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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: An Iconic Phone

Wow. A snappy and beautifully crafted Note series phone from Samsung.

I had a chance to play around with Note 7 today.

Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Some people watch the flights of birds, and others watch for the nocturnal appearances of the groundhog. For me, the annual marker is the Samsung Note. It is the only phone that captured my prolonged attention after Blackberry dropped off a precipice. Seeking to get all of its phones on the same numbering scheme, Samsung skipped the Note 6 and named this one the Note 7. I returned last year’ Note 5 because in the end I could not forgive some of the features that were jettisoned. T-Mobile is GSM, and therefore “an international phone.” I preordered to take advantage of Samsung’s incentives, and received mine on August 23, 2016.

Once again, the beagle has landed, metaphorically. The Galaxy Note 7, like its outgoing sibling, features a pleasing amalgamation of glass and aluminum that pronounces it an undeniably premium device. It feels glossy and svelte in the hands. Its apparent fragility is worrisome, but for all that, the phone does feel great. This is the first – glory be – waterproof/dustproof Note. It features the new Gorilla Glass 5 which is allegedly more difficult to break, though l have declined to put that to the test for the nonce. The Note 7’s 5.7 inch AMOLED screen manages to convey the impression of having smaller dimensions while maintaining the same screen size as its predecessor. Note screens have always been best in class, and this one does not disappoint. The new screen curves around the edges of the phone, permitting access to shortcuts along the curvature at each spine, and there is no perfectly flat variant as before. It is not a feature that I see myself using frequently. Colors are rich and pop.

The fingerprint scanner returns. Brand new this time around is an iris scanner in the front-facing camera. During set up, a warning that the use of lens or eyeglasses could impact the iris scanner appears. I still prefer the fingerprint scanner, as there is an annoying delay in using the iris scanner. The design of the phone is aesthetically pleasing, none-the-least of which are the placement of the SIM card and micro SD slots at the top of the phone, along with a mic. Minor annoyance: the SIM/micro USB slot must be pried open with a provided tool. The headphone jack, USB port and speaker are at the bottom of the phone. The faux leather back of the Notes 3 and 4 are greatly missed; the new coverings are as pretty as they are impractical, and collect smudges and fingerprints with reckless abandon. The 12 megapixel camera is impressive – not necessarily because of its specs but – because of its superb performance in low light conditions. In short, the camera is the best that I have ever used on a mobile phone.

USB Type-C adorns the charging port. Old chargers will not work, unless equipped with an adaptor that comes in the box. Type C offers the advantage of fitting, regardless of which way one inserts its head. Also new is the flip gesture that can change switch the camera to the selfie mode. The 3,500 mAh battery has so far lasted an entire day in the regular mode. The nomenclature for the power saving mode has changed, with a “mid” and a “max” mode. At the “mid” power saving mode, the phone lasted 1.5 days with moderate to heavy use; a herculean feat. The battery beats the Note 5’s 3000 mAh battery handily, yet plays second fiddle to the S7 Edge’s 3600 mAh battery.. With 4GB of RAM, the Note 7 fairly zips along with nary a hint of a lag. The Note 7 now comes only with a 64GB variant for internal storage, but – in a welcome departure from the Note 5 – has brought back the ability to use a micro SD card for more storage. The S Pen has equally been improved, with a thinner tip. The sometimes overlapping notation apps have now been amalgamated into a single cohesive Notes app.

Similar to the Note 5 and even the Note 4 whose software was updated recently, notes can still be taken when the phone screen is off. New, this time around, is that those notes can be pinned to the “always on the display” along with battery level, time and date. The ability to make animated GIFs, i.e. to “Smart Select” a targeted portion of a video and edit it is likely to be an instant hit. The S Pen can also now offers magnification and translation of text. The translation feature has great potential, as it can translate to any language in a fast, convenient way. Items stored in an available “security” folder keeps those private files quarantined from a potentially jealous spouse or curious kid taking a break from playing Angry Birds. As in the outgoing Note 5, Samsung’s Touchwiz is now minimalistic. New, and welcome is a blue light filter turns the screen to a softer, more palatable hue at night.

As in most things, I prefer the color black, although the phone is available in several colors that I shall deem a rapper’s delight, namely: Titanium Silver, Coral Blue and Gold Platinum. The black variant is entirely black, front to back, with silver letterings.

On the Con side: Once upon a time, with each successive release of the Note came newer features. That seemed to plateau with the Note 5. The Note 7 still has a non-removable battery. Like the Note 5, it also lacks the IR blaster – indispensable for using the phone as a remote – that its predecessors had. Even at this early date, the phone is displaying a tendency to scratch easily. At $850, it costs an arm, an ear, and most of the tibia.

Summary: The Note 7 avoids some of the mistakes of the Note 5 by bringing back a Micro SD slot. It remains the best phablet on the market because it is the only one that makes software specifically aimed at capitalizing its larger screen. It is still not a perfect phone, as a removable battery is still not an option, and the IR blaster that was a staple of yesteryears remains eliminated. Equally surprising was the fact that the Note 7’s battery is actually 100 mAh less than its more diminutive cousin, the S7 Edge. This is the first time that the Note’s battery specs are smaller than any other in Samsung’s line up.

N.B. Pictures and video are coming, once I figure out where and how to set up shop.


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iPad Air 2 User Review: Better Than Any Android Tablets

I am an irrational crusader for all things android. When Google finally dropped the ball with their nexus 9, I finally decided to give the iPad a chance, and boy am I ever surprised at how good the iPad air 2 is. This tablet is well built and designed. It’s light and comfortable to hold and carry around without feeling cumbersome . IOS8 is simple to use, and the screen displays colors rather vibrantly. Most importantly, when compared to the nexus 9 or Samsung’s Galaxy tab S, the iPad air 2 feels faster and and more responsive. I guess there’s really a legitimate reason why apple leads the tablet market -they make great tablets.

ipad-air-2I seriously don’t have a single complaint about this item. I can read my textbooks for school, comics or novels for fun, social media, email, games, movies, etc… I’ve had Android tablets in the past and find their UI to be sufficient but not superb. Utilizing the new A9 processor, fingerprint reader, and beautiful retina screen makes this a decisive victory. I understand full and well the limitations between Android and Apple. Apple locks down the user interface and system from customization while Android allows most all changes; especially after root elevation.

Deciding on what tablet is best for you really comes down to user preferences and the specific functionality required to use the device. If you need to customize your device down to the icons Android is for you. If you just want the device to work and look pretty iOS is for you. If you want a more integrated ecosystem of technological devices in your home, then Apple can deliver that. And that’s because they use the closed-system architecture for all of their devices. They can closely control how and what is communicated from device to device. Whereas Android has a more fragmented system due to the largely innumerable devices on that platform. (Since there are so many different Android systems it’s difficult to integrate them so they communicate easily). Although that has been changing with future Android OS releases. Some other benefits of Android over iOS is you can easily drag and drop music to your device. Whereas with iOS you have to use iTunes. I’m sure this is to combat the theft of music and movies over the internet. I use something called iTunes in the Cloud. On my main computer I purchase and download all of my music, from there it uploads a better quality of the songs to my iCloud account. Now I can access my music on every single iOS or OS X device without having to download it. (You will need wifi though). That’s what I mean about a close-knit ecosystem with iOS and OS X devices. Android offers other services but through 3rd party suppliers like Spotify. Spotify does the same thing with Offline play. That will work across different devices. So like I said it really comes down to the user and what they want to learn how to use.

Another benefit of Apple is that when I receive text messages on my iPhone I can see and respond to them on my iPad. This is due to continuity. If you run Yosemite on your Mac, iOS 8 on your iPad or iPhone, you can share all phone calls and text messages on every device. If somebody calls me I can answer it on my iPad or my iPhone. I can use FaceTime as well or I can dial out an audio call on my iPad. I find this to be a very useful feature that is available because of Apples closed system architecture.

The fingerprint scanner allows for easy open access. I don’t have to input a passcode any more. And it always reads my fingerprint the first time. (Unless of course you have water on your finger tip. Even then sometimes it works really well). This slims down the time to access my apps and files. Also, if you update to iOS 9 there is a new feature that allows you to run multiple apps at once, side by side. I can check my email while working in my notes app. That is super useful so I don’t have to switch in between apps anymore.

The notes app has been updated in iOS9 as well. You can draw with your finger on the screen. Additionally, there are drawing tools like a ruler to draw straight lines. You can also mix together drawings with text input. I drew up a floor plan of my father’s cabin for construction purposes.

The retina screen is by far the best improvement. Since the resolution is so high, every detail really matters. Images look great with both the rear and front facing camera. All in all you won’t be disappointed! Go to your nearest Amazon showroom (Best Buy) and try it out before you buy it!

This is really nice upgrade from previous version of iPad Air, everything was ok in the previous version but the speakers. Speakers sucked in the first iPad Air, me and my wife hated the sound. Even iPad 4th generation had better sound. But I looove the speakers on this one, they are so loud that the whole iPad vibrates. We watch alot of YouTube and other videos so the sound is big deal to us. Screen is really nice, we were glad that it fit in the Belkin case that we used iPad Air. So glad we upgraded.


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How to Sell Handmade Dog Clothing at Home

Designer Clothes for Dogs
Designer Clothes for Dogs

During the past few years, the trend of “dog fashion” has exploded. Several men and women treat their pet dogs like close relatives. Because of this, we see pet dogs walking down the street in jogging apparel, raincoats, sweaters and even booties. Quite a few well known retailers plus pet supply shops have taken notice of this trend and right now provide family dog clothing and accessories. Having said that, just like people don’t want to buy their entire wardrobe from low-end retailers, they also enjoy having much more selections for their dogs. You can find significant room in this emerging niche industry to turn out to be a dog clothing designer.

Determine which types of items as well as services you will provide. A few dog owners will want custom-made products for their pet dogs. Will you offer this service or maybe will you only sell pre-made apparel? In the event that you decide to go the custom path, you ought to anticipate having customers take their dogs to your home as well as place of business for measurements and fittings. Furthermore consider offering complementary accessories that match your dog clothing, including hair bows, booties, bow ties and so on.

Drawing out the designs you will offer. These drawings do not need to be perfect since they will be used just for your reference, however they need to adequately convey the design and style of the clothes. It is possible to have as several different designs whenever you like or maybe you can begin with just one or maybe two staples and modify them by using different materials and embellishments.

Select or make patterns for your designs. Patterns are used to re-create a specific design as many times as necessary. In the event that you do not have pattern creation working experience, you possibly can use pre-made patterns as well as adjust them to match the needs of your design. Pet dog clothing patterns are available at most fabric or craft shops.

Select fabrics and accessories for every single design that you have made. Your individual fabric choices need to reflect the utility along with functionality of each dress. As an example, when you are making a dog raincoat, select a waterproof material like vinyl or oil cloth. Use the highest-quality materials you are able to find that no longer break your budget.

Make samples of your current designs. In case you are not creating custom pieces exclusively, it is best to have sample collections to show potential clients. Cut out your fabric using your pattern and also sew the pieces together. Iron your garments after sewing to give them a crisp, polished appearance.

Promote your products. In the event that you are working exclusively out of your home as well as not using some other sales platform, you could possibly host dog fashion “trunk shows” in your house. A trunk show consists of a designer showing and selling their items to an audience. Generally, selections are sold at these shows and orders are taken for items that run out of stock. You can even create a list for your items and send it home with trunk show members or mail it to residents in your community. In case you wish to sell your items to retail shops and stores, you might need a product sheet for your series. A product sheet includes a color picture of each piece, and also a description of the item, materials and even price. Never ever simply just show up at a store and try to sell your line. Get in touch with first and ask to talk with the owner or buyer. Make clear your business and even indicate that you wish to set up a meeting for the purpose of acquiring the store carry your collection. Supply to send your product sheet before hand.

Besides trunk shows and store sales, think of selling your clothing on the web through an e-commerce webpage. They have the opportunity of reaching a large amount of clients and also can significantly increase your sales. In the event that you don’t have any knowledge with setting up a website, employ a web designer to perform this support for you personally.

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How to Clean Pet Dog Toys

How to Clean Dog Toys
How to Clean Dog Toys

Every now and then, most dog toys should be cleaned. After days of being chewed plus carried around the home and outdoors, they get dirty. Washing off germs and bacteria will keep your pet dog healthy, the dog toys looking better and also your home cleaner.

Part 1
Gather all of your dog’s toys from all-around the house as well as soft plush toys, vinyl, plastic as well as bones. Look under sofas, tables and furniture. Go outside and collect toys that are hidden under decks, trees and bushes.

Part 1
Part 1

Part 2
Sort the pet toys into groups. Put all plush, fabric along with cloth toys into a washing basket. Put all vinyl, plastic, rubber along with nylon toys in a mop bucket. Put all natural bones in the kitchen sink. Throw away any toys which are busted, torn or have small parts hanging loose. They may pose a choking hazard.

Part 2
Part 2

Part 3
Fill up the mop bucket using warm water. Add 0.5 cup of chlorine bleach to the bucket and also let the toys soak in the bleach water solution. Soon after they have soaked for at least Half an hour, use the scrub brush for you to loosen any dirt. Dump the bucket of bleach water, and replenish with clean, clear hot water. Now let the toys soak one more Thirty minutes. Take out the toys from the bucket, as well as hand-rinse each toy under a faucet. Make sure no smell of bleach is remaining on the toys. Let the dog toys to dry on a towel ahead of giving them back to your furry friend.

Part 3
Part 3

Part 4
Employ the scrub brush plus hot water to help clean the natural bones in the bowl. Loosen any mud or dirt from outdoor play. Never use any chemical cleaners on natural bones. Let the bones to dry on a towel previous to giving them to your pet.

Part 4
Part 4

Part 5
Start up a load of laundry for your plush together with fabric dog toys. Select the hot water wash, and a partial load if perhaps you do not have lots of dog toys. Add your laundry detergent before the toys so they do not absorb all the soap. Put a small amount of bleach to the water. Right after the wash cycle is complete, place the dog toys into the dryer on the hottest drying cycle. This may help kill any germs and also bacteria on the pet toys.

Part 5
Part 5

Items That’s required

  • Washer
  • Scrub brush
  • Dryer
  • Kitchen sink
  • Laundry basket
  • Warm water
  • Bleach Towels
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Best Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

You love your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It takes your pictures, captures your videos and lets you watch all those hilarious cat videos your friend keeps posting on Facebook. No matter how you use it, it’s an investment; both monetarily and in life. So it should go without saying that protecting your investment is extremely important.

Rugged Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

My old case was more of a softer rubber inside, with a hard plastic outer case. These newer cases seem to have moved away from that and are a little firmer rubber as the outer case.

Initially there was a problem (orange washout) when taking flash pictures. I’ve had this problem with other phones/cases. I took a black permanent marker and blacked out the camera window. That solved the problem. Not sure how long the ink will stay, so I may have to periodically have to black it out. This is an orange case. I bought a different manufacturer case as a backup, green, and it had green washout – i blacked it out as well.

The button access do take a little harder push to operate, ie if you use one hand to click the power button you may change a volume key on the other side. not a big deal in my opinion. The access ports on the bottom actually act as small plugs to keep dust out. They are firm to pull back (possibly b/c they are new) so to plug in power you almost have to do 2 handed. Some people may cut these off immediately. Up to you. They are a close fit but will work with original power plugs (haven’t tried headset yet). I had 2 thick housed aftermarket charging cords that I took a razor knife to trim the plug housing, cords fit with no problem.

The case really was a pleasant surprise, I didn’t have very high expectations with the low price tag. However what I received was a very high quality phone case that has bested cases I have purchased in the past from the big names (Griffin, Pelican, OtterBox, etc.). This case is hard plastic, yet still flexible enough to get your phone in and out simply enough without too much effort. The inside is a rubber mesh, so it protects the back of the phone from both impact and potential scratches. It also came with a tempered glass screen protector that, thus far has made me almost want to put a screen protector on my screen protector :). I say this because it almost feels like the actual screen itself, amazing HD resolution passes through the screen protector and it has rounded edges perfect for the swipe gesture functions of the new iOS systems. The only concern I have with this case is this: the tab that holds the seal for the headphone jack is very small, time will tell if it eventually wears out. So far however the case is going strong with a 5 star recommendation. If you want to buy this case, simply click:

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How to Sell Dog Clothes Online

Dog Clothes
Dog Clothes

If you happen to focus on making dog clothes, you have the suitable Internet product. Though there may not be many people in your immediate physical area that dress their dogs in couture clothes, outfit them in matching sweaters or gear them up according to the weather conditions, there are literally thousands of these people online trying to find the latest look for their pooch. To be able to sell dog clothes on the internet, you just need to know how to reach these people.

Consider exactly who your customers will be. You might desire to target males, females, children as well as adults. You can specialize in girl dog clothes or maybe teacup-size dresses for chihuahuas. Usually do not rule out any potential customers, however be as specific as possible when you are planning on your target market. It can help you advertise your dog clothes effectively.

Figure out whether or not you will keep the clothes in stock. Several people simple promote items that they after that drop ship to the buyers. This means that when you get an order for a pair of dog rain boots, you forward that order to the supplier who pays you, ships the item as well as generally collects payment from the buyer. This really is a very easy way to work online. On the other hand, you can often make more money in case you buy the clothes, then sell, package and ship them by yourself. However , if you miscalculate you could end up with overstock problems.

Take photographs of your stock. You have to have lots of pictures of your goods available. The easiest way to do this is to take pictures of the clothes on and off a model using a photographic camera. The better quality your photographs are and the more detail you show, the better your products will do online simply because Internet buyers like to get a really good idea of what they are buying before they commit.

Start on eBay and also other auction sites. Several websites–eBay being the most widely used –will let you submit items for sale on the site and also let people bid on them. Everybody benefits, as the buyers can find lots of unique items, you could sell your things excluding to maintain your own website and the website either profits from listing fees, advertising or maybe both.

Take into account setting up your own website. You will find some major advantages as well as disadvantages to this. This kind of website can require serious maintenance, nevertheless you also can get much more exposure if you use it correctly. In the event you do not already have a great deal of Web marketing experience, then seek advice from a Web designer and also an Internet marketer just before you take this step.

Promote your product. It is possible to do this by posting links to your items for sale on dog forums, spending money on on and offline advertising as well as coupons in circulars along with by writing posts about your clothing items and posting them in cost-free web directories for people to read in hopes that they will be interested and visit your Online sales websites.

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Led Light Up Dog Collar

Led Light Up Pet Dog Safety Collar

Made of high grade, shatterproof Lexan polycarbonate, the Connect Case is slim, lightweight, durable, and practical. It offers serious protection from every day wear and tear, dependable shock-absorption, and a unique design that keeps your iPhone’s features accessible at all times. The top easily opens and snaps securely closed with an innovative flex-hinge design. Its slim construction allows “dock ability.” Included with the case is the removable Connect Clip that allows you to conveniently attach your phone to pockets, straps, or belts. It also comes with a carry clip and a custom sized, anti-fingerprint clear screen protector. Available in a range of eye-catching colors with soft-touch feel and a positive diamond grip pattern, the Connect Case gives you the protection you need for your iPhone and the slim-line design that accentuates its coolness.

  • Available in translucent colors smoke grey clear translucent blue orange lime and pink
  • High strength shatterproof Lexan polycarbonate case construction with positive diamond grip
  • Comes with a convenient carry clip and a custom sized anti-fingerprint clear screen protector
  • Flexible light-up polymer core with red Led surrounded by strong orange nylon webbing
  • Weather resistant enclosed switch

I desired a way for vehicle drivers to see my dog when we walk in our rural area at night (off leash). I anticipated the light would be super bright, but it is only moderately bright. Thus, it does serve to allow me to quickly assess the dog’s location as headlights appear on the horizon, but I don’t believe it enables the drivers to see the dog very well. I consider this product acceptable, but not as bright as other reviews have indicated. I got the small size, so maybe the larger ones produce more light than does mine.

After using this Led Pet Dog Safety Collar for about a year the brightness had dropped off significantly. I installed a new battery and WOW what a difference. I am now upgrading my review to 5 stars. This is the product I wanted in the first place and now I have it. I rate the overall experience as 4-stars since the collar didn’t come with a strong battery in the first place, but I will give them the benefit of the the doubt and just write that off as a one-off situation. I think you will be happy with this product and if not consider changing the batter sooner rather than later.

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iPhone SE Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Phone Case Charger Back Cover

Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Case For iPhone SE
Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Case For iPhone SE

I ordered this iPhone SE Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Phone Case not knowing much about it and I’m glad I did. This charging pad, along with the charging case for the iPhone have worked wonders for me. It is very simple to use. All you have to do is connect the wireless pad to a usb port (or connect to electrical cubes like the ones for iPhone) and it’ll be on. Once that is established, you can attach the phone case to your phone and simply place the phone with the case on top of the pad. Once on top, try to set it in the middle, and it’ll light up in blue (see picture I uploaded) and that’s when you know that your phone is being charged.

It is very simple to set up and it makes it very convenient to use. You literally just have to place it down on the pad and pick it up. The charging of the iPhone is fairly quick. I wouldn’t say that it chargers as fast as a cable, but it may take 5 minutes longer to charge completely. Again, not that much of a difference compared to the added convenience of it.

This case is compatible with the GM vehicle wireless charging mat (found in Cadillac, GMC, etc automobiles) this case is compatible. That functionality was important to me, and I tried several other cases first which did not work. If you have a a GM car with the charging mat – this is the one to get.

The case itself – is ok. Could be much better. Protection is average with a rubber material surrounding the outer edges. The however the back of the case is very smooth (almost slippery). If you place the case on a flat surface it will slide very easily.

I want it to be noted that there is also a pad that you can connect to your iPhone if you don’t want to have to put the case on. It goes in the charging hole and it works equally as well.

Overall, the product was great. I thought that it works well and I think that it’s a cool product to have. Your friends are definitely going to wish they had one.

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iPhone 6S Review: Perhaps the last smart phone I’ll ever need

A iPhone is not just an iPhone… Its an iPhone for a very I-mportant reason…

When comparing the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s, most persons look at the surface and notice it looks the same. However, its the inside that really counts, and thats what we are interested in as users. The camera has made significant improvements. I have both a iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, both 128gb. Although the iPhone 6s has a smaller battery than the 6, it lasts about the same. I only wish they had a installed a bigger battery in the newer generation than a smaller one, however certain hardware improvements allowed for this device to be more power saving.

The first smart phone I ever owned was an iPhone 4. It was a piece of garbage. The second I owned was a 5c. It was a vast improvement, but in my old age it’s starting to hurt my eyes to squint at a tiny screen. Recently I decided to bite the bullet and for once in my life buy the current version of a smart phone (perhaps the last time I ever do this?). I don’t plan to buy another phone again unless this one breaks, because it does everything I always wanted a smart phone to do.

My requirements for this phone were actually pretty modest compared to many I’m sure. I won’t use it for writing (I have a Windows laptop for that). I won’t use it primarily at home for web surfing, shopping, or game playing (I have an iPad Mini for that). I plan to simply load it up with my entire music library (around 60 gigs worth), and use it to play music, check my bank balance and Kickstarters, keep up with important messages, call for a ride now and then, and maybe check the weather, the news, or play a few games on the go.

I checked out the 6s and the 6s Plus at an Apple store because I wanted to make sure they felt right before pouring my hard-earned money into a phone. The 6s Plus is way too big to fit into my pocket comfortably, and is so large that you truly should just buy an iPad mini if you need it for use around the home primarily. The 6s on the other hand hits the Goldilocks spot. The first iPhones were too small, the Plus is too big, and this model…just right.

Right now it’s 7:45pm and I got up at around 6:30am. The phone is still at 84% battery life. That’s darn impressive. With the touch ID it wake instantly (slight inconvenience of learning to use the sleep button to wake it if you just want to check the time). The screen is absolutely gorgeous and really cuts down on eyestrain. I personally set the brightness quite low (again to prevent eyestrain and save battery life). I also like to leave Blutooth off as I hate Blutooth and it’s batttery drain as well. I do leave Siri engaged however because with it always on for once it’s actually useful.

The device is lightning fast and liquid smooth. Performance is absolutely outstanding. But this alone isn’t what makes the device great. It’s little things like the sleep button which is much easier to hold to shut down the device than previous iPhones, or thin but solid design that’s beautifully smooth (I’d recommend buying a case just because it would suck to shatter the screen on a device that costs triple what my laptop did). There’s some games I’ve loved using on previous devices (Hearthstone, Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Zen Pinball) that take on new life on this device because it has ample space to install them, a big enough screen that they don’t feel cramped, and gorgeous color that makes them come to life. In general the speed and signal are quite good, but calls tend to have accidental button dialing due to my face (previous iPhones did this as well). At least the calls don’t constantly drop or hang up like they did on the iPhone 4.

If you are an Android fan this phone is a waste of time because you’re already invested in another ecosystem. If you are an Apple user this device is wonderful. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a recent phone who doesn’t need a big screen, but if previous phones were too small for you and you like Apple (and especially if you are using a device pre-iPhone 5) this device is a wonderful upgrade.

The 3D touch in my opinion, is a bit far fetched and gimmick idea, however I guess later on when more developers use this feature then it may be useful, at current I honestly prefer to open my apps and use them as regular as I’ve not grown to see the need for this 3D touch. Its a pretty cool feature though I must add, but I don’t fancy having to apply that much pressure to my touchscreen. Having opted to have the 3D touch over a bigger battery is debatable, as it may be seen as a bad decision.

Apart from the obvious improved hardware features I can debate them not having any physical improvements apart from the S at the back, or the addition of the PINK aka rose gold…it isn’t rose gold. I would have loved to purchase that colour because it was a new addition, but it wasnt the colour they said… Apple should call it DUSTY PINK….

Sometimes consumers want something to separate having the old from the new, its part of spending the amount on a premium item. I cannot tell the difference between my iPhone 6 or 6s at first glance, the only thing that sets them apart is the S at the back. Apple has clearly lost the physical innovation ideas, or they are simply comfortable with having the number one premium item, however other brand are quickly approaching that premium feel.

I don’t intend to buy anymore phones after this one because I finally have a phone that will play all of my music, and I have enough games to play to last a lifetime. This should make a fitting final phone. But wait…didn’t I say that with the 5c?

All in all, its a good upgrade if you feel the desire to have the latest apple device. However if its unnecessary, I would never recommend moving from the iPhone 6 to 6S. AT the moment the changes are so minuet that its not really noticeable to me as a user.

However, if you don’t have an iPhone 6, the 6s is a amazing purchase…..

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Stylish Leather Case Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Stylish Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
Stylish Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

The stylish Leather Case for the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is a highly functional yet attractive case. The premium synthetic leather gives a sophisticated vintage feel that provides a versatile look; it fits in with your casual jeans but also doesn’t look out of place in a professional business environment.

The folio flip style opening provides a full degree protection for your phone. It can cover all the corners to keep your phone away from abrasion and scratch. Curve edge perfectly fits for your mobile phone so all the corners and edges were covered against drops and protects your mobile phone from dust, dirt and damage. Simple Fashion & Low Profile Design, Ultra-Slim & Super-thin without any bulky feel, case fits in the palm of your hand. The back easily installs, without making the phone bulky. Speaker hope is on the top of front, answer phone call without opening the case.

I have been searching this year for a phone case. This is my third onr this year and I think it’s “the one” finally. I wanted something light weight and not bulky, something that would protect my phone and I could take just the basics when needed, something not stupidly expensive and something that didn’t look yucky and cheap.

The phone case is made of PU leather or split leather. I have seen PU leather that was very similar to real leather and made you look twice and I have seen PU leather that looks like plastic. This is a pretty good grade of PU leather and at first glance the back side pieces do look like real suede. It won’t wear like real leather but it also doesn’t cost like real leather.

The case portion of this wallet case does fit my phone perfectly with all the holes lining up nicely. There is a rubbery cushion on the back side to protect my phone. There are two credit card slots that are snug enough to keep your cards from tumbling out every time you open the case. There is a spot to tuck some cash in behing the credit cards and another outside slot that is perfect for ID. Again, the slot is tight enough so your ID won’t fall out. The case closes with a magnetic snap.

Overall I have seen no downside to this case at all. And you could buy it online by simply click: Stylish Leather Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

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