse. I found it easy to install and very effective. I am particularly impressed with the color of this case. I wasn’t sure what to expect since the title says “Green” but the main picture is more of a Teal and the pictures by the Product Description were more Blue. The color is absolutely true to the first main picture and looks great with the customized screen saver options. This is a keeper!

Click to check the current prices: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Cases