Cockroach Trap for Home Pest Control, Non-Toxic All Natural with Bait for Trapping Roaches and Other Insects

Cockroach TrapSimply place some poison bait for roaches may be effective, but it also cause another problem: they may die in any corners of your house that it’s difficult to notice, not sanitary and their dead bodies also will attract other creatures. Try this Insect Trap to catch them first, then use boiling water or simply burn the trap to kill them all is sanitarier and more effective. The Tapro Insect Trap is made of non-toxic material, 100% safe and ECO-friendly.

  • Cockroach bait trap house 10 sets in one box.
  • Trap large and small cockroaches all species, easy to use. Also for ants, spiders and other pests control.
  • ECO great for home with pregnant women, children, elder and pets, prevent roaches die at home and breed a lot of bacteria.
  • Place in corners of kitchen, bedroom, cupboard, sofa, cabinet, restaurant, office anywhere the roaches appear often.
  • Environmental protection, non-toxic, 3 months long last.

As a pet mom I am scared of using most pest control products such as traps, sprays, etc.

This is a non toxic approach to deal with roaches without it hurting your pets.

Very easy to use and it works!

That’s the most important thing to me.

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Cockroach Traps
Cockroach Trap


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