Apple iPhone 7 Plus Hands-on Review

The iPhone 7 Plus is by far the best iPhone ever created, possibly the best phone ever created. However, because it is similar to previous iPhones, I will try to focus on whats new and whats so great about it. First the processor, its amazing, but so is the processor in just about every phone now a days. But considering this phone is more powerful then any MacBook or MacBook Air, or Even iPad ever created, its pretty remarkable.

Second, and this is probably the biggest, and greatest thing about this phone, is the camera, or should I say cameras. The iPhone 7 Plus hands down features the best camera on a phone I have ever seen. It is really fast to focus and to fire, and images are sharp and extremely color accurate. In fact, after putting this camera through its paces, I questioned why I even owned my Canon EOS 5D Mark III. But then I remembered, BOKEH. IOS 10.1 (which I beta tested) bring “Portrait Mode” which works, however not always. Also its not as good as a fast lens on my full-frame body, but there is definitely room to improve the portrait mode blurred effect. Overall this is a great camera.

One of the last great things about this phone is the display. When I first placed my order, I wondered if the display would live up to the claims. Wider-color gamut, 25% brighter. Well it definitely does. This is honestly one of the most color accurate displays I have ever seen, and boy does it get bright when it needs to.

Finally the added 256GB storage option is much appreciated, as I am a storage hog. Also I absolutely love the Jet Black color. this reminds of my first iPhone, the iPhone 3G. There are some negatives to this phone however, it definitely “Hisses” for one. However unless my phone is to the Apple Logo on the phone, I can not hear it. Also, the display is slightly (very slightly) more yellow then the iPhone 6s. However after using, I pulled out my iPhone 6s Plus, and though my iPhone 6s plus display was actually more yellow.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Apple iPhone 7 Plus

By now you’ve decided to buy this phone or not. And up until today, the phone is better, but not that much better than the previous iPhone 6 Plus (yes it is faster, yes the screen is better, the camera is better, and the new home button takes getting used to but works far better, and the water resistance is awesome).

Today, October 24, 2016 Apple released a new OS just for the 7 Plus. It includes Portrait mode for the camera. This is the feature I was waiting for. It works, thank you very much. It takes a little playing with and works best in daylight, not dim indoor lighting. The mode absolutely does soften up the background just like a portrait lens on a large camera (call it a dSLR).

Get the OS update like you would any time – Settings, General, Check For Updates. The update is pretty large, it takes about five minutes to install, and for some unknown reason makes your phone go through those heinous first five or six setting screens – location services, Siri, iCloud account, etc.

The mode is really simple – open the camera app, slide to the left – Portrait is a new shooting mode, between Photo and Square. The screen walks you through using the mode. The subject needs to be between 15 inches and 8 feet away. Touch to focus works. And when the camera has decided it found a subject and will apply the blurry background, Portrait Mode lights up in yellow. If it can’t find a subject there are messages on the screen to move closer or farther away, or there isn’t enough light.

Take the picture and there you have it. A beautiful picture with a soft background. The image is stored just like any other. The camera stores both the soft background and unaltered sharp background version. That’s really nice when working on the pictures later on. It does double the number of pictures in your library.

In portrait mode, the camera automatically zooms to about an 50-85 mm 35 mm equivalent focal length. That is a very flattering focal length, so portraits look very nice.

We finally got what we paid for with the new camera. Apple slid this update in under the radar.

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