Top 5 Best Amazon Fire 7 Cases (5th Generation)

As a lucky buyer of the Black Friday 2015 Fire 7 for $35, I needed a very handsome and strong case to protect my new toy! Below slim shell cases give the proper protection and support for my tablet, for a minimal price. I liked the different color choices.


1. England Flower Flip Cover for Amazon Fire Tablet 7 Inch

Excellent fit, stand-up feature works smoothly, nice magnetic cover.

The basic black at $10 is excellent value if dull for Project Runway fans – the more colorful and complex versions are more like $19 and are so fine that discerning eyes cannot decide which is best.

Haven’t tried controlled drop tests, but 11 year-olds may be a found experiment. The former base 7″ Fire broke once (no case) and SquareTrade promptly replaced – but with the case on we’ve had no problems, even in a backpack to and from middle school.

Haven’t counted lately, but we have at least 4 with one more in the mail.


2. Cartoon Deer Flip Cover for Amazon Fire Tablet 7 Inch

This Case is Absolutely Marvelous! I love it! I have 2 tablets and an ipad…this cover exceeded my expectations. Other reviewers said they did not feel it would protect their 7 inch fire. ??? That seems to be a very strange remark about this case. It’s has a hard shell on the bottom which gives better protection than any other case I’ve ever seen or used. It certainly protects better than a slide in padded case and better then the thicker bulkier leather cover I have for my 10.1 tablet. Ok if you want to throw your tablet across the room no cover will protect it. I really appreciate the invisible magnet on the cover that goes over the screen. It’s very much like the cover on a surface or an i pad but better and stylish too. I wanted a smaller tablet to slip into my purse everyday but I needed a cover that would protect it yet not add lots of bulk. This cover fits that description. It has a nice pebbled texture leather like feel. The texture makes the case much less likely to slip out of my hand. Have it next to my bed for end of the day reading or a quick check of something in the internet. I expect to order another one soon to go with a 7 inch tablet I’m gifting for Christmas.


3. Colorful Plaid Flip Cover for Amazon Fire Tablet 7 Inch

This is a great looking case! The Fire 7 snaps into the case which fits the tablet perfectly. It has perfect sized openings for all buttons, speaker and memory card slot. It’s not leather, but it sure looks like it. The 2-tone front cover, to me, looks classy! This is exactly the kind of case I was looking for. Flipping the cover back and rolling it up, you can prop the tablet up in landscape mode for video viewing. The case offers very good corner protection. It also protects the screen well. In a couple of test drops (not on anything too hard…), the front cover stayed shut thanks to the two magnets. The materials seem to be good quality so far (a couple weeks of use). The openings for buttons, ports and speaker line up just right. I definitely recommend this case.


4. Sunflower Flip Cover for Amazon Fire Tablet 7 Inch

What I really like about this case is the Fire snaps right in and is completely snug with all the ports easily accessible. This is a big plus because I really hate those other covers that lock the unit down with those thin bungie-like things. That just looks cheap, and sooner or later those things lose their snap, leaving you with a loose fit.

As others have mentioned, when you close the cover, the fire does not turn off, but I believe that’s by design of the fire and not of this cover, so I take no points away for that. You can’t blame the manufacturer of this for something out of their control, and really, it’s not that hard to hit a button, am I right?

The cover, when closed, stays closed. It has a little bit of weight to it (maybe magnets? I don’t know, I’m not a scientist), and won’t flop open when it’s in your bag.

The kickstand is surprisingly sturdy. When I first folded it over, I figured the weight of the Fire would just knock it back, but not here. That sucker held up just fine.


5. Stand Cover Case for Amazon Fire 7 inch Tablet

This is a great cover for the 5th generation Kindle Fire 7″!

The design feels very sturdy and there are two separate angles you can rest the kindle at (I don’t really ever sit the Kindle down; I basically always just hold it if I’m using it or watching anything on it). The shape is perfect for the Kindle: it fits snugly in place and none of the buttons, outlets (mircoSD slot, headphone slot, mini USB slot) or the speaker on the back are blocked in any way. Additionally, the case adds very little to the overall size of the case/Kindle combo. It is very compact. The fit is so accurate that it seems as if it was made by Amazon!

Can’t really comment on durability, because I’ve only had it for a week, so that aspect hasn’t been tested yet.

The magnets that keep the kindle closed seem sufficiently strong to keep it from coming open, but not too strong to where the cover slams shut.

The only thing that I don’t love about the case is that it DOES NOT put the Kindle to sleep when you close it. My previous kindle case for an older Kindle did do that, and I found that to be a very nice feature. As I’m getting used to this, I do find myself closing the case without pressing the power button to put the Kindle to sleep. But, all I have to do then is press the button after I close the case lid, so it’s not a huge deal. However, I can’t take away a star for that because I knew that when I bought it.

Overall, I would highly recommend this case. it’s very slim and fits the Kindle perfectly in all ways. It stays shut due to the magnets, but it doesn’t put the Kindle to sleep.


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