The Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases You Can Buy

With a starting price of £550, we’re sure you’ll want to keep your Samsung Galaxy S7 safe. Here, we’ve got 3 great cases that’ll do just that.

Some of the cases in this round-up were originally released with the Galaxy S7 in mind.

We think almost all Galaxy S7 cases will be compatible, but there is a tiny tiny difference in size so the tigther cases might be a bit of a squeeze for the new models. Truth is, there are plenty of good phone cases out there. A bad case is actually a pretty rare thing. But in looking for a few cases that work for most people, we sought out a case that can adequately protect your phone without adding too much bulk or unnecessary embellishments while doing so.

Champion: iCarer Genuine Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S7


iCarer Genuine Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S7
iCarer Genuine Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

The front is leather with nice stitching all around the edge. It is just thick enough to provide some protection and stays in place with a small magnetic catch. The best thing about it is that you can put the 6 plus in your front pocket and it is still very slim – while still being protected from whatever else in your pocket (keys, change, etc.). It provides enough protection for typical office workdays etc. and it looks nice and professional.

The color in the picture is pretty accurate, it is a very dark brown. The workmanship seems good for something in this price range. I am sure it will not last forever, but looks likely to hold up for a reasonable period of time. The phone clicks into it securely in a way that makes it unlikely to come out.

There is a little pocket in the front cover that theoretically you could stick your driver’s license or a credit card into. But don’t buy this expecting it to replace your wallet. First of all, the cover uses a magnetic catch, meaning there is a good chance that the magnet in the cover will wipe the information on the mag-stripe of your credit card. It might be ok, but seems like a bad idea to store your credit cards a half-inch from a magnet. Even if it doesn’t wipe your credit cards, the pocket is small and is not going to hold multiple things anyway.

It does have a stand feature, you sort of unhook the bottom of the case and then the back folds so it presents the phone at an angle. You can fiddle with the angle a bit to get it right. The Galaxy S7 is actually big enough that you could watch video on it, so this is a nice feature to have. I’ve already tried it out and it works fine.

Price: $18.99

Runner-up: Defender Series Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Defender Rugged Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S7
Defender Rugged Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

This case also has good functionality; An annoyance of the otterbox was how much it stuck out on the front, I couldn’t use the edges of the screen some times. The way Spigen did it is almost perfect, the front sticks out enough around the screen to protect it on flat surfaces which is just how I like it but not so much as to impede my usage of the screen. The buttons feel great, this button style isn’t everyones cup of tea but I personally love them. I have yet to drop the phone so I can’t exactly comment on the protection case provides but I am fairly confident in the case.

My only real complaint is that the case doesn’t come with a screen protector, even though I went with a glass one on my phone it’s nice to get a screen protector with cases, I may just be spoiled by otterbox in that area though. Very nice fit in your hand, and nice and grippy so you don’t accidentally drop it. I have dropped my phone several times from a couple of feet off the ground and the phone is still in pristine condition. And it is a good looking case, as well!

Overall, this is hands down my favorite case at this price point. Are there better cases out there? Yes, there are $100 cases out there that would put this to shame, but the fact that this $20 case puts a $70 case to shame (In my opinion) speaks loads for it.

Price: $15.65

Third Place: ROCK S-View Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7

ROCK S-View Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7
ROCK S-View Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7

This case is perfect. Not too bulky…it protects the phone but I can still see who is calling without opening the case. My friends that have iPhones all want to know where I got it!

I am so impressed with this case; had no real idea what it could do when I ordered it. I was just looking for a case that really fit the design and style of the phone, and this was my fourth try among all the options out there. I was quite happy with a wallet style case I had found, but wanted to be able to see information without having to open the case all the time. This solved that and more. I love the S View and sleep/wake functions and am so impressed with how slim and compact the phone is when it’s installed. I went ahead and ordered the third party magnetic clasp that is referenced frequently throughout other reviews, since I am one who likes to keep the case closed when in my purse. I found it easy to install and very effective. I am particularly impressed with the color of this case. I wasn’t sure what to expect since the title says “Green” but the main picture is more of a Teal and the pictures by the Product Description were more Blue. The color is absolutely true to the first main picture and looks great with the customized screen saver options. This is a keeper!

Price: $10.95

Without a doubt, a Galaxy S7 Case is a good investment. There are many different cell phone cases available in the, so be sure to test out a few before purchasing one.


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