How to Sell Handmade Dog Clothing at Home

Designer Clothes for Dogs
Designer Clothes for Dogs

During the past few years, the trend of “dog fashion” has exploded. Several men and women treat their pet dogs like close relatives. Because of this, we see pet dogs walking down the street in jogging apparel, raincoats, sweaters and even booties. Quite a few well known retailers plus pet supply shops have taken notice of this trend and right now provide family dog clothing and accessories. Having said that, just like people don’t want to buy their entire wardrobe from low-end retailers, they also enjoy having much more selections for their dogs. You can find significant room in this emerging niche industry to turn out to be a dog clothing designer.

Determine which types of items as well as services you will provide. A few dog owners will want custom-made products for their pet dogs. Will you offer this service or maybe will you only sell pre-made apparel? In the event that you decide to go the custom path, you ought to anticipate having customers take their dogs to your home as well as place of business for measurements and fittings. Furthermore consider offering complementary accessories that match your dog clothing, including hair bows, booties, bow ties and so on.

Drawing out the designs you will offer. These drawings do not need to be perfect since they will be used just for your reference, however they need to adequately convey the design and style of the clothes. It is possible to have as several different designs whenever you like or maybe you can begin with just one or maybe two staples and modify them by using different materials and embellishments.

Select or make patterns for your designs. Patterns are used to re-create a specific design as many times as necessary. In the event that you do not have pattern creation working experience, you possibly can use pre-made patterns as well as adjust them to match the needs of your design. Pet dog clothing patterns are available at most fabric or craft shops.

Select fabrics and accessories for every single design that you have made. Your individual fabric choices need to reflect the utility along with functionality of each dress. As an example, when you are making a dog raincoat, select a waterproof material like vinyl or oil cloth. Use the highest-quality materials you are able to find that no longer break your budget.

Make samples of your current designs. In case you are not creating custom pieces exclusively, it is best to have sample collections to show potential clients. Cut out your fabric using your pattern and also sew the pieces together. Iron your garments after sewing to give them a crisp, polished appearance.

Promote your products. In the event that you are working exclusively out of your home as well as not using some other sales platform, you could possibly host dog fashion “trunk shows” in your house. A trunk show consists of a designer showing and selling their items to an audience. Generally, selections are sold at these shows and orders are taken for items that run out of stock. You can even create a list for your items and send it home with trunk show members or mail it to residents in your community. In case you wish to sell your items to retail shops and stores, you might need a product sheet for your series. A product sheet includes a color picture of each piece, and also a description of the item, materials and even price. Never ever simply just show up at a store and try to sell your line. Get in touch with first and ask to talk with the owner or buyer. Make clear your business and even indicate that you wish to set up a meeting for the purpose of acquiring the store carry your collection. Supply to send your product sheet before hand.

Besides trunk shows and store sales, think of selling your clothing on the web through an e-commerce webpage. They have the opportunity of reaching a large amount of clients and also can significantly increase your sales. In the event that you don’t have any knowledge with setting up a website, employ a web designer to perform this support for you personally.

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