Cute Cartoon Kindle Voyage Leather Cover Case

The case is very nice. It is very slim and does not add much weight or bulk to the device. The sleep/wake function works every time. It feels very nice in the hand and folds back completely flat for one handed reading. The magnet in the front holds the front cover secure so you can put it in your handbag and not have to worry about it coming open. The cost is just right and still delivers a quality product. Would highly recommend and have also ordered a couple of other colors. No need to look further for a case.

Best Cases for Kindle Voyage

I very much like this Fintie case. I’m a longtime (many generations back–to Gen 1 and beyond) Kindle owner. The Fintie has the fit and feel much like the AMZ branded Kindle cases for earlier generations. The sleep/wake magnets work very well, the case itself has the good textured “leather like” feel and grip of the older Amazon cases. It’s very low profile while also appearing to be more than sufficiently protective of the Kindle. The book flap (which opens horizontally, like the older traditional Kindle “book” cases, before the Origami style reporter’s style vertical flap) folds back very easily and completely to hold in one hand easily, as with a (much much thinner & lighter) paperback book. All in all, I’m very glad I relied on the reviews and bought this case. I’ll add that I also invested in and applied a screen saver–only because I vacation with my Kindles & beach sand can be unkind to bare screens and I am a perfectionist when caring for my electronics. The screen protector I bought and applied is exceptional. I have great experience with screen protectors, dating back to Palm Pilots back in the day, Blackberry’s, various smartphones, tablets, and if course prior gen Kindles. I got the ArmorSuit Military Shield Matte/AntiGlare screen protector. It applies, with supplied spray fluid, much like (really the same) as my longtime beloved Zagg InvisibleShield. But Z apparently doesn’t yet have one for the Kindle Voyage. ArmorSuit comes to the rescue. The key to application is to understand the instructions–watch their website video–and you MUST use plenty of their supplied wetness spray solution, on your fingers and on the protector (and on your powered OFF device too, if you carefully dare). Enjoy!!!

Kindle Voyage Cases -
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