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Cockroach Trap for Home Pest Control, Non-Toxic All Natural with Bait for Trapping Roaches and Other Insects

Cockroach TrapSimply place some poison bait for roaches may be effective, but it also cause another problem: they may die in any corners of your house that it’s difficult to notice, not sanitary and their dead bodies also will attract other creatures. Try this Insect Trap to catch them first, then use boiling water or simply burn the trap to kill them all is sanitarier and more effective. The Tapro Insect Trap is made of non-toxic material, 100% safe and ECO-friendly.

  • Cockroach bait trap house 10 sets in one box.
  • Trap large and small cockroaches all species, easy to use. Also for ants, spiders and other pests control.
  • ECO great for home with pregnant women, children, elder and pets, prevent roaches die at home and breed a lot of bacteria.
  • Place in corners of kitchen, bedroom, cupboard, sofa, cabinet, restaurant, office anywhere the roaches appear often.
  • Environmental protection, non-toxic, 3 months long last.

As a pet mom I am scared of using most pest control products such as traps, sprays, etc.

This is a non toxic approach to deal with roaches without it hurting your pets.

Very easy to use and it works!

That’s the most important thing to me.

1 star = Hate the product and I will return it.

2 star = Strongly Dislike the product- I will never purchase again

3 star = Indifferent- Neither like or dislike the product

4 star = Like product

5 star = LOVE the product

Cockroach Traps
Cockroach Trap


– I received this product at a discount or free rate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the product.

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– I am NOT affiliated with this company or any of their products, in any way.

– All of the views expressed are my very own and based off of my experience.

– I treat each product review as though I paid full price for it.

****Like most people, I rely heavily on product reviews when deciding to purchase an item from a particular manufacturer or company.. This increases my performance level as a reviewer and allows me to review a greater number of products, providing more companies, and individuals like yourself, with valuable feedback and product information. So, if this review has been helpful, please help me out and click YES, or if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I largely rely on reviews when buying products online, and I want to to offer you an unbiased review to help you with your purchase.

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Best Rugged Protective Case for iPhone 7

Defender Series Rugged Protective Case for iPhone 7
Defender Series Rugged Protective Case for iPhone 7

Awesome case from an awesome company! I’ve recently became a fan of Defender after getting fed up with bulkiness of Otterbox cases and how quickly they cases wear out and look terrible after just a month or so of use. I didn’t want to deal with plastic screen protectors any more either since they’re easily scratched so I decided I wanted a case that was slim (I got really tired of the bulkiness of the Defender), protective (for those normal, accidental drops), and allowed enough clearance to install a glass screen protector (to prevent most scratches).

After trying different cases the Defender Defender Series (hereby referred to as TAT) case is best one I’ve found for me. It doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the iPhone 7; there’s a little but honestly I don’t feel that it’s much considering the amount of protection you’re getting in return. This case is a good trade-off between sleekness and protection. It’s “grippy”, so I never feel like I’m going to drop it by accident. The edges of the TAT case aren’t sharp either making it very comfortable to hold. If you’re someone like me who “fidgets” a lot with their phone (i.e., idly holding it and moving it around when you’re bored) then this case would be perfect for you.

The corners of the TAT case are thicker than on your standard slim cases so, at least in my opinion, they offer better protection for those drops that end with a corner of your iPhone taking the majority of impact. I’ve seen from multiple YouTube videos where “phone corner” drops, besides maybe the “face down” drops, tend to damage smartphones the most. There’s enough lip on the case to allow a screen protector (I have a glass screen protector on my iPhone 7 that just covers the actual screen, I’m not sure how well an “edge to edge” one would work with this case since the case wraps around the edges of the phone a bit) to be installed and still be raised up enough so that the screen doesn’t touch a flat surface like a desk to (hopefully) avoid scratches when placing the phone face down. Overall the case is very well constructed and honestly shows no to very little wear over time. My case, though I’ve continually used it over 6 months and had never taken it off, looks the same as the day I first put it on. There’s no way I could say that about my Otterbox. I’ll admit I’m very nit-picky about that sort of thing.

Defender Series Rugged Protective Case for iPhone 7As far as cons go, there aren’t that many. If you’re someone who likes to swap out cases a lot I will say that the TAT case is a major pain to remove. For me at least, it’s a very difficult process to remove the backplate from the TPU sleeve. Maybe there’s a method I’m not aware of that would make the process easier. You might be able to remove the phone from the case with the backplate still attached, I haven’t tried that yet as I generally don’t swap out cases that often (which I never do now after getting this one). Another issue was that at the time I was researching new cases I thought that this case would be compatible with the Defender holster (yeah I know I’m that guy with the iPhone attached to his belt; I don’t care how uncool it is I hate having lint and possibly scratches all over my phone by shoving it in my pocket). Unfortunately, due to the size of the corner bumpers of the TAT case it isn’t compatible with the holster. So I went to Bass Pro and picked up an even less cool Nite-Ize velcro holster.

One other con I had actually was resolved by Defender (which is one reason I called them “awesome” a few paragraphs up). I just happened to notice that Defender redesigned this case sometime recently and made a few very cool adjustments. One thing they did was increase the size of the forward facing audio speaker cutouts so that the sound was clearer. The other “major” change was that the nubs (I’m going to call them that anyway) on the back of the TPU that hold the backplate in place are longer, so the phone when resting on its back actually rest of the nubs instead of the backplate, making the phone less likely to slip around on a flat surface.

My original TAT case was purchased after this redesign, so the audio speaker cutouts on mine were much smaller (and way more prone to audio muffling at higher pitch sounds) and the case rested on the backplate which is much slipper than the TPU nubs. These weren’t that big of a deal, but I contacted Defender anyway to see what they’d say. I figured they would tell me I’d have to purchase another case if I wanted the redesigned model. They contacted me back quickly and requested a photo of my case, which I replied back with as well as mentioning that I really liked the case, I just wanted to see if they could do something like give me a discount code or something so I could get the redesigned one. The replied promptly letting me know that they received the photo and since I had the previous model case they would send my a whole new case, free of charge! That was really awesome of them and very unexpected. So, needless to say I’m a big Defender fan now. I got the new case installed and it’s great. I’m not going to guarantee you’ll get the same level of support I did, I may have just gotten lucky, but it’s something I want to share about them and how they took care of me.

If you’re interested in seeing the differences, I’ve added some photos to this review. I’ll apologize ahead of time for the picture quality, the lighting at our home was really bad the night I took them.

I realize isn’t an Otterbox and I don’t expect that I can throw my phone out of a 3rd story window and it not suffer any damage using this case. But for day to day normal use this is a fantastic slim case. It’s very well constructed and holds up extremely well over time with little to no wear. I highly recommend the Defender Series case from Defender!

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Cute Cartoon Cases for Kindle Paperwhite

I really balked at buying the Amazon branded cover for this device. It is nigh on 30% of the device price. So I noticed this case had great reviews AND you can get it for a song if you choose the lowest-priced color. I figured if I didn’t like it I was out eight bucks and I can always buy the Amazon case. My flower pattern one was $15.99 and the dog pattern one is a ridiculous $9.99 right now. I think I’m going to order it just as a backup.

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Kindle Paperwhite Cases

I ordered the “Folio classic,” having read in the product description that it’s the “thinnest Paperwhite case available.” On my previous Paperwhite (which I gave to my wife), I had the official Amazon case, so it was easy for me to compare them. Long story short: the Folio Classic is *considerably* thicker than the Amazon case — at least two or three mm, which makes a big difference in how it feels in your hand. The official Amazon case is sooo slick and light and pleasing to feel. By comparison, the Folio Classic is big and chunky. It seems relatively high-quality, and everything works as promised, but I couldn’t abide the thickness and weight, so I’m sending it back.

I like it. It looks exactly like the manufacturer’s pictures. It behaves exactly like the manufacturer says it will. The on and off feature works perfectly, always, the very first time. I have Amazon Prime, so for $6 and free shipping it simply doesn’t make sense to at least try it before laying out 35 bucks plus tax for the genuine Amazon one. Having said that, I have a Visio 8″ tablet with a Amazon-type case which uses clamps to hold the device in rather than the style used on this case. Assuming the Amazon is as good as the Visio, I would probably prefer it because absolutely nothing impinges on the top of the device. Whereas this cover has a full fake leather surround. It does not, however, ever impinge on the actual screen. Those way more expensive cases with stretchy elastic across the corners are a ridiculous design. Also, if you want a completely zippered cover, this is not for you. By the way, the fake leather is just fine.

Finally, they manufacture millions of these, okay hundreds of thousands, and some very few are going to have a glitch. From what I have read, the manufacturer responds quickly and without question. Email them they send you a new one. Unless money is no object, there’s simply no reason not to at least try this case if you’re looking for an automatic on and off open and close kind of case.

Okay, writing this review I am definitely going to order the red one. I just remembered I got a three-year extended warranty from Square Trade, so I might need it. BTW, do not buy any extended warranty from Amazon by just clicking on the one especially for the Paperwhite. Call their (Square Trade) 800 number and they will walk you through ordering a super deal. Again, I wasn’t going to spend 30% for a three-year extended warranty. It was less.

Oh yeah, the Paperwhite has in my opinion reach nearly the pinnacle of industrial perfection. I mean sure, if it was thin as construction paper and equally foldable, cost $5, and turned the pages according to the movement of your eyes that would be better. But for reading text without diagrams it is indisputably currently state-of-the-art.

For many Kindle owners, a solid case is a must-have accessory. And you could find great deals on TAGreat for Tablet Cases.

Amazon Kindle 8th Generation vs. Kindle Oasis

Kindle 8th Generation

Sometimes, a brand name becomes utterly synonymous with the actual product. Just like Kleenex, Q-tips and Slurpees, the All-New Kindle has become the name for the product category it represents. If you’re in the market for a new e-book reader, there’s a good chance you’ll be shopping for a Kindle. And now you can pick up the newest addition to the family with the all-new Kindle e-reader for 2016. Now in its 8th generation, the entry-level e-reader boasts a few new features while retaining the same affordable price.

Kindle 8th Generation

What’s New with the 8th-Generation All-New Kindle?

The 8th generation Kindle was announced earlier this summer, promoted as “brand new” when not very much has actually changed. The 6-inch e-ink display still lacks a backlight (or front light) and it’s still the lower 167 ppi resolution, but it’s still a touchscreen. The same Kindle experience carries through the entire lineup. And it’s still cheap and cheerful.

As I pointed out in my unboxing and overview video earlier this month, the newest All-New Kindle is thinner and lighter than before, it comes in white as well as black, and they’ve doubled the memory for improved performance. The biggest difference is the inclusion of Bluetooth audio, which will appeal to some and be practically useless to others.

For all the book club people, there’s Export Notes. This features enables you to export your notes and highlighted portions as a printable PDF, delivered via e-mail. Again, some people might like it and other people could care less.

First Impressions

After getting spoiled with the much more expensive Kindle Oasis, the new All-New Kindle feels decidedly cheaper in the hands. The cheap plastic shell pales in comparison even to the only slightly more expensive Kindle Paperwhite. With the latter, the soft touch materials make for a more comfortable reading experience.

That being said, you can invest in the official protective case, as seen in the picture gallery below, for $29.99. It’s a little spendy for a protective cover like this, but it does make the Kindle more comfortable to hold. If you’re willing to spend an extra thirty bucks on a case, though, you might not be looking at the cheapest Kindle. The cover comes in your choice of black, blue, magenta or white/grey.

The otherwise Spartan and uninspired design of the 8th-generation All-New Kindle is typical for being the cheapest offering in its family. I was provided the black version for the purposes of this review, but you can get it in white for a small dash of personality. As before, the only button you’ll find is the physical power button and the only port you’ll find is the micro-USB port for charging. Everything else is accomplished through the touchscreen.

Kindle 8th Generation

The Reading Experience

Build quality issues aside, I had two primary concerns when approaching this new Kindle as compared to the more premium Kindles that I have been reviewing recently. First, this cheaper Kindle comes with the lower resolution 167 ppi display, compared to the 300 ppi display on all the other e-readers in the lineup. Second, this is the only Kindle in the family that does not have any lighting whatsoever for the screen.

Based on my time reading through a couple chapters of Spell Or High Water by Scott Meyer, I’ve come to a couple of conclusions based on those two primary concerns. First, the lower resolution screen is not as big of a deal as I had anticipated. If all you’re doing is reading text, you’re probably not going to notice much of a difference. The words may not be quite as crisp, but it’s still fine. And even on a higher resolution screen, viewing graphics on e-ink has never been stupendous.

The lack of the built-in light, however, is a real deal breaker for me. I do most of reading in bed just before I go to sleep. I keep a very dim lamp at my bedside and have grown accustomed to the light on the other Kindles. You may or may not need the adaptive light sensor of the Kindle Voyage or the 10 LEDs of the Kindle Oasis for “enhanced page consistency.” But you will want to have a built-in light and this Kindle doesn’t have that.

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Start a Pet Dog Clothing Business

People in the USA absolutely love their domestic pets. Reported by the 2015-16 National Pet Owners’ Survey, 46. 4 million homes own no less than one pet dog, as well as the owners were going to spend $52. 87 billion on their furry family members. Many see all their household pets as surrogate kids and even will buy several different apparel goods for these folks – jewelry, sweatshirts, coats, hats and even more. In the event that you love pets and also fashion, a dog apparel business is likely to be your calling.

Designer Clothes for Dogs
Designer Clothes for Dogs

Planning the Business

Consider how large you would like your business to be as well as which kind of business you want to have, along with handling almost all the standard start-up business requirements. No matter whether you prefer to distribute products across the country or are content to serve a regional market place, you have to choose the direction of your personal enterprise. A retail family pet supply store will give you manage over every little thing you will sell, as well as it is possible to pick out additional products to match your fashion merchandise. Selling right to clients over the Internet is an alternative which you additionally ought to go after considering that it opens you up to a large online market.

Designing the Items

You are able to start by working out of home, trying out patterns together with various types of cloth plus accessories. Be aware of products that a puppy may possibly swallow – buttons as well as beads, as an example. Try by constructing representative models on your household sewing machine ahead of you upgrade to a commercial-quality device. Make sure to try out the clothes on true puppies. In the event that the dress pinches or perhaps cuts into the dog’s thighs and leg, at this moment is the time for you to adjust the design. In the event that the outfits have flexible straps or perhaps belts with buckles, they could fit puppies within a size range, yet you may still need small , medium as well as large sizes. Produce your own personal designs or simply discover them on the net.

Rising the Business

While you begin, advertise your business by simply checking out nearby pet shops, groomers and also veterinarians who sell pet gadgets. Bring a sufficient amount of samples to highlight your hard work. In case you tend to continue to be small , it is possible to hand craft all the things in addition to make that a marketing point. Whenever you would like to grow your business, determine whether to employ a seamstress to assist you or simply track down a factory to produce larger quantities. Just how much supply you need will depend upon how big your markets in addition to the time needed to manufacture more products. Consist of seasonal products in your strategy plus ask for orders far adequate before hand to be capable of satisfy them.

Advertising the Business

Seek out innovative methods to rise above the crowd. Posts – print as well as internet – that talk about information and facts regarding pet dogs, animal care along with your items can easily supply general know-how and also product-specific details. Supplying cost-free information is a powerful advertising tool to bring in and maintain potential buyers. Take into account performing a fashion show together with shelter family pets. Not simply will you show off your items, you might bring attention to puppies which desperately want adoption. Market in family dog -specific magazines. Together with country wide books, seek out smaller magazines and catalogs of which serve a local or simply regional market. The manager might cut you a deal on promoting whenever you write for them. Subscribing to the Usa Furry friend Merchandise Organization will probably boost your image as a professional and also allow you entry to details concerning marketing along with industry trends, authorized difficulties and standard information with regards to the furry friend market.

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Best Case for Kindle (8th Generation, 2016) – The Thinnest and Lightest Leather Cover

If you called me a Kindle fanatic, you would be right. Over the past few years, I have owned several, as well as given a few more as gifts. Wherever I go, I have a Kindle with me so that if I have downtime or have to wait in line or at an appointment, I can be reading. Yes, I have owned and used a number of cases for a variety of Kindle models, some good and some not so good. My favorite case was a Cole Haan supple leather case for my first Kindle Keyboard that set me back well over $100. (I still love it today, although it does not fit any Kindle that I own today other than the non-working Keyboard Kindle it holds now.). The TAGreat case is a very close second place.

Best Cases for Kindle (8th Generation, 2016)
Best Cases for Kindle (8th Generation, 2016)

The hard shell case has a very slim profile and feels very good in my hand, light, yet strong. It closes securely with an unseen magnetic catch and when opened, turns the Kindle on, a feature that I really like. The cover folds back, maintaining the thin profile, for comfortable one-handed reading. The case also has a nicely designed kickstand, a feature I do not use and which is unimportant to me. The very best feature is the stippled, non-slip exterior that provides a pleasant tactile experience while protecting my new Kindle Paperwhite, critical for a person having a propensity for falling asleep whle reading sitting up in a chair. Already my TAGreat case has kept my Kindle damage free after having been dropped at least a half-dozen times on unforgiving ceramic tile floors. Interiors of both front and back covers are sueded and look and feel good, all the while protecting the screen and Kindle body. Design and appearance are very important to me. OK, I am a picky person, but I take very good care of the things that I own and they, in turn, last a long time. Lastly, the TAGreat came in what turned out to be a wonderful rosy shade of red. Did I mention that all of my Kindle covers have been red so that I could easily locate my reader in the depths of my very large handbags?

The TAGreat Kindle Case arrived in a timely fashion and was well-packaged. It was priced right, is slim, yet light and sturdy,

feels comfortable whether reading with one hand or two, is very well-made and good looking. It performs exactly as promised… even better than. I not only recommend it, I would buy this case again — maybe in another shade of red.

Update: my grand dog, a puppy still, gently took my Kindle off my lap when I had fallen asleep. Later, I found my Kindle with TAGreat case on the floor in another room. Hina had done a number on it, chewing the cover of the case,

completely stripping the sueded lining from the inside front cover. Although I found bits of the red case but no lining, she must have swallowed it. The great news is that my Kindle suffered two tiny indentations on the upper left margin. The rest was still in perfect condition after what was at least an hour of teething by a five-month old black Lab puppy. The TAGreat case is amazing. I have ordered another exactly like the first, in red. You meed this case if you want your Kindle to be bulletproof—or puppy proof. It is without a doubt the very best Kindle case I’ve owned. And I have owned many.

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How to Make a Dog T-shirt

Dog T-shirt

For anyone who is considering making man’s best friend a smart brand-new t-shirt, no matter whether to sport around at the doggy park or simply just to wear casually around the house, making your own pet dog t-shirt is a fun and easy job. Allow me to share the steps to designing a homemade t-shirt that can be accomplished both quickly and, furthermore, at a minimum cost.

Take your dog’s sizings. Start out by measuring around the legs, neck together with chest. Bear in mind a lot of dogs will sooner or later figure out how to “remove” their new sweater or shirt in case the t-shirt is uncomfortable as well as limits their ability to move freely.

Get your materials. You are able to get t-shirt material everywhere. In case you have an old stretchable cotton sheet, it is possible to use this likewise. You could also consider using your personal old t-shirts.

Draw out the basic design for your puppy t-shirt on paper. Very carefully proceed with the measurements you have already taken of your pet dog. Keep in mind that it is very important to allow for larger leg holes and a loose fit in general, particularly since a dog’s bodyweight can fluctuate.

Cut out the pieces based on the pattern, and also sew them together on your sewing machine. Put an elastic band at the top as well as bottom, and around the sleeves.

Print a nice iron-on logo or perhaps your dog’s name, and iron it on to the t-shirt.

Items You have to pick
Sewing machine
Elastic Band

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hand-on Review

I bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935F in Gold from Amazon a week ago.

ceHaW2sXWFcj6A lot of people have asked questions about this particular international version so I’ll answer some of those first. For starters, the one I got was the english edition for the Saudi Arabia market (see attached photos, the guides came in english and arabic). From what I can tell, the phone is the same as any other international edition but with different preinstalled apps. Mine came with a SA region specific app “Shaid” (seems to be a YouTube-esque app in arabic) that I uninstalled and WhatsApp. Other than that the only remaining bloatware was stock Samsung apps (no carrier apps, thank god), the only other thing I noticed that may be region specific is the S Planner app has a “Hijri dates adjustment” setting. Lastly this version ships with a non-us wall charger (aside from the regular stock accessories) shown in my review images. Mine also came with an adapter for use within the U.S., I have tried it and can confirm that it works with fast charging.

This phone also uses a different chipset (manufactured by Samsung, called Exynos 8890) than the U.S. version. Reviews I read noted that the phone was actually optimized for this chipset w/ better performance and battery life than the U.S. Qualcomm counterpart (Google it). In the U.S. version the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip is used to support Verizon and Sprint customers whereas this version only supports GSM carriers.

To preface the review of the actual use of the phone, I have owned the following devices and used them each as a daily driver for at least a months time: Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE, Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, HTC One M8 GPE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P. The Galaxy S7 Edge has been the most delightful experience of the bunch. I won’t go into great detail here but the camera is phenomenal and launches faster than any other phone I’ve owned w/ a double tap of the home button. The camera’s auto focus is super fast and I feel like I’m able to get a capture a lot of moments that my previous phones were too slow to shoot. It’s also nice to be able to change the quick launch apps on the lock screen, I have the dialer and snapchat as mine.

Continuing a theme of high performance this phone is incredibly fast despite powering a QHD resolution screen. Apps are surprisingly quick to load and multitasking is a breeze (I even found some use in the Samsung’s split screen feature). The fingerprint scanner is on par with apple devices (and nexus 6p/5x) although because of it’s non-circular shape I find that I place my finger the wrong way more often. The battery is the best of any device I’ve used as a daily driver, I’ve been able to get through days of heavy usage like today (unplugged from charger at 5:45am, now at 25% at 9:03pm).

The screen is BEAUTIFUL. Not only is it easy to read even in direct sunlight (something I have seen other devices struggle with) but the colors are vibrant and the screen is huge without making the phone too big or bulky. Perfect for watching YouTube videos and browsing instagram.

Lastly a few notes if you buy this phone:

– If you’re not a fan of the stock Samsung launcher you can get the Google Now launcher from the Play Store, it’s the same one used on Nexus devices and feels smoother than Samsung’s launcher.

– This time around Samsung decided to give you bigger icons which drove me nuts, search for “Get more on your Galaxy S7, S6 or Note 5 screen with hidden DPI scaling settings” from Android authority to get a 5th column on the home screen and smaller UI elements.

– “Edge functionality” is just okay. The feature feels a bit less than polished because of the weak offerings in the Samsung app store – I have it turned off.

Edit 4/8/2016: sorry about the quality of the photos of the actual phone – they were shot with the wide angle lens of my GoPro whereas the other images were shot with the S7 Edge.

Edit 4/10/2016: added some higher quality images from my new camera.

Update 5/9/2016: I’ve been using the phone as a daily driver for over a month now. I’m still impressed by the overall gfx smoothness, how fast apps load, and camera performance.

Update 7/25/2016: still in love with this phone. I’m honestly not sure what would compel me to purchase a new phone at this point.. I also rooted the phone and changed the emojis to the iOS 9 set with the Emoji Switcher app from the play store. No more guessing when messaging my iOS friends =)

A lot of commenters have asked which seller I purchased mine from: Wireless Everything.


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