Best Case for Kindle (8th Generation, 2016) – The Thinnest and Lightest Leather Cover

If you called me a Kindle fanatic, you would be right. Over the past few years, I have owned several, as well as given a few more as gifts. Wherever I go, I have a Kindle with me so that if I have downtime or have to wait in line or at an appointment, I can be reading. Yes, I have owned and used a number of cases for a variety of Kindle models, some good and some not so good. My favorite case was a Cole Haan supple leather case for my first Kindle Keyboard that set me back well over $100. (I still love it today, although it does not fit any Kindle that I own today other than the non-working Keyboard Kindle it holds now.). The TAGreat case is a very close second place.

Best Cases for Kindle (8th Generation, 2016)
Best Cases for Kindle (8th Generation, 2016)

The hard shell case has a very slim profile and feels very good in my hand, light, yet strong. It closes securely with an unseen magnetic catch and when opened, turns the Kindle on, a feature that I really like. The cover folds back, maintaining the thin profile, for comfortable one-handed reading. The case also has a nicely designed kickstand, a feature I do not use and which is unimportant to me. The very best feature is the stippled, non-slip exterior that provides a pleasant tactile experience while protecting my new Kindle Paperwhite, critical for a person having a propensity for falling asleep whle reading sitting up in a chair. Already my TAGreat case has kept my Kindle damage free after having been dropped at least a half-dozen times on unforgiving ceramic tile floors. Interiors of both front and back covers are sueded and look and feel good, all the while protecting the screen and Kindle body. Design and appearance are very important to me. OK, I am a picky person, but I take very good care of the things that I own and they, in turn, last a long time. Lastly, the TAGreat came in what turned out to be a wonderful rosy shade of red. Did I mention that all of my Kindle covers have been red so that I could easily locate my reader in the depths of my very large handbags?

The TAGreat Kindle Case arrived in a timely fashion and was well-packaged. It was priced right, is slim, yet light and sturdy,

feels comfortable whether reading with one hand or two, is very well-made and good looking. It performs exactly as promised… even better than. I not only recommend it, I would buy this case again — maybe in another shade of red.

Update: my grand dog, a puppy still, gently took my Kindle off my lap when I had fallen asleep. Later, I found my Kindle with TAGreat case on the floor in another room. Hina had done a number on it, chewing the cover of the case,

completely stripping the sueded lining from the inside front cover. Although I found bits of the red case but no lining, she must have swallowed it. The great news is that my Kindle suffered two tiny indentations on the upper left margin. The rest was still in perfect condition after what was at least an hour of teething by a five-month old black Lab puppy. The TAGreat case is amazing. I have ordered another exactly like the first, in red. You meed this case if you want your Kindle to be bulletproof—or puppy proof. It is without a doubt the very best Kindle case I’ve owned. And I have owned many.

Please click for the current price: Best Cases for Kindle (8th Generation)


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