Cute Cartoon Cases for Kindle Paperwhite

I really balked at buying the Amazon branded cover for this device. It is nigh on 30% of the device price. So I noticed this case had great reviews AND you can get it for a song if you choose the lowest-priced color. I figured if I didn’t like it I was out eight bucks and I can always buy the Amazon case. My flower pattern one was $15.99 and the dog pattern one is a ridiculous $9.99 right now. I think I’m going to order it just as a backup.

Click to check the current prices: Best Cases for Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite Cases

I ordered the “Folio classic,” having read in the product description that it’s the “thinnest Paperwhite case available.” On my previous Paperwhite (which I gave to my wife), I had the official Amazon case, so it was easy for me to compare them. Long story short: the Folio Classic is *considerably* thicker than the Amazon case — at least two or three mm, which makes a big difference in how it feels in your hand. The official Amazon case is sooo slick and light and pleasing to feel. By comparison, the Folio Classic is big and chunky. It seems relatively high-quality, and everything works as promised, but I couldn’t abide the thickness and weight, so I’m sending it back.

I like it. It looks exactly like the manufacturer’s pictures. It behaves exactly like the manufacturer says it will. The on and off feature works perfectly, always, the very first time. I have Amazon Prime, so for $6 and free shipping it simply doesn’t make sense to at least try it before laying out 35 bucks plus tax for the genuine Amazon one. Having said that, I have a Visio 8″ tablet with a Amazon-type case which uses clamps to hold the device in rather than the style used on this case. Assuming the Amazon is as good as the Visio, I would probably prefer it because absolutely nothing impinges on the top of the device. Whereas this cover has a full fake leather surround. It does not, however, ever impinge on the actual screen. Those way more expensive cases with stretchy elastic across the corners are a ridiculous design. Also, if you want a completely zippered cover, this is not for you. By the way, the fake leather is just fine.

Finally, they manufacture millions of these, okay hundreds of thousands, and some very few are going to have a glitch. From what I have read, the manufacturer responds quickly and without question. Email them they send you a new one. Unless money is no object, there’s simply no reason not to at least try this case if you’re looking for an automatic on and off open and close kind of case.

Okay, writing this review I am definitely going to order the red one. I just remembered I got a three-year extended warranty from Square Trade, so I might need it. BTW, do not buy any extended warranty from Amazon by just clicking on the one especially for the Paperwhite. Call their (Square Trade) 800 number and they will walk you through ordering a super deal. Again, I wasn’t going to spend 30% for a three-year extended warranty. It was less.

Oh yeah, the Paperwhite has in my opinion reach nearly the pinnacle of industrial perfection. I mean sure, if it was thin as construction paper and equally foldable, cost $5, and turned the pages according to the movement of your eyes that would be better. But for reading text without diagrams it is indisputably currently state-of-the-art.

For many Kindle owners, a solid case is a must-have accessory. And you could find great deals on TAGreat for Tablet Cases.


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