3 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Cases

Looking for a protective and inexpensive casefor your new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? We found the best protective cases for your brand new phone.

1. iCarer Genuine Leather Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

iCarer Genuine Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
iCarer Genuine Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

So my last phone case was a leather Marc Jacobs that also held cards. However, when I dropped my phone in Vegas it popped out and the screen shattered. I was looking for a new iphone 6 case that could hold a few credit and business cards, but be able to withstand a fall. This case was $50 less than the Marc Jacobs and actually wayyy better quality. The packaging was very considerate, and the construction of the case is just smart. My phone fits very securely and have dropped it several times with no problems. The folding side with the card also works as a privacy wall when on your phone, and it also folds in the back to create a stand when you hook the magnets. I love love love this case and recommend it for any professionals who are constantly on the go!

You want leather. You don’t want the magnet flaps to get in your way, or have to worry about shutting them. You want the case to function as a stand. You don’t want the case to be too bulky, but you also want it to carry a few cards and some cash comfortably, along with a window card slot for your ID. You want to be able to remove the phone easily from the case for use in a dock or car mount. You don’t want the case to interfere with taking pictures using the flash.

I’ve had this case for about a week now, and I love everything about it. It does all of the things listed above obviously, and I found it a much needed improvement over my last case that had an extra flap for cards that just added more bulk. To reiterate:

2. Defender Rugged Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Defender Rugged Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Defender Rugged Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Defender use the best material and brand new design to pursue both excellent appearance and high quality product. Only buy from Defender to get genuine Defender products with manufacturer warranty and superb customer service.

Case is sleek and sturdy. The four unique covers allows me to have a new look every day which is good because I carry my phone in my hand almost all day for work and afterhours as well. The group at my gym loved the camo cover and the gold cover was a hit at work. I couldn’t believe people would stop and comment on my phone case. In addition to the good looks it fits my Galaxy S7 Edge like a glove. All the openings line up perfectly and it is really rugged as touted in the ads.

One of the best phone cases I have owned, thus far. In total, it is a three piece case that holds your phone very securely. I am not going to purposefully drop my $700 iPhone, but I’m sure if and when it happens the case will protect it. It is very rugged and you can just feel how greatly made it is. I like that it has the four interchangeable back plates to suit your style or mood. The colors are a dark grey, silver, gold, and green camouflage. I personally would have preferred to have another color instead of either the grey or silver, maybe red or blue, but other than that I think it is a great case. It is also presented as water resistant, but I have yet to try out that feature. The water seals look to be good enough to handle the task. Overall, I love the case and recommend it!

3. Premium S-View Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Premium S-View Leather Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Premium S-View Leather Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge S-View Flip Cover, with Samsung ID Chip, was developed with the user’s lifestyle in mind. This smart case, designed to protect and enhance the Galaxy S7 edge Smartphone, is the perfect combination of fashion and function.

I am so impressed with this case; had no real idea what it could do when I ordered it. I was just looking for a case that really fit the design and style of the phone, and this was my fourth try among all the options out there. I was quite happy with a wallet style case I had found, but wanted to be able to see information without having to open the case all the time. This solved that and more. I love the S View and sleep/wake functions and am so impressed with how slim and compact the phone is when it’s installed. I went ahead and ordered the third party magnetic clasp that is referenced frequently throughout other reviews, since I am one who likes to keep the case closed when in my purse. I found it easy to install and very effective. I am particularly impressed with the color of this case. I wasn’t sure what to expect since the title says “Green” but the main picture is more of a Teal and the pictures by the Product Description were more Blue. The color is absolutely true to the first main picture and looks great with the customized screen saver options. This is a keeper!

I know there are a lot of negative reviews about this cover. I bought it anyway having seen it at the TAGreat store. I love the cover. It protects the phone nicely while in my pocketbook or pocket. I don’t feel I have to take special precautions like I did with my old cover. This cover fits great, looks nice, and protects the phone. Some people said that the cover does not stay closed. I have not had this issue at all. If I’ve had the cover folded back (which I do when I’m playing on it), I will turn it face down on the table when I close it. This prevents the cover from opening. Don’t have to leave it that way for long either.

Without a doubt, a Galaxy S7 Edge Case is a good investment. There are many different cell phone accessories available in the TAGreat.com, so be sure to test out a few before purchasing one.


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