iPhone SE Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Phone Case Charger Back Cover

Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Case For iPhone SE
Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Case For iPhone SE

I ordered this iPhone SE Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Phone Case not knowing much about it and I’m glad I did. This charging pad, along with the charging case for the iPhone have worked wonders for me. It is very simple to use. All you have to do is connect the wireless pad to a usb port (or connect to electrical cubes like the ones for iPhone) and it’ll be on. Once that is established, you can attach the phone case to your phone and simply place the phone with the case on top of the pad. Once on top, try to set it in the middle, and it’ll light up in blue (see picture I uploaded) and that’s when you know that your phone is being charged.

It is very simple to set up and it makes it very convenient to use. You literally just have to place it down on the pad and pick it up. The charging of the iPhone is fairly quick. I wouldn’t say that it chargers as fast as a cable, but it may take 5 minutes longer to charge completely. Again, not that much of a difference compared to the added convenience of it.

This case is compatible with the GM vehicle wireless charging mat (found in Cadillac, GMC, etc automobiles) this case is compatible. That functionality was important to me, and I tried several other cases first which did not work. If you have a a GM car with the charging mat – this is the one to get.

The case itself – is ok. Could be much better. Protection is average with a rubber material surrounding the outer edges. The however the back of the case is very smooth (almost slippery). If you place the case on a flat surface it will slide very easily.

I want it to be noted that there is also a pad that you can connect to your iPhone if you don’t want to have to put the case on. It goes in the charging hole and it works equally as well.

Overall, the product was great. I thought that it works well and I think that it’s a cool product to have. Your friends are definitely going to wish they had one.

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