Car Mount Holder Magnetic Adsorption Stander Charging Cradle Stand for Smart Phones

Car Mount Holder Charging CradleI’ve used couple of dash car mount and this car smartphone dash holder/mount is totally new to me. I’m pleased and impressed with this mount holder because of its unique concept and I like the dual charging cable for iOS and Android phone in a single cable and that looks very neat and convenient so you don’t have to use two different cable if you have a device that uses micro USB, with its magnetic charging connection it is sturdy an has pretty strong magnet and can be rotates and still held in place with no issue on charging. The magnetic cable length is 8 inches end to end and the USB cable is 42 inches which is long enough to reach my cigarette USB charger.

The DIY Car Holder is fashionable creative and well-designed. A lot of unique design make it stand out.


  • DIY Disassemble and Combine. Unique design, easily adjusting the width for your iPhone Samsung Galaxy or any size smartphone.
  • Super Flexible Silicone Material, adapt to different radian and material, polishing at the bottom to achieve better antiskid effect. Perfect adhere to all kinds of arc center console of all kinds of car and adapt to all sorts of driving conditions.
  • Humanized design. Creative Magnetic Absorption Charging Port with Lightning Micro USB 2 in 1 cable. Any time to use your phone when charging. One-hand operation.
  • 120 degree Slant Design. Most comfortable angle of view.
  • Super tough and big size design. High quality and multifunction. Also suitable for work and home or anywhere you want it.

Humanized design:

  • Creative Magnetic Absorption Charging Port. More inconvenient to use your phone when charging.
  • One-hand operation.
  • 120 degree slant design. Most comfortable angle of view whether in the car at home or in the office.

I have tried various designs of vehicle phone holders from ones that attach to an AC vent to others that make use of a suction cup that secures it to the windshield. My favorite and most convenient phone holders so far are the ones that I can quickly place my phone on without fumbling with them too much in order to get them to securely hold the phone. This Remax silicone dash pad phone holder is now one of my favorites because I can start up a GPS map app and then in a matter of seconds place the phone between the cradle legs and be confident that my phone won’t going flying off somewhere in the car when driving. Something to take note is that the cradle legs may not secure a phone in a thick case. The space that fits the phone is only 3/8 in / 10 mm wide but will stretch somewhat because it is made of soft rubber. I’m mentioning this because it is an important thing to consider before purchasing this item.


The greatest feature of this holder that it doesn’t need any sticky adhesives to stay secure on the dashboard which may ruin the finish. Since the holder dash pad is made of silicone rubber that has a glossy smooth finish on the bottom, it has a tenacious grip on most surfaces which includes most dashboards. I say most because some dashboards have certain finishes and textures that may not allow the holder to grip as well as it should and then others sometimes have features such as a section that has compartment that can hold items that would prevent this holder from resting on the dashboard surface properly. I have one such vehicle like that so this holder didn’t work as well on the dashboard in that vehicle but it worked well in my remaining vehicles.

This is the best car mounting system for my cell phone I’ve tried yet. As a Vine reviewer, I have reviewed several different kinds of car mounting systems for cell phones. Most of them clip onto the car’s vent and never seem sturdy enough. Not to mention they block the vent and subject the phone to hot or cold air being blown on it.

This system works by sitting on your dashboard. It is important to make sure to position it so that there are no airbags underneath it. It uses a flexible rubber/silicone base that hold the base in place by gravity and friction and it works under almost all situations. It might bounce off if you go off a jump or hit a very large bump but you should avoid doing that anyway.

There are two clamps, also made from a flexible rubbery material, that can be positioned almost anywhere on the base. These firmly hold in my iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s with a thin case. There is a charging cable that connects magnetically to the base. This is so you can quickly remove the phone from the base and take a call without have to worry about disconnecting the charging cable.

The beauty of the base is that I can use it on any flat surface including on my desk.

This Car Mount Holder Charging Cradle for Smartphone is in stock now, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as Best Car Mounts,


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