Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder for Cell Phones

This mount works GREAT for the dash of my vehicle. I got tired of squeezing my phone between two clamps of other styles of mounts and figured this would be a low-profile and easy to use mount. I found it held my Galaxy S5 inside of a Slim Armor case without any issues whatsoever. I recently upgraded from that phone and now have a Droid Maxx 2. It’s larger, a little heavier, and has a curved back. I found the smaller circular metal disc fits inside the removable back panel and allows it to securely attach to this mount as well.

The magnets are VERY strong and the phone doesn’t move around at all. I typically keep my phone vertical but when I turn it horizontal for maps or whatever, it stays there. It even stays there when plugged into the charger which left me impressed. I was skeptical of a $12 item, but couldn’t be more pleased. I’m going to order a second for my wife’s vehicle.


This mount is so easy to use. Once you put the metal plate inside your phone case, it snaps on and off with no effort whatsoever. I like the plate mount vs. the vent mount because it doesn’t cover my air vents and gives more versatility to where I can place it. The only thing I’d mention is that you should be sure you angle it exactly where you want it before sticking it because I accidentally stuck it upside down and now the mount won’t rotate as far as I’d like it to. Easily my bad and I could take some goo gone and double stick tape and reposition it easy enough. I also love how you can buy additional metal plates to use multiple phones. Now my husband and I can both use it with minimal effort depending on who is driving.


  • EASY YOU USE: This Air vent universal smartphone magnetic car mount holder is 10 times easier to use than any other magnetic car mount holder due to its simple and complementary design. It has a sturdy rubber base and a powerful magnetic head for holding smartphones.
  • POWERFUL MAGNETIC MOUNT: The reinforced magnetic holder of this mount is what sets it apart from other mounts. This Universal magnetic holder produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold any smartphone. Including Android, Apple, Blackberry and Microsoft devices.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This Twist lock is a unique design which you enter the mount into the Air vent and you can lock the mount it should not fall out !
  • STURDY BASE: The high quality rubber construction of the base of the mount is unique and very functional as w
  • SWIVEL MOUNT: Rotate your smartphone and swivel your display as you please. The base of the mount remains fixed into the air vent of your car and does not move, no matter how much swiveling or rotation you do. This guarantees that your smartphone will always remain in your preferred position

This is the 3rd mount I have tried in my Ford Explorer Sport Trac. The vent mount works in my wife’s Enclave with flat vents so that Wizgear model stays in that vehicle. The suction cup mount worked but obstructed my view plus my car doesn’t have a level surface on the dash anywhere. That’s where this model comes in. The 3m mounting tape is strong so you better make sure where you mount it, you want it. I found that this model has a nice surface for mounting. Not too wide to be an eyesore but not to narrow to prevent a firm grip.

I made sure the surface was clean (doesn’t need to be as clean as the other mount) and held the phone on the bracket until I was happy with its location. I have it on the inside of a TPU case but another is on its way to mount the disc on the outside of a case. My truck is a bit rough (hey it’s ten years old) but this magnet held. In the vertical position no issues. In horizontal it wanted to sag a bit to the side that my car charger was plugged in to. Not a big deal.

I also tried this with a thicker case (puregear) but it did not hold as firm in my car. The problem is that with cases with a high gloss finish, unless the magnet is on the outside, the surface becomes too slippery. Again, the TPU case solves this issue and at home or work, when I want to use wireless charging, I just pop off the TPU case.

This replaces an older bracketron cup holder gooseneck generic stand which works great, but I wanted my cup holder back.

This Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Holder is is a worth contender, brought to you by TAGreat.com, quality is guaranteed. Finding the best car mounts for your smartphone in your car can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.


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