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Best Fly Catcher – Sticky Fly Ribbons

Flies like heat, light, low wind and are attracted by odors, and usually enter a building through open doors and windows near garbage and food. Trap flying insects. No pollution, no fumes and no chemical odor. Attracts and holds. Use as much or as little as needed. Just hang and cut off when full.

  • EASY USE – Pull-out tubes, easy for use avoid dirty your hand.
  • Can be wrapped around trees for gypsy moth control.
  • No Baiting, No Poisons, No Vapors, No Mess.
  • Indoor and outdoor use. Catches over 100 flies per ribbon, Catches and kills flying insects.
Sticky Fly Ribbons
Sticky Fly Ribbons

These are by far the best to eliminate mosquitos from my yard. I have tried everything over the past 3 years and these work the best. I do have to hang about 10 or so from the rafters on my porch to not get bit, but it does the job. If you think about how a mosquito breeds these are effective.

Catches tons of flies in my garage. Totally solved my fly problem in just a couple days.

To avoid a mess, I recommend put a tack or nail into a rafter before unrolling the strip. Once you have the thing unrolled, it can be difficult to then push a tack into wood — and that’s when things get messy. After doing it that way once, I switched over to driving nails into rafters around the garage and then hanging the strips from those nails. No muss, no fuss. Just lots of dead flies shortly thereafter.

Sticky Fly Ribbons

Since flies are attracted to light, I left the lights on in the garage overnight for a couple nights and the strips nearest the light fixture were soon covered in flies.

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Best Handheld Pump Pressure Water Sprayers

I recently inherited a parrot from my beloved uncle. I read many reviews before purchasing a mister to use to bathe Sasha. I was not satisfied with those made for pets, so I purchased this mister from CoreGear. I am so glad I did. Sasha loves the fine most it sprays, and it makes bath time a very enjoyable experience. I also use it to clean the bottom grate of her cage by turning the nozzle to make a stronger stream. This product is a must buy for parents of parrots.

  • FUN & FUNCTION VARIABLE NOZZLE SETTINGS: High quality brass nozzle adjusts from a cooling mist which causes air temperature to drop 10-30 deg to a strong 20 foot stream for fun water battles or cleaning.
  • STURDY AND PORTABLE: High quality PET plastic, adjustable brass nozzle, stainless steel pump mechanism, carrying strap with belt/bag clip for on the go portability
  • MANY USES: Personal Cooling, Pet Cooling, Bird Baths, Horse Fly Spray, Auto/Boat/RV Detailing, Pet Training, Livestock Sprayer, Garden Mister and Weed Sprayer, Campsite cleaning, Water Balloon Filler, and more!
Handheld Pump Pressure Water Sprayer

We ordered this for our 7 yr old daughter who plays soccer. We fill it to the “FILL” line (which is slightly above where the bottle begins to taper towards the mouth) with water and ice. Ice makes for a particularly jolting cool spray. The mouth is large enough for normal sized ice cubes – but we often fill up with ice and water at a gas station where we have ice fall from the dispenser right through the just-large-enough mouth.

The bottle is larger than I thought it would be. It’s also more durable. The plastic bottle is thick and rigid. The pump cylinder is metal as is the spout. It is a little awkward to tote around because it’s bigger than anything that would fit in a conventional cup-holder.

The nozzle adjusts from a somewhat fine mist to a spray that (for us) would reach people about 10 feet away.

My daughter has taken this to several practices and games, where it has been used in heavy doses. I’ve gotten several comments from other parents asking where I got it. The mister was also a life-saver at the 4th of July parade this year,

I love gardening! It’s my means of a great stress buster. I was looking for a “Continuous” mist spray mechanism that would help me to reach out to all my foliage especially and not just the small pots/plants. This is fantastic product and definitely 5 star. Really does what the product describes and I’ve been glad and so happy that I stumbled upon this product.

Highly recommend that you purchase this. Spray on the back of your neck for the most effective cool-down.

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Yellow Sticky Traps for White Flies, Aphids, Fungus Gnats & Leaf Miners

Yellow Sticky Traps for White Flies, Aphids, Fungus Gnats & Leaf Miners
Yellow Sticky Traps for White Flies, Aphids, Fungus Gnats & Leaf Miners

There are always these little gnats and flying bugs that like to gather in the coolness of my porch.

I did not want to hang a sheet where it would be unsightly or interfere with the opening and closing of my door.

So I hung one sheet rather low to the ground, about 2 feet high, from either side of my porch.

One sheet was in a very shaded area that really receives no amount of direct sun.

That sheet has caught a gang of insects in the last three days.

The other sheet is hung in a spot that receives a lot of sunlight throughout the afternoon.

That sheet has caught many insects as well, but not as many as the sheet in the shadier spot.

I must note (for as much as I was willing to investigate the dead bugs) there was an abundance of one type of insect caught in the shady side sheet. While the sunny side sheet caught mostly a different type.

Since these are non toxic and heat resistant I tried an experiment

I decided to use them and try to make a homemade flea trap.

I modeled my trap after ones I have seen commercially

I peeled only one side of a sheet and placed it sticky side up in a very shallow box.

Then I just placed it under a 40 watt desk lamp with a goose neck.

I bent the neck close enough so pretty much the entire sheet was illuminated, (but not too close for safety)

I made sure to eliminate any other light source in the room and shut the door.

I left it in there overnight and must say I was happy with the results.

There was not an extreme amount of fleas on the trap, but there were about a dozen, or so.

In my estimation this is a good measurement of the infestation that’s in my house right now, as it has been about two weeks since my house was treated for fleas, and they always bounce back a bit around now (flea life cycle and all.) Also. it was just in one room.

I cannot say how well my contraption works in comparison to other flea traps on the market, as I have never owned one.

These definitely do the job especially outdoors where it is fairly shady.

I received a discount in exchange for my honest review of this product.

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Best Sticky Fly Traps – Get Rid of Flies

There are so many great things about spring and summer. Vacations. Adventures. Warm sunshine… And then of course there are the bugs. Flies, mosquitos, and gnats to name a few. The door to your house swings open and closed far more often with the kids at home. And every time the door opens it’s another opportunity for one of these flying insects to enter your home. Once they’re in, they never seem to find their way out again. Worse, YOUR food becomes THEIR food. (And in the case of mosquitos, you become their food).

The current solutions on the market scream, “Check me out! I’m a fly trap!” Bright yellows and greens. Odd ribbons hanging from the ceiling. Sure they might catch some bugs, but then they look like a brightly-colored insect graveyard – unsightly, to say the least.

  • IMPORTANT: This trap is only designed to work when placed properly on windows where flying insects are frequently found.
  • NONTOXIC AND SAFE – No pesticides, No insecticides, No smells, No toxins, so you can feel confident that your loved ones are safe and secure. EASIEST EVER – Expose the sticky strip on the back of the trap and stick it to the window. What’s easier than that?
  • WORKS AMAZINGLY WELL – You won’t be disappointed. And just in case, we have a Satisfaction Guarantee, or YOUR MONEY BACK. No questions. No hassles. No worries.
Sticky Fly Traps
Sticky Fly Traps

We’re living in a new development where there are tons of flies drawn to all the exposed soil from excavations and new fertilized lawns. I put the traps into the corners of two windows where the house flies seem to congregate most, and within a day, had more than 40 house flies and numerous small gnats trapped in each. I’ve had to replace them every two-three days – these must be the “newer adhesive” versions, as they remove from the glass very easily and without leaving any residue. It’s a little gross hearing several flies buzzing away at any given time because they’re trapped, but it’s better than when they were flying everywhere in our home.

Wow! Amazing! For some reason we have had so many flies in our apartment this summer. We have tried a couple of different products this by far is the best!
The first day I used four of them on our two windows where the flies like to hang out. It’s a great product and very inconspecious as it hides the flies from sight. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and most of the annoying flies in our Aparmtment are gone!!!!

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How to Remove a Glue Trap From Your Pet


Glue traps are pest control products manufactured to catch rats and also insects via a strong adhesive. Whilst they often reach your goals in capturing such pests, they from time to time catch inquisitive dogs and also cats too. While you may manage to dissolve the glue and free your furry friend safely, it is best to contact your vet straight away in the event your pet sustains injury from the trap as well as you are unable to remove it gently.


Reliable Solvents

Natural oils are some of the best as well as safest solvents for freeing trapped household pets. Just about any vegetable-based cooking oil will work, like canola oil, corn oil and also peanut oil. Regularly, heat the oil a little bit by holding the bottle under running hot water. Check the oil on your wrist ahead of applying it to your four-legged friend — it should feel warm but not hot. As an alternative, butter, lard or peanut butter may help free your pet when you do not have access to a cooking oil.


Rest as well as Recovery

Right after you get rid of the glue board from your furry friend, she is likely to be anxious, which means that you want to let her rest in a quiet place for quite a while. Before doing so, though, you have to remove as much of the residual glue along with oil as possible. Carefully bathe your pet in warm water and work through her fur using a gentle liquid soap. Wash her well and dry her with a towel before leaving her alone. In case you notice any accidental injuries caused by the glue trap, get in touch with your veterinarian. Make sure you wash your hands and fingers thoroughly to remove any remnants of the glue that may have trapped to your hands and fingers.


Stay away from Strong Solvents

While several glue trap manufacturers advise using mineral spirits or paint thinner to dissolve the glue, these chemical substances can be too strong for your furry friend. They may cause skin irritation, and the fumes of such strong chemicals are often dangerous as well. Additionally, avoid using alcohol-based products like nail polish remover, or petroleum-based products such as petroleum jelly, motor oil or lubricating grease to free your pet.


Preventing Potential Problems

While they may be appropriate in a few specific circumstances, glue traps are not suitable pest control devices. Glue traps work indiscriminately, and often cause significant suffering to the animals they catch. Keeping that in mind, it is wise to avoid their use whenever possible. In case you need to use such traps, make sure they are in places in which your pets cannot contact them. Keep in mind that cats and dogs are notorious for exploring and accessing hard-to-reach places, so be especially careful when using them near household pets. Check out the traps frequently to minimize the suffering of any kind of animal trapped by the stuff.

Mouse Glue Traps -
Catch crickets, spiders, scorpions and cockroaches easily by using this Mouse Glue Traps from TAGreat. 
Easy to use and perfect for indoor usage.

Get Rid of Mice and Rats with Glue Traps

These are very effective traps up until they figure out what they are. The enemy is highly adaptive and once discovered they will stop working even with changing the bait and locations. This said they are still useful as part of a multi prong strategy with other trapping tools and sonic warfare. Be sure to check frequently and dispose properly, left unattended they can be a very cruel device.

I caught zero mice with these. However, I believe this is because I am dealing with a super intelligent rodent, possibly an escapee from a laboratory that turned it into a creature similar to The Brain from Pinky And The Brain. I have a mouse that can detect traps and safely avoid them. Even baiting these traps failed to get a mouse stuck to await it’s fate.

But…..I cannot blame to trap for this. The traps are VERY sticky. And the stickiness lasts a long time (when used indoors). I have had these traps set for 2 weeks without positive mouse catching results. But again, this is only because the little bugger is smart enough to avoid them. I do not believe that most mice possess this super mouse intelligence. If a mouse touches these, the mouse WILL be stuck. I know this because I have touched a few of them and they stick to me like….well…like glue.

And it takes a decent amount of pulling to get the glue pad unstuck from my hand. It’s nothing that my incredible human strength can’t do easily, but it’s takes far more strength than any puny 2oz mouse is going to be capable of applying to the trap, especially when it’s pushing against more glue in order to remove it self from the glue. (I’ve tried to challenge to the mouse to a physical duel where my strength would give me a far superior advantage, as it’s clear that the mouse has bested me in a battle of wits. But being the smart little mouse it is, it has declined my offer to decide those contest with pugilism.)

I am thoroughly convinced that if my supermouse were to touch this trap in any way, I would finally have my victory over it.

Even after 2 weeks of being set out, the glue is still very sticky. It’s not quite as good as when they were brand new, but I have no doubt that no mouse would be able to pull itself off of the glue pad ever after it’s been exposed to the air for 2 weeks.

To be clear, there are no indications that any mouse has touched the traps. I’ve watched it waltz right over my “canyon of trap laden doom” that I had placed in it’s daily path. But It’s never touched the glue. There are no signs of footprints or mouse fur in the glue, nor has the bait I put on the center peg in the middle of the trap been disturbed. So I’m sure the trap hasn’t failed. It WILL work if this little critter sets foot on it.

The little bugger went Speedy Gonzales style through my kill zone, avoiding 8 glue traps, 4 snap traps, an electric zap trap, and a no kill catch and release trap. It just danced right by all of them all, not touching a single one. I personally watched it on multiple occasions go right past the traps. This made me feel as dumb as both Tom and Sylvester. Just like those cats I did everything right but the mouse eluded my capture. The trap can’t catch a mouse that refuses to touch it.

The glue itself is not a solid. It’s like a gel. If you do touch it, it pulls right off of your skin fairly easily. (Again, you need human strength to do this. A mouse isn’t going to overpower this glue) It doesn’t even leave much of a residue. And any residue it does leave easily washes off.

They have no odor that’s smellable to humans. If they have any smell to them at all any bait you put on them will overpower the latent plastic smell that a mouse MIGHT be spooked by. So you can leave them in living spaces and not worry about the smell.

Despite my futile efforts to catch my mouse with these traps, I would try them again on another less savvy creature. I like the size of these. I like how sticky the glue is. I like how long the glue stays sticky. And I like that there is a small island in the middle of the glue that you can put bait on. If I was smart enough to trick my mouse into actually trying to get to that bait, I am totally confident this trap would condemn it to it’s fate. But I have the one mouse who doesn’t like any bait. Either that or it’s repelling from the ceiling like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible to get the bait without being detected. Honestly….that wouldn’t shock me at this point. I mean look how I laid those traps out…all intertwined in the wires the little thing likes to dance around….I even put at an angle in case it tries to get fancy and jump past these. It’s so brilliantly laid out that 3 other mice and a rat all knocked on my door the other night just to let me know they would never try to enter my home out of respect. But the one tiny mouse I want to get remains as my giant white whale.

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Mouse Glue Traps
Mouse Glue Traps

How Should I Remove a Mouse That’s Stuck in a Glue Trap?

Mouse Glue Traps
Mouse Glue Traps

Absolutely no, you can not just simply trash the squirm in vermin. Whenever you’re the proud possessor of a mouse stuck to a sticky trap, and then you’re stuck with the trouble of putting the creature out of its misery.

The pest control company left a number of glue traps in my house and a mouse was caught by one of them. It’s a painful process as well as inhumane to let the mouse die in the glue trap, so I am trying to find a way to kill a glue-trapped mouse in a way that meets the following requirements: humane ( has to be quick and effective), harmless (I got bit when I tried to remove the mouse from the board), clean (ideally just kill and throw into trash bin). I am considering spending $25-$59 on a stun gun, however I’m not sure if a stun gun can kill a mouse in a short time.

Whack It

Put on a thicker glove (the gardening kind is recommended ). Flip a Ziplock or maybe similar plastic bag inside out and cover your glove by using it. Firmly pick up the mouse (and its associated trap) using your gloved, “plasticked” hand and with your free hand, roll the Ziplock back out which means that you can seal it completely, with the mouse trapped inside. Lay down it on the floor, preferably a driveway or garage. Whack the poor thing with a heavy magazine or maybe a shoe; be sure you hit its head for near-instantaneous death. It has already suffered enough; this will help it pass on a lot quicker. Soon after you do this, please make sure you get rid of all the glue traps your pest control folks installed.

Stomp It

Quick, humane, as well as approved by the United States Marine Corps. Ooh-rah! (‘Course when you’re done you have to clean out the waffle with a stick, however what the hell, you are unable to have everything, right? )

Gas It

In accordance with Cait McKeown, a National Mice Club (UK) member and judge, the most humane method of mouse euthanasia is chloroform. Sad to say, the chemical is hazardous (even deadly in high dosage) to humans as well as mice, so it’s hard to obtain. Also impractical for nearly all people, veterinarians sometimes use halothane or another anesthetic gas. By using these methods, the mouse becomes unconscious without having pain before death.

Some other methods, like breaking the neck, decapitation, drowning, and freezing are painful for the mouse. This may or may not be an problem for you since these are not pet mice, but the majority of people will have a hard time in execution. The “quick” methods might not be so quick if you make a mistake. Possibly the most effective method is a CO2 chamber such as those used by herpetologists before freezing rodents for food. The most affordable source of concentrated carbon dioxide is dry ice, but the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends compressed CO2 gas in cylinders so that you can control the inflow of gas.

Their guidelines are: Without pre-charging the chamber, place the animal(s) in the chamber and introduce 100% carbon dioxide. A fill rate of about 10% to 30% of the chamber volume per minute with carbon dioxide, added to the existing air in the chamber should be appropriate to achieve a balanced gas mixture to fulfill the objective of rapid unconsciousness with minimal distress to the animals. (Example for a 10-liter volume chamber, use a flow rate of 1 to 3 liter(s) per minute. ) Sudden exposure of conscious animals to carbon dioxide concentrations of 70% or greater has been shown to be distressful. If you regularly use sticky traps to control mice, you might consider building a CO2 chamber-there are plenty of designs out there. However I personally choose using snap traps which usually provide a much quicker death as well as are easy to dispose of.

Don’t agree with the solutions previously mentioned? Have your own expertise to contribute?

 Mouse Glue Traps Sticky Boards -
 Catch crickets, spiders, scorpions and cockroaches easily by using this Mouse Glue Traps from TAGreat. Easy to use and perfect for indoor usage.

Cockroach Trap for Home Pest Control, Non-Toxic All Natural with Bait for Trapping Roaches and Other Insects

Cockroach TrapSimply place some poison bait for roaches may be effective, but it also cause another problem: they may die in any corners of your house that it’s difficult to notice, not sanitary and their dead bodies also will attract other creatures. Try this Insect Trap to catch them first, then use boiling water or simply burn the trap to kill them all is sanitarier and more effective. The Tapro Insect Trap is made of non-toxic material, 100% safe and ECO-friendly.

  • Cockroach bait trap house 10 sets in one box.
  • Trap large and small cockroaches all species, easy to use. Also for ants, spiders and other pests control.
  • ECO great for home with pregnant women, children, elder and pets, prevent roaches die at home and breed a lot of bacteria.
  • Place in corners of kitchen, bedroom, cupboard, sofa, cabinet, restaurant, office anywhere the roaches appear often.
  • Environmental protection, non-toxic, 3 months long last.

As a pet mom I am scared of using most pest control products such as traps, sprays, etc.

This is a non toxic approach to deal with roaches without it hurting your pets.

Very easy to use and it works!

That’s the most important thing to me.

1 star = Hate the product and I will return it.

2 star = Strongly Dislike the product- I will never purchase again

3 star = Indifferent- Neither like or dislike the product

4 star = Like product

5 star = LOVE the product

Cockroach Traps
Cockroach Trap


– I received this product at a discount or free rate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the product.

– I have NOT been coached or asked to provide positive feedback, nor have I received any compensation or incentive from the company for this review. (Note: Note not all products will receive a perfect rating from me, I am honestly reviewing the product and leaving only true and honest reviews).

– I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR part 255 “guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising”.

– I am NOT affiliated with this company or any of their products, in any way.

– All of the views expressed are my very own and based off of my experience.

– I treat each product review as though I paid full price for it.

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Mouse Glue Traps Reusable Cockroach Bait Trap ARS Roach Trap Professional Cockroach Trap
Mouse & Rat Glue Traps Reusable Cockroach Bait Trap ARS Roach Trap Professional Cockroach Trap