Best BlackBerry PRIV Leather Cover Case

I just can’t resist the temptation of using a new Phone Case whenever I get the chance,especially if it is an elegant leather case like this one!

Having a new phone case it kind of gives you the false impression of a new phone 🙂

BlackBerry PRIV Leather Cover Case

CRAFTSMANSHIP: The phone case is Made out of man made leather,over a cardboard backing,which keeps the case at light weight with enough protection. Extremely smooth to the touch,yet not slippery! Very comfortable to hold,not too bulky,and not much bigger than the phone itself.Inner side of the case is lined with a soft suede material,to fully protect the back of the phone from scratching during inserting in and sliding the phone out,or even constant contact with the phone.

Cut outs for Camera,Flash and silent button are very precise and fall perfectly in place! Lower part of the case where you have the speaker,charging port and audio out is carved out to a complete free access,without having to worry about muffled sound due to partial covering of the speaker or the headset jack not to fit through an opening in the case. Areas where the power button and up/down controls are located is raised up of the same material for better control and easy find in the dark or when the phone is not in direct sight.

FUNCTIONALITY: I can honestly say that,this case is the easiest to slip the phone in and out so far! Unlike other peers of this phone case,you don’t have to have a wrestling match between phone and case to slip the phone in or out,not to mention accidentally powering the phone off during such process! And once the phone is inside the case,it hugs it passionately eliminating the possibility of the phone falling out of the case!

VERDICT: I have been using this case for few days now,and the black color blends perfectly with my BlackBerry PRIV,as it adds a touch of elegance to an already elegant case. I like the fact that the logo blends within the the case,despite its bigger size! All and All the Jisoncase Leather Case is an excellent choice for a phone case,and as far as durability I predict it to last for some time to come,with that said,I highly recommend it to my fellow Amazon shoppers.Still, if you’re a skeptical person and not sure whether to trust other people’s reviews or not! With Amazon’s 30 day return policy, you have four weeks to try it out yourself, before returning it for any reason, with no questions asked, and in most cases Amazon will pay for the return shipping, in other words, it is a win, win situation!! With that said, I hope you find my humble opinion helpful in making or breaking your buying decision.

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