iPhone 6S Review: Perhaps the last smart phone I’ll ever need

A iPhone is not just an iPhone… Its an iPhone for a very I-mportant reason…

When comparing the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s, most persons look at the surface and notice it looks the same. However, its the inside that really counts, and thats what we are interested in as users. The camera has made significant improvements. I have both a iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, both 128gb. Although the iPhone 6s has a smaller battery than the 6, it lasts about the same. I only wish they had a installed a bigger battery in the newer generation than a smaller one, however certain hardware improvements allowed for this device to be more power saving.

The first smart phone I ever owned was an iPhone 4. It was a piece of garbage. The second I owned was a 5c. It was a vast improvement, but in my old age it’s starting to hurt my eyes to squint at a tiny screen. Recently I decided to bite the bullet and for once in my life buy the current version of a smart phone (perhaps the last time I ever do this?). I don’t plan to buy another phone again unless this one breaks, because it does everything I always wanted a smart phone to do.

My requirements for this phone were actually pretty modest compared to many I’m sure. I won’t use it for writing (I have a Windows laptop for that). I won’t use it primarily at home for web surfing, shopping, or game playing (I have an iPad Mini for that). I plan to simply load it up with my entire music library (around 60 gigs worth), and use it to play music, check my bank balance and Kickstarters, keep up with important messages, call for a ride now and then, and maybe check the weather, the news, or play a few games on the go.

I checked out the 6s and the 6s Plus at an Apple store because I wanted to make sure they felt right before pouring my hard-earned money into a phone. The 6s Plus is way too big to fit into my pocket comfortably, and is so large that you truly should just buy an iPad mini if you need it for use around the home primarily. The 6s on the other hand hits the Goldilocks spot. The first iPhones were too small, the Plus is too big, and this model…just right.

Right now it’s 7:45pm and I got up at around 6:30am. The phone is still at 84% battery life. That’s darn impressive. With the touch ID it wake instantly (slight inconvenience of learning to use the sleep button to wake it if you just want to check the time). The screen is absolutely gorgeous and really cuts down on eyestrain. I personally set the brightness quite low (again to prevent eyestrain and save battery life). I also like to leave Blutooth off as I hate Blutooth and it’s batttery drain as well. I do leave Siri engaged however because with it always on for once it’s actually useful.

The device is lightning fast and liquid smooth. Performance is absolutely outstanding. But this alone isn’t what makes the device great. It’s little things like the sleep button which is much easier to hold to shut down the device than previous iPhones, or thin but solid design that’s beautifully smooth (I’d recommend buying a case just because it would suck to shatter the screen on a device that costs triple what my laptop did). There’s some games I’ve loved using on previous devices (Hearthstone, Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Zen Pinball) that take on new life on this device because it has ample space to install them, a big enough screen that they don’t feel cramped, and gorgeous color that makes them come to life. In general the speed and signal are quite good, but calls tend to have accidental button dialing due to my face (previous iPhones did this as well). At least the calls don’t constantly drop or hang up like they did on the iPhone 4.

If you are an Android fan this phone is a waste of time because you’re already invested in another ecosystem. If you are an Apple user this device is wonderful. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a recent phone who doesn’t need a big screen, but if previous phones were too small for you and you like Apple (and especially if you are using a device pre-iPhone 5) this device is a wonderful upgrade.

The 3D touch in my opinion, is a bit far fetched and gimmick idea, however I guess later on when more developers use this feature then it may be useful, at current I honestly prefer to open my apps and use them as regular as I’ve not grown to see the need for this 3D touch. Its a pretty cool feature though I must add, but I don’t fancy having to apply that much pressure to my touchscreen. Having opted to have the 3D touch over a bigger battery is debatable, as it may be seen as a bad decision.

Apart from the obvious improved hardware features I can debate them not having any physical improvements apart from the S at the back, or the addition of the PINK aka rose gold…it isn’t rose gold. I would have loved to purchase that colour because it was a new addition, but it wasnt the colour they said… Apple should call it DUSTY PINK….

Sometimes consumers want something to separate having the old from the new, its part of spending the amount on a premium item. I cannot tell the difference between my iPhone 6 or 6s at first glance, the only thing that sets them apart is the S at the back. Apple has clearly lost the physical innovation ideas, or they are simply comfortable with having the number one premium item, however other brand are quickly approaching that premium feel.

I don’t intend to buy anymore phones after this one because I finally have a phone that will play all of my music, and I have enough games to play to last a lifetime. This should make a fitting final phone. But wait…didn’t I say that with the 5c?

All in all, its a good upgrade if you feel the desire to have the latest apple device. However if its unnecessary, I would never recommend moving from the iPhone 6 to 6S. AT the moment the changes are so minuet that its not really noticeable to me as a user.

However, if you don’t have an iPhone 6, the 6s is a amazing purchase…..

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