How to Make a Dog T-shirt

Dog T-shirt

For anyone who is considering making man’s best friend a smart brand-new t-shirt, no matter whether to sport around at the doggy park or simply just to wear casually around the house, making your own pet dog t-shirt is a fun and easy job. Allow me to share the steps to designing a homemade t-shirt that can be accomplished both quickly and, furthermore, at a minimum cost.

Take your dog’s sizings. Start out by measuring around the legs, neck together with chest. Bear in mind a lot of dogs will sooner or later figure out how to “remove” their new sweater or shirt in case the t-shirt is uncomfortable as well as limits their ability to move freely.

Get your materials. You are able to get t-shirt material everywhere. In case you have an old stretchable cotton sheet, it is possible to use this likewise. You could also consider using your personal old t-shirts.

Draw out the basic design for your puppy t-shirt on paper. Very carefully proceed with the measurements you have already taken of your pet dog. Keep in mind that it is very important to allow for larger leg holes and a loose fit in general, particularly since a dog’s bodyweight can fluctuate.

Cut out the pieces based on the pattern, and also sew them together on your sewing machine. Put an elastic band at the top as well as bottom, and around the sleeves.

Print a nice iron-on logo or perhaps your dog’s name, and iron it on to the t-shirt.

Items You have to pick
Sewing machine
Elastic Band

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