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Best BlackBerry PRIV Leather Cover Case

I just can’t resist the temptation of using a new Phone Case whenever I get the chance,especially if it is an elegant leather case like this one!

Having a new phone case it kind of gives you the false impression of a new phone 🙂

BlackBerry PRIV Leather Cover Case

CRAFTSMANSHIP: The phone case is Made out of man made leather,over a cardboard backing,which keeps the case at light weight with enough protection. Extremely smooth to the touch,yet not slippery! Very comfortable to hold,not too bulky,and not much bigger than the phone itself.Inner side of the case is lined with a soft suede material,to fully protect the back of the phone from scratching during inserting in and sliding the phone out,or even constant contact with the phone.

Cut outs for Camera,Flash and silent button are very precise and fall perfectly in place! Lower part of the case where you have the speaker,charging port and audio out is carved out to a complete free access,without having to worry about muffled sound due to partial covering of the speaker or the headset jack not to fit through an opening in the case. Areas where the power button and up/down controls are located is raised up of the same material for better control and easy find in the dark or when the phone is not in direct sight.

FUNCTIONALITY: I can honestly say that,this case is the easiest to slip the phone in and out so far! Unlike other peers of this phone case,you don’t have to have a wrestling match between phone and case to slip the phone in or out,not to mention accidentally powering the phone off during such process! And once the phone is inside the case,it hugs it passionately eliminating the possibility of the phone falling out of the case!

VERDICT: I have been using this case for few days now,and the black color blends perfectly with my BlackBerry PRIV,as it adds a touch of elegance to an already elegant case. I like the fact that the logo blends within the the case,despite its bigger size! All and All the Jisoncase Leather Case is an excellent choice for a phone case,and as far as durability I predict it to last for some time to come,with that said,I highly recommend it to my fellow Amazon shoppers.Still, if you’re a skeptical person and not sure whether to trust other people’s reviews or not! With Amazon’s 30 day return policy, you have four weeks to try it out yourself, before returning it for any reason, with no questions asked, and in most cases Amazon will pay for the return shipping, in other words, it is a win, win situation!! With that said, I hope you find my humble opinion helpful in making or breaking your buying decision.

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Cute Cartoon Kindle Voyage Leather Cover Case

The case is very nice. It is very slim and does not add much weight or bulk to the device. The sleep/wake function works every time. It feels very nice in the hand and folds back completely flat for one handed reading. The magnet in the front holds the front cover secure so you can put it in your handbag and not have to worry about it coming open. The cost is just right and still delivers a quality product. Would highly recommend and have also ordered a couple of other colors. No need to look further for a case.

Best Cases for Kindle Voyage

I very much like this Fintie case. I’m a longtime (many generations back–to Gen 1 and beyond) Kindle owner. The Fintie has the fit and feel much like the AMZ branded Kindle cases for earlier generations. The sleep/wake magnets work very well, the case itself has the good textured “leather like” feel and grip of the older Amazon cases. It’s very low profile while also appearing to be more than sufficiently protective of the Kindle. The book flap (which opens horizontally, like the older traditional Kindle “book” cases, before the Origami style reporter’s style vertical flap) folds back very easily and completely to hold in one hand easily, as with a (much much thinner & lighter) paperback book. All in all, I’m very glad I relied on the reviews and bought this case. I’ll add that I also invested in and applied a screen saver–only because I vacation with my Kindles & beach sand can be unkind to bare screens and I am a perfectionist when caring for my electronics. The screen protector I bought and applied is exceptional. I have great experience with screen protectors, dating back to Palm Pilots back in the day, Blackberry’s, various smartphones, tablets, and if course prior gen Kindles. I got the ArmorSuit Military Shield Matte/AntiGlare screen protector. It applies, with supplied spray fluid, much like (really the same) as my longtime beloved Zagg InvisibleShield. But Z apparently doesn’t yet have one for the Kindle Voyage. ArmorSuit comes to the rescue. The key to application is to understand the instructions–watch their website video–and you MUST use plenty of their supplied wetness spray solution, on your fingers and on the protector (and on your powered OFF device too, if you carefully dare). Enjoy!!!

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Reusable Cockroach Trap, Quickly Captured Roaches

Reusable Cockroach Trap
Reusable Cockroach Trap

Cockroach exists is a high-performing product targeting all prevailing pest species of cockroaches. Bait with peanut butter, fish oil, gel or insect bait of your choice. Simple to use, no electricity or batteries required.Cockroaches like in the garden, basement, warehouse, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room and other places infested,Proposed purchase 3-5 for the best,Every 100 square inches suggest placing a cockroach trap,Placed in every corner,Then wait patiently,You will be able to receive satisfactory results.

Usage Advice:

  • Suggestion to clean up the roaches haunt foraging place so that we can improve the effect of trapping.
  • If you caught 1,2 cockroaches,o not rush to deal with,Captured cockroaches will attract more companions come foraging,Increased trapping effect.
  • In the process of cockroach trap and disposal,Please don’t separate cover up and down,Prevent cockroach escape.
  • If the cockroach trap placed in the same place for a long time results are poor, consider replacing a different location or bait to try.
  • A bait cockroach trap inside reduction, please change, add.
  • Periodically clean cockroach trap, trap inside to ensure no smell pesticides and other drugs, so as not to affect the trapping effect.
  • Every 100 square inches suggest placing a cockroach trap.


  • It may need to cost 1-7 days for the trap work.
  • This trap does depend on the sweet and delicious bait to attract the cockroaches into the traps, for example sugar water, cheese, butter, bread or the other food full of sugar and oil.
  • If there is no cockroach getting in the traps for a few days, please replace another bait which is the food cockroaches like most.
  • Please note that do not put the onions besides the traps because roaches hate them and the traps may could not work.

I live in Florida and our cockroaches range in size from very small to very very large. And although I used to believe that cockroaches in the house were the sign of an unkempt home, I’ve come to realize that they are just a fact of life here in Florida. This appears to be a very well designed trap. It has 4 little one-way swinging doors that will trap the roaches inside and the top is clear so that you can see at a glance if you caught something. The top just sits securely on it, but I’m a little concerned that if a large cockroach really wanted to, it could push the top off and escape. The roaches here count the dinosaurs as ancestors, I’m pretty certain. I will update this review if that happens (gasp!). This came without any instructions whatsoever. It seems pretty self explanatory, but I didn’t know if I was supposed to put any bait in there? I like the fact that it’s poison-free as I have small children in my home. But seriously, what’s supposed to call the roaches in? So I put my 5 yo’s left-over toast inside the trap. It’s been in my pantry now for about 36 hours, and no captives yet. There there’s the issue of what to do with the (potentially large) living cockroaches that it might catch. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to dispose of them and take the chances that they will find their way back into my house since they obviously already have a route in figured out.

I received this item at a free or discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. I only review items that I am interested in purchasing otherwise.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hand-on Review

I bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935F in Gold from Amazon a week ago.

ceHaW2sXWFcj6A lot of people have asked questions about this particular international version so I’ll answer some of those first. For starters, the one I got was the english edition for the Saudi Arabia market (see attached photos, the guides came in english and arabic). From what I can tell, the phone is the same as any other international edition but with different preinstalled apps. Mine came with a SA region specific app “Shaid” (seems to be a YouTube-esque app in arabic) that I uninstalled and WhatsApp. Other than that the only remaining bloatware was stock Samsung apps (no carrier apps, thank god), the only other thing I noticed that may be region specific is the S Planner app has a “Hijri dates adjustment” setting. Lastly this version ships with a non-us wall charger (aside from the regular stock accessories) shown in my review images. Mine also came with an adapter for use within the U.S., I have tried it and can confirm that it works with fast charging.

This phone also uses a different chipset (manufactured by Samsung, called Exynos 8890) than the U.S. version. Reviews I read noted that the phone was actually optimized for this chipset w/ better performance and battery life than the U.S. Qualcomm counterpart (Google it). In the U.S. version the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip is used to support Verizon and Sprint customers whereas this version only supports GSM carriers.

To preface the review of the actual use of the phone, I have owned the following devices and used them each as a daily driver for at least a months time: Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE, Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, HTC One M8 GPE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P. The Galaxy S7 Edge has been the most delightful experience of the bunch. I won’t go into great detail here but the camera is phenomenal and launches faster than any other phone I’ve owned w/ a double tap of the home button. The camera’s auto focus is super fast and I feel like I’m able to get a capture a lot of moments that my previous phones were too slow to shoot. It’s also nice to be able to change the quick launch apps on the lock screen, I have the dialer and snapchat as mine.

Continuing a theme of high performance this phone is incredibly fast despite powering a QHD resolution screen. Apps are surprisingly quick to load and multitasking is a breeze (I even found some use in the Samsung’s split screen feature). The fingerprint scanner is on par with apple devices (and nexus 6p/5x) although because of it’s non-circular shape I find that I place my finger the wrong way more often. The battery is the best of any device I’ve used as a daily driver, I’ve been able to get through days of heavy usage like today (unplugged from charger at 5:45am, now at 25% at 9:03pm).

The screen is BEAUTIFUL. Not only is it easy to read even in direct sunlight (something I have seen other devices struggle with) but the colors are vibrant and the screen is huge without making the phone too big or bulky. Perfect for watching YouTube videos and browsing instagram.

Lastly a few notes if you buy this phone:

– If you’re not a fan of the stock Samsung launcher you can get the Google Now launcher from the Play Store, it’s the same one used on Nexus devices and feels smoother than Samsung’s launcher.

– This time around Samsung decided to give you bigger icons which drove me nuts, search for “Get more on your Galaxy S7, S6 or Note 5 screen with hidden DPI scaling settings” from Android authority to get a 5th column on the home screen and smaller UI elements.

– “Edge functionality” is just okay. The feature feels a bit less than polished because of the weak offerings in the Samsung app store – I have it turned off.

Edit 4/8/2016: sorry about the quality of the photos of the actual phone – they were shot with the wide angle lens of my GoPro whereas the other images were shot with the S7 Edge.

Edit 4/10/2016: added some higher quality images from my new camera.

Update 5/9/2016: I’ve been using the phone as a daily driver for over a month now. I’m still impressed by the overall gfx smoothness, how fast apps load, and camera performance.

Update 7/25/2016: still in love with this phone. I’m honestly not sure what would compel me to purchase a new phone at this point.. I also rooted the phone and changed the emojis to the iOS 9 set with the Emoji Switcher app from the play store. No more guessing when messaging my iOS friends =)

A lot of commenters have asked which seller I purchased mine from: Wireless Everything.


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Best Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

You love your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It takes your pictures, captures your videos and lets you watch all those hilarious cat videos your friend keeps posting on Facebook. No matter how you use it, it’s an investment; both monetarily and in life. So it should go without saying that protecting your investment is extremely important.

Rugged Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

My old case was more of a softer rubber inside, with a hard plastic outer case. These newer cases seem to have moved away from that and are a little firmer rubber as the outer case.

Initially there was a problem (orange washout) when taking flash pictures. I’ve had this problem with other phones/cases. I took a black permanent marker and blacked out the camera window. That solved the problem. Not sure how long the ink will stay, so I may have to periodically have to black it out. This is an orange case. I bought a different manufacturer case as a backup, green, and it had green washout – i blacked it out as well.

The button access do take a little harder push to operate, ie if you use one hand to click the power button you may change a volume key on the other side. not a big deal in my opinion. The access ports on the bottom actually act as small plugs to keep dust out. They are firm to pull back (possibly b/c they are new) so to plug in power you almost have to do 2 handed. Some people may cut these off immediately. Up to you. They are a close fit but will work with original power plugs (haven’t tried headset yet). I had 2 thick housed aftermarket charging cords that I took a razor knife to trim the plug housing, cords fit with no problem.

The case really was a pleasant surprise, I didn’t have very high expectations with the low price tag. However what I received was a very high quality phone case that has bested cases I have purchased in the past from the big names (Griffin, Pelican, OtterBox, etc.). This case is hard plastic, yet still flexible enough to get your phone in and out simply enough without too much effort. The inside is a rubber mesh, so it protects the back of the phone from both impact and potential scratches. It also came with a tempered glass screen protector that, thus far has made me almost want to put a screen protector on my screen protector :). I say this because it almost feels like the actual screen itself, amazing HD resolution passes through the screen protector and it has rounded edges perfect for the swipe gesture functions of the new iOS systems. The only concern I have with this case is this: the tab that holds the seal for the headphone jack is very small, time will tell if it eventually wears out. So far however the case is going strong with a 5 star recommendation. If you want to buy this case, simply click:

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Basic Dog Obedience Training

t01b759112bc43fbd8fLearning basic obedience commands is a essential part of as a responsible doggy owner. All these basic commands help to make navigating the relationship among animal along with owner easier and also keep both you and your puppy safe in unexpected emergency situations.

From an outsider’s point of view, basic training can look either quite easy or quite difficult. Realize that training usually takes a great deal of efforts. At the same time recognize any dog can certainly learn at least the most basic and also necessary commands. Pet owners occasionally run into road blocks when training, can not become frustrated. Trying to get assistance from a qualified trainer benefits first-time owners and also individuals struggling with teaching commands or correcting problem behaviors. Don’t ever hesitate to call for help!

Training normally takes plenty of time and patience, despite the fact that you aren’t trying any challenging or ‘fancy’ tricks. The responsibility of puppy ownership includes effectively training along with socializing your puppy. Before thinking of adopting an dog, i highly recommend you consider how much time you will need to dedicate to ensuring that you have a happy, healthy, well-socialized and well-trained dog.

Lastly, pet dog ownership as well as training should be enjoyable! Don’t be too serious and ensure that both you and your dog have fun for that reason you will look forward to future trips!

What You Will Need

1 . Your dog!

2 . A location in which to training where it is free from distractions if you are first training your pet. As you and your dog master commands, you will want to move to areas with more distractions, such as outdoors, to continue improving your dog’s ability to focus on you and the commands.

3. Treats or maybe a toy as rewards. Find out what works for you as well as your dog. A few dogs are very food driven, and a few dogs prefer toys and play as their reward. Furthermore, give some thought to the size of treats you use throughout training! Treats that are too large fill a dog up quickly, so look for small treats for training.

4. A short leash, along with a longer training leash for the purpose of distance work.

5. Realistic expectations!

No longer expect you’ll apply it on the first few tries. Several commands take lots of time to coach and perfect. Make sure to make training sessions close to Fifteen minutes long at the most. We will have times when both you and your pet dog are frustrated. Anytime struggling with a certain command, simply just move on to one other or perhaps better known command. Get back to the one you are struggling with soon after.

GENERALLY end training on a positive note. That keeps training sessions fun for you together with your canine friend. Next time, your canine friend will be excited when it is time to training!

Sit Down Command

Sit Command

1 . Be sure that you have your dog’s attention and a treat available. Stand up or kneel ahead of your puppy and also hold your hand just a little higher than your dog’s head.

2 . Use the treat to guide your pet into position by little by little moving the treat straight back over the dog’s head and towards the tail. The dog ought to point his nose up and additionally his rear ought to drop towards the ground.

3. As your dog moved into the sit position firmly say ‘Sit’ as well as make the hand signal displayed in Picture.

4. The moment your dog moves into position reward your canine friend with a treat as well as some praise, just like saying, ‘Good sit! ‘

5. In case your pet is having trouble understanding, you are able to help guide them by using a gentle push. Place two fingers on his hips and then gently push his rear towards the ground while firmly saying ‘Sit’.

Down Command

Down Command

With this trick, your pet dog should already understand the Sit command. This command could be a little bit more difficult to master due to the fact it is a very submissive position for your dog to take.

1. Together with your pet in the Sit position, kneel in front of the dog.

2. Carry a treat in front of your dog’s nose as well as guide him by lowering the treat little by little to the ground. Firmly say ‘Down’ and make the hand gesture shown in Picture.

3. As your canine moves down he may only slouch. In the event that this happens, move the treat towards or away from your dog as needed to further guide him.

4. The minute your puppy is down in the correct position, reward him with a treat plus praise.

5. If perhaps you’re having trouble guiding the dog into the Down position, you are able to physically guide him by placing a hand on your dog’s shoulders as well as lightly pressing it down to the side while saying the command. Praise your dog the moment he drops to the floor.

Stay Command

Stay Command

To get good at this command, your pup must already be capable of do either the Sit or Lay positions.

1. Start with your dog in the Sit as well as Down position.

2. Standing ahead of your pet, firmly say ‘Stay’ while making the hand signal in Picture.

3. Move a short distance away while keeping eye contact with your dog.

4. Whenever your pet remains in position, then simply step back towards him and also reward him with a treat and praise while he is still sitting. When your dog’s response improves, you may move to a longer lead and distance. At some point you can begin practicing off-leash in a fenced area.

5. If perhaps the dog breaks position, guide your dog back to the sitting position in the original spot and try once again.

Come Command

Come Command

To start focusing on this command your pet need to already understand the ‘Sit’ or ‘Down’ and ‘Stay’ commands. You will need a longer lead to get this command.

1. Together with the dog in the Sit or Lay and Stay position, walk a few distance from your dog on the long lead.

2. Firmly, yet pleasantly, say ‘Come’ and also make the hand gesture shown in Picture. After that reel the dog in with the lead if necessary. You ought to only say this command one time!

3. The minute your dog reaches, reward him with a treat and praise.

4. Seeing that your pet improves, you should be able to begin practice off-leash in a fenced in area. Whenever your dog refuses to come off-leash, and then return to using the long lead till he begins responding appropriately as well as consistently to the come command.

The Article:

This article was put together by my group at If you have any questions or concerns relating to the tutorial please feel free to leave a comment. is your source for dog supplies! We carry high quality Dog Apparel, Dog Toys, Dog Collars & Leashes & other dog products at great low prices!

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Dog Training Tips and Tricks

Dog Training Tips and Tricks

How to Train A Dog

Most of puppies must be trained to some standard. Just about all pet dogs need to know essential manners. Almost all dogs need to know important things. A number of dogs know tricks. I take pride in the fact that my dog is trained to the best of my ability as well as is always learning. All this is important if perhaps your canine friend is to be around some other dogs, and taken out in public. In this article I have included training tips as well as how to teach your dog important things.


Step 1: Hierarchy: The Pet Dogs Place

Pet dogs ought to be at the bottom of the hierarchy, you need to be at the top. Most people must show your family dog who is chairman! To show your puppy that you’re “top dog” theres some simple things which you are able to do: Try to eat ahead of the dog and even don’t ever give food to the dog while you are eating. As soon as out walking do NOT permit your new puppy walk ahead of you. A dog walking in front is a boss. The boss must be you. Usually do not let your dog get their food till you say so. Train your canine friend “wait” ( i am going to explain how in this instructable) In case your canine watches you eat, growl at the dog. Yes growl. You may possibly look brainless, however your dog will eventually keep in mind stay away from you while you eat, like they would in the outdoors.

Simplest way to come to be alpha dog, I have used this on huskies along with serious alpha dog issues: make eye contact, and also try to make them look away. Eye contact is big for canines. Stare at them. Right in the eyes. Don’t look away until eventually they do, and only just after they do.

Step 2: Primary Good Manners

1 . Home furniture.

In case you do not want your pet climbing on your sofa, never ever let them on there. From a young age, IN NO WAY let your new puppy on the household furniture. In the event that its too late for that, as soon as your pet dog jumps on the furniture. The minute they jump up say “NO! ” and also take the dogs collar and after that lead them to the floor. Then simply return to whatever you were doing.

2 . Men or women.

Whenever the dog jumps up at men or women, In that case it is necessary to break this habit. Right away, tell just about any guests and also members of your household then any time the dog jump up at them, to turn their back to the dog and even fold their arms whilst telling your new puppy “no”

3. Any other dogs.

In the event that your pet dog plain does not like several other dogs, please don’t put it in a situation where it will be close to them. To avoid this, socialise puppy dogs from a young age, on a lead, and in a calm manner. The only way to do that is exposure to other dogs as much as possible from a young age.

4. Taking walks on the lead.

A puppy ought to walk on the lead in a calm controlled fashion, as well as should not pull on the lead. Whenever the dog is a puppy teach it this by pulling it back whenever it goes ahead and saying no . Keep in mind LOTS of praise whenever the dog is walking nicely! With regard to grownup dogs, this behavior CAN be corrected. Once again with the growling, whenever the dog pulls growl and say no . Additionally any time the dog pulls stop and turn and walk the other way. Keep on to do that right up until the dog gets the idea.


Additionally, a note for the puppy owners, Always clean up after your pet!

5. Chewing.

This behavior is difficult to correct, even so I’ll do my best to clarify. First of all, Whenever you do not want an item chewed, keep it out of the dogs way. If perhaps they do get anything, show it to your adorable puppy, and say ” what is this?! bad dog! ” and even roll up a newspaper and hit THE FLOOR OR YOUR LEG * NEVER HIT THE DOG*

Step 3: Name, Come, Sit plus Stay

Schooling a puppy its name:

At the time you have chosed a proper name for your pet dog, you may learn to teach the dog its name. Coaching the dog its name is very simple, say it to the dog continually, unlike “rex, rex, rex, rex” but i imagine that would probably work… But i choose to use the far more personal version, “rex, hello rex come here rex, whos a good rex? your a good rex! ” without a doubt, appears to be brainless, unfortunately it works.

Training a puppy to come.

Get started with a short distance, on a lead. Talk to your new puppy, then simply shorten the lead, as soon as the dog gets to you, Treat beloved toy + a lot of praise. Step by step increase the space as well as loose the lead. It may differ for each and every dog, a few learn fast, some others take more time. but all will learn sooner or later.

Sit down.

That is quite easy. Almost all canines pick this up. Treats most liked toy – Highly recommended.

You could train a dog sit, simply by gently tapping the dogs err rump (not too good wording i know) as well as saying sit. Furthermore as soon as the dog sits, of their own accord, say “sit, good boy/girl”

I figured out an easy way to get my doggie to sit, without pushing his rump down. Hold a treat slightly over and behind the snout; the dog automatically sits. Once the dog sits, say SIT and then the treat. Repeat 100 times..: -) credit to get_going for this


Stay normally goes together with sit. Hand signals are usually good for stay. hold your hand out flat and say stay firmly. If the dog moves, take them back to the position you told them to stay in and try again. Repeat until the dog stays there for 30 seconds call to you and praise, give treat or favourite toy. Gradually increase the time for 30 seconds to 45, and then a minute, 2 minutes and work up to 5 + minutes.

Step 4: Lie down, wait around, Drop it

Lie down –

Sit down is required just for this. So get your new puppy to adopt the sit position, and hold your hand palm down, together with lower your hand little by little and say “lie down”, In that case lift the dogs front paws and then put them down but , in the lay down position. The moment the dog is in the lay down position, LOTS of praise, and treat with most liked toy. Do it again until the dog will lie down of their own accord. Then MORE praise and treat with most liked toy.

Wait –

This includes a treat. The treat has to go on the floor, whenever your dog goes to get it, stop the dog and also say wait. right after 1 minute allow the dog get the treat just after you say “go on then”. Slowly and gradually increase the time.

Drop It –

Drop is QUITE important. Picture in the event that your dog had a cat, or perhaps another animal or a specific thing important? It is necessary to train a dog drop. You will need a teddy or ball in addition to toy of some kind, give it to your dog. Let the dog enjoy it for a moment, and then call your canine back, take the toy from the dogs mouth and say “drop it” after that throw the toy for a second time and repeat. Throwing the toy once more is necessary as a result the dog understands that giving it to you is okay, simply because the dog gets it back again. Despite the fact that this is not always the case… I recently used this in an “emergency” cassie caught a bird… the good thing is she did not hurt it, it was just a bit stunned. On the other hand drop is very important for games just like fetch.


Train your dog in a very effective and efficient way with some tools and toys. Browse of Dog Supplies and accessories that keep your dog’s tail wagging including Dog Apparel, Dog Toys and much more.