Best Rugged Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

I’m a true Defender believer having had the Defender case for my old Galaxy S7 for several years until I found out that Defenders sadly aren’t waterproof (oops!) When I got my new Samsung Galaxy S7 I immediately went out and got a Defender. This case has saved my phone so many times! I’m not the most graceful and have dropped my phone on tile and concrete, but if you take the phone out of the case it still looks like it did the day I bought it. The built in screen protector works great, protecting my phone from any scratches. The access window for the fingerprint scanner is very convenient and never hinders the scanner. The case does make your phone a bit bulky compared to other less protective cases, but it certainly isn’t too big, and in my opinion, the added bulk is a small price to pay for the excellent protection this case provides.

Galaxy S7 Defender Case
Galaxy S7 Defender Case

I drop things. Hard. My previous phone took an Olympics-worthy three-story dive to hard concrete while I was climbing without a harness. It had to take one for the team. Amazingly, it survived the fall – far better than I would have done – and lived for a long time with the scars to prove it, drawing awkward looks from other people at the Franken-phone it was becoming…

When it was time to upgrade my phone (moment of silence), I made the questionable decision to go Samsung Android instead of Apple and decided to pony up for a decent case so that it would survive me. I regret the cell phone decision. I adore the Defender. If you are the sort of person who is going to murder your phone out of hand, skip the replacement insurance and just buy a decent case. It has a clear, substantial screen that keeps things out and fingerprints off and the body of it is strong and flexible enough to take a beating. My only complaint would be that over time the bottom puckers out a bit from all the unsealing of the charging port. If you charge wirelessly, I imagine even that would not be an issue – and I love it enough to give it five stars even with the pucker.

On an aesthetic note, I clearly do not care, but the matte black blends well with the phone and, while some might find it slightly boxy, I think it’s just fine if you are not looking for the French poodle or Faberge egg of phone cases. It is not unattractive, but it is definitely utilitarian.

I love it. I had a couple of concerns about it before I bought it – mainly that the touch screen would be unresponsive, it would be too bulky and it would block off my access to buttons and so on – not that I wouldn’t be able to get to them but that they might be difficult to press or mis-aligned. Based on some reviews I was a little worried the case would be difficult to get on and off the phone.

I really like this cell phone cases. None of those concerns have been validated. The touch screen is still extremely responsive with no fiddling or repeated attempts. All of the buttons are crisp to press and access. The thumb-print button is not covered at all and works perfectly. You can still clearly feel when the buttons are depressed. It is not too bulky for me at all. The case is easy to take off and put on.

I have not dropped my phone, but the case feels and looks extremely sturdy.It really looks and feels fantastic on the phone. The way that the rubber outer piece snaps into the hard plastic “box” really makes all the lines look nice and clean and straight. It doesn’t really look like a phone with a case – it looks like a different style of phone. In a good way.

The phone still goes in my pocket fine and is not too bulky to just carry around. I’m not a holster guy, but it seems to securely grab the phone when it is connected, but also be quick to remove.

I do have some concerns for the durability of the silicone flaps that cover silence switch and the power/audio jacks. I’ve had my case for only a few months, but there is some visual wear where these flaps connect to the rest of the silicone skin. I haven’t had any issues yet, but I’m concerned they’ll start to fall of down the road. Just something to watch out for. Aside from this the Defender has been an excellent case for me and has proved to be an excellent investment in keeping my phone safe and secure.

This product is also available on here: Defender Rugged Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S7.


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