Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0″ Review: Absolutely great. Fast, great screen, feather light

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0"
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0″

This tablet meets and exceeds all of my expectations.

Let me preface this by saying that I have an Amazon Kindle, Samsung Note 10.1 and do own or have owned the Samsung note 3 and 4. I am an avid Google/Android fan by virtue of the ability to customize the appearance and the open format.

I actually own and have this device. I am not someone who read the specs and decided to publish a ‘review” of the device based on what is perceived as problems or concerns. .

So, ordered it and arrived from Amazon one day after release. Thank you Amazon. I have been using it for the past three hours.

Initial impressions: Fantastic.

On the initial boot up, it upgraded to Lollipop 5.1.1 This is the newest and latest version of Lollipop.

As has been noted, this device is thin and light. It belies expectations. It fits in a jacket pocket. I got the 8 inch as I have a 13 inch laptop and the 10.1 tablet that I also use is big. Those are not a pocket/handbag reader. This fits in my side pocket or jacket and is unnoticeable.

It has no lag, no shutter, and no problems with instant screen changes. The touch screen and sensitivity is great.

For those who are concerned that this upgrade may not be worth it, for me, it is a huge improvement. No lag and instant response.

For android fans, the system asked my Google system password and immediately imported all of my paid and free apps. Everything installed duplicating all of my other Android products and apps.

There is an interesting problem. I do like the Google Launcher due to the fact that it has information that is helpful to me. It does not “play well” with this system. It does not look good and has a problem with how it integrates. So, if I have not figured it out, let me know. As of now, I am stuck with the touch wiz. Which on this system is really quite good.

The touch wiz is really not bad. I have accepted it and the new system is so fast and so quick that I will accept the Flipboard over the Google cards for the moment. And, I really only need most of the cards when using my cell phone.

The image is great. I am not certain why there are concerns about the new format. It is ideal for reading and any news site. Netflix looks great, as does Amazon video and Hulu. Yes, the new format is not perfect for viewing movies, but honestly, that is not how I spend my life. The image is terrific. Blacks and contrast is the best I have seen on any screen. I beats my Note 4. I read the review that the finger scanner required a few tries.

I use a Microsoft Exchange account which require a password for the system under the administrative requirement. This system accepts the fingerprint as acceptable.

For me, after entering the fingerprint scanner information is almost never a provlem it works first or second time. It works in less than ½ second. I just hit the home button and it is instantly accepted. Absolutely great. A vast improvement from the prior systems used on the Note 4.

And, the fingerprint scanner integrates with Last Pass. You can use it to enter passwords without re-entering your secure system password.

So, how can I summarize:

Fast processor and no lag.

Google imports all the apps and allows complete integration

Great screen for video and reading

No lag and much improved screen response.

A terrific finger print detector.

Works with Last Pass and allows access to secure sites with a simple thumb print.

The only con is a problem with the Google Launcher.

I have read reviews that it is not a quantum leap above previous tablets. I am always surprised that reviewers on major electronic sites want every iteration of a product to be a huge change. Samsung has made a new format with a great screen and fast processor. The newest software and it works great.

So, if you are in the market for a new tablet, this one appears to be great. As an aside, the gold color is a bronze/gold and not flashy or over the top. A very nice change from black and white.

All in all, five stars. I am very happy.

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