iPad Air 2 User Review: Better Than Any Android Tablets

I am an irrational crusader for all things android. When Google finally dropped the ball with their nexus 9, I finally decided to give the iPad a chance, and boy am I ever surprised at how good the iPad air 2 is. This tablet is well built and designed. It’s light and comfortable to hold and carry around without feeling cumbersome . IOS8 is simple to use, and the screen displays colors rather vibrantly. Most importantly, when compared to the nexus 9 or Samsung’s Galaxy tab S, the iPad air 2 feels faster and and more responsive. I guess there’s really a legitimate reason why apple leads the tablet market -they make great tablets.

ipad-air-2I seriously don’t have a single complaint about this item. I can read my textbooks for school, comics or novels for fun, social media, email, games, movies, etc… I’ve had Android tablets in the past and find their UI to be sufficient but not superb. Utilizing the new A9 processor, fingerprint reader, and beautiful retina screen makes this a decisive victory. I understand full and well the limitations between Android and Apple. Apple locks down the user interface and system from customization while Android allows most all changes; especially after root elevation.

Deciding on what tablet is best for you really comes down to user preferences and the specific functionality required to use the device. If you need to customize your device down to the icons Android is for you. If you just want the device to work and look pretty iOS is for you. If you want a more integrated ecosystem of technological devices in your home, then Apple can deliver that. And that’s because they use the closed-system architecture for all of their devices. They can closely control how and what is communicated from device to device. Whereas Android has a more fragmented system due to the largely innumerable devices on that platform. (Since there are so many different Android systems it’s difficult to integrate them so they communicate easily). Although that has been changing with future Android OS releases. Some other benefits of Android over iOS is you can easily drag and drop music to your device. Whereas with iOS you have to use iTunes. I’m sure this is to combat the theft of music and movies over the internet. I use something called iTunes in the Cloud. On my main computer I purchase and download all of my music, from there it uploads a better quality of the songs to my iCloud account. Now I can access my music on every single iOS or OS X device without having to download it. (You will need wifi though). That’s what I mean about a close-knit ecosystem with iOS and OS X devices. Android offers other services but through 3rd party suppliers like Spotify. Spotify does the same thing with Offline play. That will work across different devices. So like I said it really comes down to the user and what they want to learn how to use.

Another benefit of Apple is that when I receive text messages on my iPhone I can see and respond to them on my iPad. This is due to continuity. If you run Yosemite on your Mac, iOS 8 on your iPad or iPhone, you can share all phone calls and text messages on every device. If somebody calls me I can answer it on my iPad or my iPhone. I can use FaceTime as well or I can dial out an audio call on my iPad. I find this to be a very useful feature that is available because of Apples closed system architecture.

The fingerprint scanner allows for easy open access. I don’t have to input a passcode any more. And it always reads my fingerprint the first time. (Unless of course you have water on your finger tip. Even then sometimes it works really well). This slims down the time to access my apps and files. Also, if you update to iOS 9 there is a new feature that allows you to run multiple apps at once, side by side. I can check my email while working in my notes app. That is super useful so I don’t have to switch in between apps anymore.

The notes app has been updated in iOS9 as well. You can draw with your finger on the screen. Additionally, there are drawing tools like a ruler to draw straight lines. You can also mix together drawings with text input. I drew up a floor plan of my father’s cabin for construction purposes.

The retina screen is by far the best improvement. Since the resolution is so high, every detail really matters. Images look great with both the rear and front facing camera. All in all you won’t be disappointed! Go to your nearest Amazon showroom (Best Buy) and try it out before you buy it!

This is really nice upgrade from previous version of iPad Air, everything was ok in the previous version but the speakers. Speakers sucked in the first iPad Air, me and my wife hated the sound. Even iPad 4th generation had better sound. But I looove the speakers on this one, they are so loud that the whole iPad vibrates. We watch alot of YouTube and other videos so the sound is big deal to us. Screen is really nice, we were glad that it fit in the Belkin case that we used iPad Air. So glad we upgraded.


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