Get Rid of Mice and Rats with Glue Traps

These are very effective traps up until they figure out what they are. The enemy is highly adaptive and once discovered they will stop working even with changing the bait and locations. This said they are still useful as part of a multi prong strategy with other trapping tools and sonic warfare. Be sure to check frequently and dispose properly, left unattended they can be a very cruel device.

I caught zero mice with these. However, I believe this is because I am dealing with a super intelligent rodent, possibly an escapee from a laboratory that turned it into a creature similar to The Brain from Pinky And The Brain. I have a mouse that can detect traps and safely avoid them. Even baiting these traps failed to get a mouse stuck to await it’s fate.

But…..I cannot blame to trap for this. The traps are VERY sticky. And the stickiness lasts a long time (when used indoors). I have had these traps set for 2 weeks without positive mouse catching results. But again, this is only because the little bugger is smart enough to avoid them. I do not believe that most mice possess this super mouse intelligence. If a mouse touches these, the mouse WILL be stuck. I know this because I have touched a few of them and they stick to me like….well…like glue.

And it takes a decent amount of pulling to get the glue pad unstuck from my hand. It’s nothing that my incredible human strength can’t do easily, but it’s takes far more strength than any puny 2oz mouse is going to be capable of applying to the trap, especially when it’s pushing against more glue in order to remove it self from the glue. (I’ve tried to challenge to the mouse to a physical duel where my strength would give me a far superior advantage, as it’s clear that the mouse has bested me in a battle of wits. But being the smart little mouse it is, it has declined my offer to decide those contest with pugilism.)

I am thoroughly convinced that if my supermouse were to touch this trap in any way, I would finally have my victory over it.

Even after 2 weeks of being set out, the glue is still very sticky. It’s not quite as good as when they were brand new, but I have no doubt that no mouse would be able to pull itself off of the glue pad ever after it’s been exposed to the air for 2 weeks.

To be clear, there are no indications that any mouse has touched the traps. I’ve watched it waltz right over my “canyon of trap laden doom” that I had placed in it’s daily path. But It’s never touched the glue. There are no signs of footprints or mouse fur in the glue, nor has the bait I put on the center peg in the middle of the trap been disturbed. So I’m sure the trap hasn’t failed. It WILL work if this little critter sets foot on it.

The little bugger went Speedy Gonzales style through my kill zone, avoiding 8 glue traps, 4 snap traps, an electric zap trap, and a no kill catch and release trap. It just danced right by all of them all, not touching a single one. I personally watched it on multiple occasions go right past the traps. This made me feel as dumb as both Tom and Sylvester. Just like those cats I did everything right but the mouse eluded my capture. The trap can’t catch a mouse that refuses to touch it.

The glue itself is not a solid. It’s like a gel. If you do touch it, it pulls right off of your skin fairly easily. (Again, you need human strength to do this. A mouse isn’t going to overpower this glue) It doesn’t even leave much of a residue. And any residue it does leave easily washes off.

They have no odor that’s smellable to humans. If they have any smell to them at all any bait you put on them will overpower the latent plastic smell that a mouse MIGHT be spooked by. So you can leave them in living spaces and not worry about the smell.

Despite my futile efforts to catch my mouse with these traps, I would try them again on another less savvy creature. I like the size of these. I like how sticky the glue is. I like how long the glue stays sticky. And I like that there is a small island in the middle of the glue that you can put bait on. If I was smart enough to trick my mouse into actually trying to get to that bait, I am totally confident this trap would condemn it to it’s fate. But I have the one mouse who doesn’t like any bait. Either that or it’s repelling from the ceiling like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible to get the bait without being detected. Honestly….that wouldn’t shock me at this point. I mean look how I laid those traps out…all intertwined in the wires the little thing likes to dance around….I even put at an angle in case it tries to get fancy and jump past these. It’s so brilliantly laid out that 3 other mice and a rat all knocked on my door the other night just to let me know they would never try to enter my home out of respect. But the one tiny mouse I want to get remains as my giant white whale.

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Mouse Glue Traps
Mouse Glue Traps

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