How to Make a Rubber Dog Toy

I really like useless mountain bike inner tubes, and so does my pet dog Kingbo.

The following toy is made of rubber- that feels nice on his teeth any time he bites it.

Rubber Dog Toy
Rubber Dog Toy

It has raggy bits at either end, which the web tells me pet dogs like as it reminds them (in an ancestral memory or genetic urge kind of way) of hunting plus killing prey. (My dog is a tiny Jack Russell/ Chihuahua- rat/rabbit hunter, but has never seen a rat and also rabbit in his life, so maybe this rubber toy is the next best thing. )

It’s stretchy like a tug toy, which is fantastic for human against dog tug-o-war games.

For making this toy you will require:

Just one dead bicycle inner tube. Simply wait until the one you have has died from your bicycle, or simply ask your nearby bike retail outlet – or on top of that – find your nearest community bike project and ask them for several old inner tubes.

Step one: Collect your Materials and also Cut Into Short Tubes.

Gather your Materials
Gather your Materials

Get one used inner tube.

Cut the valve out, you don’t need it to make the toy.

Cut the tube into short same lengths.

Cut Into Short Tubes
Cut Into Short Tubes

The white material inside the tubes is talc, it is non-toxic, nevertheless you can certainly wash it out with water if perhaps you choose. To tell the truth you can sterilize the rubber with hot water and tea tree oil or a branded sterilizer of your choice, in the event that your dog is hypersensitive somehow. These are used inner tubes after all, so will have road dirt and possibly bicycle grease on them. (My pet is used to being around piles of dead bikes and dirty old tires and tubes as well as will not have any problem playing with these toys! )

Step two: Seize Your Short Tubes Round the Middle and also Bind with Inner Tube Thread.

Try to make a bow shape by way of grabbing the bunch of tubes with your hand.

Grab Your Short Tubes Round the Middle and Bind with Inner Tube Thread
Grab Your Short Tubes Round the Middle and Bind with Inner Tube Thread

Towel wrap the middle area using inner tube thread.

Wrap the middle piece round and round and round by using the thread. Picture you are a tiny jack- Chihuahua hungry to sink your tiny teeth into your fake rat thingy, as well as that should give you a concept on how big to make the wrapped piece.

Step three: Tie Off the Rubber Thread and Tuck in the Strands from the Knot.

This is your own rubber dog toy!

Here is your rubber dog toy

You are now prepared to play the best game of human vs dog tug-o-war with your dog chum…

… and you will have saved one more piece of shitty rubber from going in the land fill, and made something yourself for your dog which usually costs about ix quid at a pet store!

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