Best Screen Protector for iPhone 6S Plus/ iPhone 6 Plus

I spent under $20 at for a gel case and this screen protector for my Iphone 6s+ back in December of 2015. Installation of glass protector 1 was easy and painless thanks to the well explained instructions. More importantly, after I recently dropped my phone on the pavement? The protector cracked leaving the phone screen itself unscathed. Small ding and razor thin, 2 inch fracture. More of a slight eyesore than inconvenience. Touch still worked fine. Now where the heck did I put that extra screen protector? Yep, take note because you got two protectors in this deal! Found the extra this weekend and immediately removed the busted protector in oh…I don’t know…3 minutes tops? Pry up the edge with like your fingernail, then use a credit card to gently pry up the rest. It cracked further of course due to the existing stress fractures but still came off in one piece. (See photo.) Wow…zero residue on the phone screen. How do they do that? Iphone screen was in perfect condition. Next, clean and dry phone screen with the two included wipes in the kit, remove adhesive from protector, align and drop. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Back in business! Impressive product. Just ordered second set in case a mishap happens again.  This screen protector is also available on here:  White:, Black:

Nillkin Full Coverage Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6S Plus
Nillkin Full Coverage Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6S Plus

This screen protector has proven to be the most useful and worthwhile accessory for my newly purchased iPhone 6s Plus. I had bought the iPhone 6s Plus on a Black Friday deal and immediately was searching for a tempered glass screen protector. I saw the reviews for amFilm screen protector and decided to go for it because they come in pack of two for the price of one. The installation was super easy and I had no problems protecting my new phone with the glass protector. I was outdoor in the mountains for the holidays playing with the kids and one of them lightly threw a stone at me for fun while I was clicking pictures on my phone, It hit directly on my screen and bam, the screen cracked. I was terrified by the sight of it and thought the phone screen underneath was damaged. Since I was out of town and would take a week to go back and get the screen checked at a store, I didn’t want to remove the screen protector. I used the phone like that for a week thinking about the screen underneath every time I looked at my phone. Meanwhile my phone dropped once more on a concrete floor face down and the screen had more cracks with the downfall. I was casual about it, since the screen already had an accident with three deep holes and cracks on it. After I reached home, I removed the screen protector praying all the while for the screen to be safe after two crashes. Voila, then came the moment of joy and happiness when eventually I saw no scratches or residues left whatsoever on the screen. Yes, my iPhone 6s Plus screen was as brand new and survived two bad accidents on its screen. All thanks to the amFilm tempered glass screen protector. Immediately, I installed the second screen protector and decided to order another pair. The screen protector was worth every penny I spent on it and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality product, needless to mention the importance of it. I am attaching the photos of the screen protector I removed after the crashes.

Best iPhone Screen Protectors -
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