Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Review

Galaxy-S6-Edge_Combination2_Gold-Platinum_0For readers, my opinions on this device (ATT 32Gb version) is based off the experiences I had with this device for the passed few days since launch day (Aug 21, 2015). I will continue to update this review in the future. This review should be the similar to Galaxy S6+ on other carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

The world’s first dual-edge display was born from a need to create something new. That’s how we built Galaxy S6 edge from the ground up. Now, it’s an upgrade. In every sense of the word. It’s Galaxy S6 edge+.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Pros:

– The dual curve edge just look damn cool.

– No more plastics and cheap material. Samsung is finally giving us the hardware that we’ve long desired. By far, the best designed Galaxy phone to date imo. If you have played with the Galaxy S6 edge, just imagine a larger version of that.

– 5.7 in, QHD Super AMOLED screen.

– 16MP Camera with Smart OIS and 5MP front camera. This is the same camera as the one in the Galaxy S6. You will not have any buyer remorse when it come to this camera. IMO, it rivals those photos that are taken on the Iphone 6 and the LG G4. Of course, each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

– I notice that the front camera has a wide angle when taking picture. As in comparison to the iPhone 6, i feel that I can capture alot more and fit more ppl into my selfie without the extension of a selfie stick.

– Gorilla Glass 4 panels for front and back. Gorilla Glass are known to be tough and scratch resistance. But get ready for the fingerprint magnet. Being glass, I notice I constantly have to whip the screen (back and front). Not really a big issue, but it’s a pain at time.

– Comes in various colors: White, black, gold, titanium This really annoys me. Yet, ATT only carry the gold and black right now.

– Comes in 32, 64 of built-in memory. (I don’t know why there are no 128gb version in the US)

– Less of the TouchWiz’s gimmicky features like the eye scroll, eye away from the screen pause. So we will not be experiencing the same slowdown or low storage as we did with earlier versions. If the GS4/5 were all about the features, this phone is all about the design. I do like the camera app and how they add a “close all” into the recent screen.

– There are some plus feature that they add that I like. For instance, the side swipe for your favorite contacts and app. I think there are so many more potential feature for the curved edge. But so far, I only notice a few.

– Rapid charging (this feature is available with wired or wireless but you need the correct product for this to work)

– Wireless charging – So if you have extra money that you want to drop for a wireless charging dock, you will be able to use it with this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Cons:

– The curve screen make it difficult at time to pick up the phone due to the narrower side.

– I sometime feel that the curve screen make my video, pictures, etc to feel a bit distorted when I’m viewing it on the phone.

– No removable back panel.

– No removable battery. I’m a battery hog, so I’m always draining my battery by 3-4pm. Not being able to just swap out my battery will be a pain. I got about 15 hours of normal usage from this phone. Wont be able to get a 2nd day out of it but being in a mostly idle user hand, it might not be a problem

– Lower battery capacity – 3000mAh compared to other phablet. With the new processor and 4G of RAM, battery usage should be more efficient so it should not be a big deal, but end-users would rather the capacity to increase than decrease. In my experience, you wont be able to make the 2nd day without a charge. So keep a charger handy.

– Still no on-screen navigation button – Might only be a problem for “pure” Android fan.

– Rear Camera and Flash sticks out a bit and not flush with the back panel.

– Front and back glass is a potential problem as we all experiences with iPhone 4 and Galaxy s6. Glass will break if you drop your phone at the right angle regardless how much stronger it is, so “case up”.

– The 1 speaker at the bottom is louder, however when you turn it on max, you will get some distortions in the audio quality. You wont get the audio level of those Dual front facing stereo on the G4.

– I have been experiencing some weird stutters/lags while messing around the phone. The phone seems to have to reload the app when I do app switching. It’s only takes a sec for it to reload when you switch app back and forth but with all that RAM, I do not know why they are doing that.

– The price is a little more expensive than I thought. With myself being on the ATT Next plan, you might have to purchased the phone outright for over $800 after tax. It’s a bit to chew on, but Bestbuy is running this promotion that if you trade in a working smartphone, you can get a instant $200 rebate which is what I went with.

Overall, this feels like a this is a solid device. Though I do think having difficulty handling and just picking up the device from the table is an issue that need to be address one way or another. Not really a big deal for some other user. Just something to keep in mind before purchasing. If you can overcome these small issues, I’m confident that you will enjoy this smartphone.But I will gradually update this post if I see any other pros/cons.

Please visit your local carrier store to have some hand-on time with the actual phone as what listed here is my own personal opinions.


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