iPhone 6S Plus Review: Rose Gold Forever

iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 6S Plus

I’m not someone who keeps up with having the latest and greatest phones. I’m technologically savvy, but I like doing things the old fashioned way, too, which is why I don’t have much of an urgent need to get every single iPhone that’s ever been made. As a matter of fact, I’ve only owned 3 iPhones: 3G 16gb (2nd gen. iPhone), 4s 8gb, and now 6s plus 128gb.

I’ve actually been using iPhone 4S 8gb for quite sometime and it still works. I’m not happy with the small storage, not because I use a lot of apps because I don’t, I just don’t like that newer iOS updates keeps eating away at my phone memory when I barely have any as is. I knew the time to upgrade my phone was near! As I’ve been out of contract with my carrier (I had Sprint) for over 2 years and was going month to month, I was paying $67 each month which didn’t make any sense to any sane person, because I totally skipped the 5, 5s, 5c generation, and when the 6 came out, I didn’t like the look or feel of it, either. 4 generations of iPhones passed me by and I didn’t care because I justified to myself that I’d use my 4s until it would die on me, even though I know it won’t. My 4s is a tank. It’s been dropped many times on concrete and yet there’s no cracks or chips whatsoever on it, and never had anything but a cheapo plastic Hello Kitty case on it. There’s no scratches on the metal part, either. My 4s looks band new. even though it’s nearly 4 years old.

By a fluke, I went into the Apple Store to buy a cord for my MacBook Pro, I saw the 6s/6s plus and I just went crazy for it!! As far as looks go, the 6s series is a work of art. I love the “rose gold” color which is very unique. It looks feminine but not ridiculously girly. I think what Apple meant by “rose gold” was that it’s really rose pink, but with some subtle gold tones/hues in it. The weight felt sturdy and I felt more comfortable with that, unlike the 6 which felt too light and had a bendy problem (no thank you). The camera took better pictures at 12mp than the 6 which is stuck at 8mp, even though tech review sites said the cameras are the same (big fat liars). FaceTime is much more fun and engaging, because the front facing camera is 5mp which makes everything so much more clear than before.

After playing around with the demo iPhone and doing quite a bit of research, I had decided I wanted to get the 6s Plus 128gb unlocked model A1687 because I’d rather be free to go with cheaper prepaid plans than get an iPhone through my former carrier (Sprint) and be forced to renew the contract. Sprint locks their phones to their network and so you cannot take your Sprint phone to any other domestic carrier. An “unlocked” Sprint iPhone really just means it’s unlocked so you can use it internationally, it is not going to work with any domestic carriers other than them. A lot of the other networks do that, too, where they’ll lock you into their network for a certain time, and then won’t unlock your phone until you’ve fulfilled some obligations even if you already paid off the cost of your iPhone. However, I know that Sprint is much more vicious with their tactics to keep people locked into their services and best way is to make the iPhones unusable on other domestic carriers.

Apple manufactures 2 models of the 6s and 2 models of the 6s plus. The difference between is the ability to get 1 more LTE bandwidth or go without it. http://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/

If you’re buying through AT&T, you’ll be getting either model A1633 (6s) or A1634 (6s Plus) and those can get LTE 30 bandwidth which is AT&T’s newest LTE frequency… but the downside is, your iPhone will be locked to AT&T and can only be unlocked after fulfilling their specific requirements. Even if you payoff the full cost of the iPhone, you’ll still be required to utilize AT&T’s services for a designated amount of time before they will unlock your phone. This just means that you’re paying more money on top of having to pay off the full price of your iPhone. OUCH!

Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint all have put their own locks on versions of A1688 (6s) and A1687 (6s plus) which do not have the LTE 30 frequency. Again, if you buy your iPhone from any of those carriers, you’ll be locked into conditions and requirements in order for your iPhone to get unlocked, which means paying more beyond after paying off the full cost of your iPhone. With Sprint, I would not count on having them unlock the GSM sim portion of your iPhone sort of just waging war. Just keep that in mind.

The international/global unlocked models of A1688 (6s) and A1687 (6s plus) are made without being able to pick up the LTE 30 bandwidth. Apple never commented on why they left that out of the most manufactured models. But if you’re not planning on using AT&T prepaid domestically, you’re not going to care. The best part about this phone is it’s truly unlocked, both domestically and international cellular market and will virtually work on all the networks. This means both GSM and CDMA sim part of the phone are unlocked. The only carriers who use CDMA are Verizon and Sprint and that exists domestically. But the rest of the world uses GSM. If you don’t travel overseas, it won’t matter to you. I haven’t travelled out of the US for several years, but I have friends in Europe whom I’d like to visit, and I have relative in Japan, so I feel much safer knowing I’ll be able to get service wherever I roam.

I hope the review I wrote is helpful in deciding which version of iPhone you’ll chose. Personally, I know I’ll make this phone last another 4 or 5 years before switching over to another iPhone, so I know it is best I get the largest capacity possible to accommodate future iOS updates and what not.

Out of all the iPhones, I would say that the black 4/4s was the most sleek (all glass and aluminum side bezel), but the most beautiful is hands down the rose gold 6s/6s plus!! I’m really happy with my new iPhone!!!


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