Best Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

You love your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It takes your pictures, captures your videos and lets you watch all those hilarious cat videos your friend keeps posting on Facebook. No matter how you use it, it’s an investment; both monetarily and in life. So it should go without saying that protecting your investment is extremely important.

Rugged Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

My old case was more of a softer rubber inside, with a hard plastic outer case. These newer cases seem to have moved away from that and are a little firmer rubber as the outer case.

Initially there was a problem (orange washout) when taking flash pictures. I’ve had this problem with other phones/cases. I took a black permanent marker and blacked out the camera window. That solved the problem. Not sure how long the ink will stay, so I may have to periodically have to black it out. This is an orange case. I bought a different manufacturer case as a backup, green, and it had green washout – i blacked it out as well.

The button access do take a little harder push to operate, ie if you use one hand to click the power button you may change a volume key on the other side. not a big deal in my opinion. The access ports on the bottom actually act as small plugs to keep dust out. They are firm to pull back (possibly b/c they are new) so to plug in power you almost have to do 2 handed. Some people may cut these off immediately. Up to you. They are a close fit but will work with original power plugs (haven’t tried headset yet). I had 2 thick housed aftermarket charging cords that I took a razor knife to trim the plug housing, cords fit with no problem.

The case really was a pleasant surprise, I didn’t have very high expectations with the low price tag. However what I received was a very high quality phone case that has bested cases I have purchased in the past from the big names (Griffin, Pelican, OtterBox, etc.). This case is hard plastic, yet still flexible enough to get your phone in and out simply enough without too much effort. The inside is a rubber mesh, so it protects the back of the phone from both impact and potential scratches. It also came with a tempered glass screen protector that, thus far has made me almost want to put a screen protector on my screen protector :). I say this because it almost feels like the actual screen itself, amazing HD resolution passes through the screen protector and it has rounded edges perfect for the swipe gesture functions of the new iOS systems. The only concern I have with this case is this: the tab that holds the seal for the headphone jack is very small, time will tell if it eventually wears out. So far however the case is going strong with a 5 star recommendation. If you want to buy this case, simply click:

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