Remote Control Dog Training Shock Collar

Remote Dog Training Shock CollarThe Remote Dog Training Shock Collar is more advanced than equivalent rechargeable dog collars on the market. This is the upgraded model of the older Dog Training Collar. High-quality and Comfort: The remote is made of durable, matte material for a more comfortable fit and feel. It contains top quality internal components and regulator chip in the collar to ensure durability.

Shock collars are touchy subjects. I have a zany young herding dog who is very eager to learn, and equally eager to be naughty. I like to train entirely with positive reinforcement, because it is so effective! I noticed, however, that when Pup Pup had his mind set on something, it was almost impossible to get his attention to direct his behavior elsewhere.

Easy to Use

  • It takes only a second to turn on the remote.
  • Used carefully and compassionately, it can serve to make dog training more effective. It goes through the phases of Beep, Vibration, then Shock to better condition the pet and give the owner full control of the training process.

I bought this collar for the vibration feature since I don’t like the idea of shocking my pup–at least not for training on the regular. The vibration gets our dogs attention every time without hurting or scaring him. The mailman comes and pup goes bonkers? –jumps on guests or on the kitchen counter? –steals socks or gets distracted on a walk? The vibrating the collar gently interrupts the behavior while he’s in-the-act so I can give him a command he actually listens to.

Package Contents

  • Collar Receiver + Transmitter
  • Power Adapter
  • Charging Cable
  • Tester LED
  • User Manual
  • Prongs

It is much more pleasant and effective to use than shouting or shoving at your pup. I find all of the vibration settings to be equally effective, and I change the setting (up or down) regularly so that he doesn’t get used to one sensation and start to ignore it. After only a few days, Pup Pup learned things we had previously worked on for months with other commands and strategies, and he seems enthusiastic to behave well. Its like we finally found a way to communicate with him that he completely understands.

Of course, I tested the shock function on myself first to make sure it wouldn’t be too painful. Luckily, I never even had to use the shock function on her, since the vibration function was enough to annoy her to change her behavior. Every time she tried to run at someone or something, I pressed the button (on vibrate) and told her no and she would stop. The changes started immediately, and after a few days, it became a pleasure to walk her – I felt like I had a new dog. I kept the collar on her for about a month, using it occasionally and then I took it off. Now, she ignores loud vehicles, and when she sees people, she doesn’t run at them. She will however, gladly walk toward them and attack them with kisses and then roll over to get her belly rubbed. This is one of the best purchases that I have ever made.

If you have a more stubborn breed of dog I would recommend opting for the higher priced E-Collars though, especially if you plan on using it for recall outdoors.

This product is in stock now, we guarantee next working day shipping and offer a 3 months warranty on all our products. Brought to you by the leader in Dog Supplies as well as Cheap Dog Collars wholesale,


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