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Google Nexus 6P Review

Nexus 6PThe Nexus 6P is the new phone from Google with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The 6P features a 5.7″ wqhd AMOLED display with 518 pixels per inch and a camera that takes beautiful photos in all light conditions. It’s crafted from aeronautical-grade aluminum and precision engineered for optimal comfort and performance. The new Nexus sports the curves and contours of a machine built for turning heads. Diamond chamfers encircle its edges, and the new visor on the back of the device accents the low-light-loving, 12.3 MP, sapphire- crystal Lens camera.

Definitely a go!! I love the marshmallow, its awesome. The camera is nice, better than nexus 6. The speakers are front facing and loud. The motion and gestures are great, finger print scanners works 100%.

But listed price is too high, available cheaper in google play.

More detailed review:

Nexus 6P is a great presentation in form of a 5.7 inch phablet after Nexus 6. Its much cheaper than Nexus 6 and a premium phone in same range of iPhone 6S Plus or Galaxy Note5.

It’s an improved version of Nexus 6 with an added ‘P’ now where P stands for not only premium but also performance.

The best features of Nexus 6P are :

1. Design – Metallic and glass finish. Completely new look from other google Nexus phones even Nexus 5X. It’s totally manageable by one hand now rather than the previous Nexus 6. It comes in 3 colors Aluminum or Grey,Graphite or black and Frost or white. with a 5.7 inch display and quad HD resolution it’s definitely a go. Nexus 6P is smaller in display, narrower and lighter than Nexus 6. Speakers are front facing.

Nexus 6P - Back

2. Fingerprint Sensor – It has fingerprint sensor at the back like Nexus 5X which is quite different from other smartphones having fingerprint sensor at the front . But its very easy to use your index finger at the back rather than your thumb.

3. Fast charging and quick data transfer is possible in Nexus 6P .

4. Very good camera resolution – 12 mp camera can now record 4k resolution videos which is great advantage as a smartphone user.the sensor with a 1.55 micron gives best result under low lightning condition.

5. Marshmallow – Latest version of android 6 is operating system Marshmallow. No doubt all the latest version always comes from google nexus.

6. USB Type-C reversible converter- with Nexus 6P you can enjoy usb type-C reversible converter when connecting to other media devices.

7. Other important Sensors – Nexus 6P also comes with very important sensors like Accelerometer, Gyroscope,Ambient Light etc.

8. Good Battery Life – 3450 mph battery can last for 2 days after normal usage which is pretty good.

9. Very good processor – Very good processor along with Adreno 430.

10. Gorilla glass Screen protection – Screen protection is by Gorilla Glass 4.

Now the not so good aspects of Nexus 6P in my eyes are –

1 .No micro SD acrd slot.

2. No wireless charging.

3. No dual SIM support.

4. Not water and dust resistant.

5. No radio station- There is no radio station for a radio lover like me.

6.No removable battery – Battery is not user replaceable.

Besides these few not so good points Nexus 6P surely rocks!!!


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Sony Xperia Z5 Premium User Review

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

Xperia Z5 Premium takes a giant leap in display technology, adding more pixels to reach an ultra-sharp 806 PPI. That’s around 10x the pixels of a Full HD TV, and more than double most smartphones. Imagine the best of Sony TV technologies delivered in a smartphone. A super-vivid and sharp display, right in the palm of your hand. Meet Xperia Z5 Premium. With a 4K Ultra HD display, this 5.5” smartphone packs in four times the resolution of Full HD for an unrivalled viewing experience.With Xperia Z5 Premium, you can capture the world in incredible high-resolution 4K video. This means that your videos have four times the detail of Full HD. Add to that a host of Sony handy-cam technologies, including SteadyshotTM for stable videos, and you can count on flawless footage.You often capture the best moments when the video camera is rolling. Screenshot any still from your 4K video footage and get ultra-sharp 8-megapixel photos.Xperia Z5 Premium’s power button has our new, integrated fingerprint sensor. Intuitively placed on the side of the phone, you can pick up and securely unlock your phone in a single movement.

  • 5.5-inch with 2160 x 3840 Resolution Display
  • Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810, Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 2 GHz Cortex-A57
  • 32GB ROM, 3GB RAM; Supports Micro-SD up to 200 GB
  • Main Camera: 23 MP, 5520 х 4140 pixels, phase detection autofocus, LED flash; Front Camera: 5MP, 1080p, HDR.
  • Nano SIM; Works with GSM carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile etc.

I actually have this phone, and it is amazing! Nice big vivid screen, stylish gorgeous looks that make you want to double take. Gives you a really good quality premium feel for a phone. Sound clarity is top notch and can increase to decent listening levels coming from a true audiophile, Words of advice protect this phone from front to back because it’s made of glass, but I love this phone and highly recommend it if you have the extra money to throw at it!

Switched from iPhone’s iOS to Android and thought I’d try Sony’s Z5, best decision ever! The phone arrived in 2 business days, put on the extra screen protector and an ultra-thin case (both purchased through Amazon), switched my SIM card over and it worked right out of the box. I noticed later that I wasn’t able to setup Exchange mail for my work and the solution was to take it in to my carrier i.e. TMobile and have them enter their setup/configuration in the phone and this fixed all other lingering issues (as far as communication is concerned). The resolution on this thing is out of this world (I didn’t realize it had a 4K screen until colleagues and friends who looked at the display marveled at the sharp and crisp display).

I’m still getting used to Android 5.0 though (6 is not available for this phone yet, but soon is the rumor). I haven’t found a push to talk button, but installed Dragon and it somewhat works like Siri.

Putting the 4K feature aside the phone is a huge improvement from the Xperia Z3. It’s far more responsive, camera is greatly improved. Also Don’t has finally decided to get rid of the port covers except for the one where the SIM and microSDcard go in but that isn’t an issue because it won’t ever be opened. I can’t say anything about the 4K screen because there isn’t much content but that wasn’t why I bought the phone.

So far, the phone is a beast, worth every penny. The charger though takes forever to charger, I purchased an additional Sony charger on Amazon: OEM Sony Micro USB Charger (EP880+EC803) and this charges the phone much faster so maybe the Z5 shipped with a cheaper charger, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m happy with this phone and purchased additional memory in case I need it.


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How to Make a Rubber Dog Toy

I really like useless mountain bike inner tubes, and so does my pet dog Kingbo.

The following toy is made of rubber- that feels nice on his teeth any time he bites it.

Rubber Dog Toy
Rubber Dog Toy

It has raggy bits at either end, which the web tells me pet dogs like as it reminds them (in an ancestral memory or genetic urge kind of way) of hunting plus killing prey. (My dog is a tiny Jack Russell/ Chihuahua- rat/rabbit hunter, but has never seen a rat and also rabbit in his life, so maybe this rubber toy is the next best thing. )

It’s stretchy like a tug toy, which is fantastic for human against dog tug-o-war games.

For making this toy you will require:

Just one dead bicycle inner tube. Simply wait until the one you have has died from your bicycle, or simply ask your nearby bike retail outlet – or on top of that – find your nearest community bike project and ask them for several old inner tubes.

Step one: Collect your Materials and also Cut Into Short Tubes.

Gather your Materials
Gather your Materials

Get one used inner tube.

Cut the valve out, you don’t need it to make the toy.

Cut the tube into short same lengths.

Cut Into Short Tubes
Cut Into Short Tubes

The white material inside the tubes is talc, it is non-toxic, nevertheless you can certainly wash it out with water if perhaps you choose. To tell the truth you can sterilize the rubber with hot water and tea tree oil or a branded sterilizer of your choice, in the event that your dog is hypersensitive somehow. These are used inner tubes after all, so will have road dirt and possibly bicycle grease on them. (My pet is used to being around piles of dead bikes and dirty old tires and tubes as well as will not have any problem playing with these toys! )

Step two: Seize Your Short Tubes Round the Middle and also Bind with Inner Tube Thread.

Try to make a bow shape by way of grabbing the bunch of tubes with your hand.

Grab Your Short Tubes Round the Middle and Bind with Inner Tube Thread
Grab Your Short Tubes Round the Middle and Bind with Inner Tube Thread

Towel wrap the middle area using inner tube thread.

Wrap the middle piece round and round and round by using the thread. Picture you are a tiny jack- Chihuahua hungry to sink your tiny teeth into your fake rat thingy, as well as that should give you a concept on how big to make the wrapped piece.

Step three: Tie Off the Rubber Thread and Tuck in the Strands from the Knot.

This is your own rubber dog toy!

Here is your rubber dog toy

You are now prepared to play the best game of human vs dog tug-o-war with your dog chum…

… and you will have saved one more piece of shitty rubber from going in the land fill, and made something yourself for your dog which usually costs about ix quid at a pet store!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Review

Finally, a smartphone that’s more than simply beautiful. The Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge has evolved its design—both inside and out. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge lets you:

  • Easily hold, text, call, and more with its stunning metal bezel, sophisticated glass, and two revolutionary edge screens.
  • Watch images and videos come to life on the 5.1″ Quad HD Super AMOLED®display, even in sunlight.
  • Work, watch, and game at blazing-fast speeds.
  • Capture amazing photos with the fast-focus camera and take epic wide-angle selfies.
  • Use Ultra Power Saving Mode,1 Fast Charging,2 or wireless charging3 to extend your smartphone’s battery life when it’s running low.

Galaxy-S6-edgeWow, what a difference a year makes. While last year’s S5 took many steps in the right direction(being somewhat waterproof with better material and craftsmanship), it still wasn’t there to make it a mouth-watering phone yet, like what HTC did when they first introduced their One M7, or whenever Apple introduces a new iPhone size. This year, Samsung has finally learned from both of their competitors, and made a phone that has all the good qualities of both, plus some of their own. Finally, this is the Galaxy S that you’ve always wanted and been dreaming of.


The very first thing you notice when you handle the phone, is its new design and form factor – finally Samsung has completed their transformation of getting rid of all that ugly plastic parts. Now it is just all glass and metal, and now it is truly beautiful. The metal fully wraps around the edges ofthe phone. The back is beautiful, the sides are beautiful – heck, even the buttons are beautiful. It feels great in the hand, and oozes style and sophistication. The S6 Edge is just so unique-looking – it is the most beautiful phone I’ve seen in a long time. And contrary to what people might say or what you might think, the two sloped edges are not awkward to handle, does not dig into your skin, and is not uncomfortable to grip.


The very next thing you notice, of course, is the screen. I am continually pleasantly surprised at the evolution of Samsung’s AMOLED technology – it has now became the best screen in the industry, hands down. I used to defend the LCD technology of the HTC M7, and at that point it was in fact overall superior to the Samsung S4 because the AMOLED then had issues in the sun, and color reproduction(it was too saturated and not natural). But now, they have fixed those issues, and the S6’s screen is just quite simply the best. If you don’t believe it, just compare an LG/Samsung OLED TV to any LED TVs today.

I still think 5.1 inches for a screen of a PHONE is still too big, but overall, for what smartphones represent nowadays, it is acceptable – we have conditioned ourselves to accept the bigger sizes of smartphones(I remember when I first held a 4.2″ smartphone when it first came out – the HTC HD2 – and thought, “what the h3ll is this monstrosity??”).

It doesn’t hurt that Samsung boosted up the resolution to 1440 x 2560 pixels, which is approximately 577 ppi in pixel density. Although this is quite overkill right now, it’s always nice to have the latest and greatest technology – that’s the reason why we buy these overpriced phones in the first place, isn’t it? It is also very bright, and sunlit legibility is excellent. Color reproduction is quite accurate, and like the S5, you can choose different color modes to suit your liking.


An important aspect to discuss is the battery life, now more than ever because there is no removable back cover to make replacing the battery easily like before, not to mention there is no microSD slot for you to add memory space to your phone. Comparatively, the S6 Edge is supposed to last a little less than the S6 regular, which I’ve read is less than last year’s S5. But I’m one of those who are always around a charger, and I always carry external battery packs in my backpack when I travel, so that’s never a concern. Seriously, who even buys an extra battery anymore – which you can only use for a single specific phone model – when your external battery can charge ANY and ALL phones and tablets?? This scenario only makes sense if your work is so demanding that you don’t have extra time to charge the phone, and need to swap batteries IMMEDIATELY. I don’t think that scenario is realistic nowadays when external batteries are so small, light, and cheap.

My S6 goes from 100% at 10 am to about 20% at 10 pm with moderate use – so no complaints there. I get home, plug it up, and there are no issues.

* What’s better this year, is the wireless charging standards are already built into the phone, so you can just buy a charging pad for about $50 and feel even more cool.


The Samsung user interface called TouchWiz used to be bloated and sluggish. It would slow down(navigating throughout the phone, switching between apps, and using the apps themselves) once you start installing more and more apps and put more and more shortcuts and widgets on the home screens. Worse, they would cram all their Samsung apps on you, which for the most part are inferior to their Google counterparts. They came pre-installed, and uninstallable – you can only downgrade and disable them, but you can’t take them off completely. Now, with the new TouchWiz working in conjunction with Android 5.0 Lollipop, things are a lot smoother and faster. There are also fewer of those Samsung apps – now you have the option of downloading them, but they no longer come pre-installed and wasting your space, which is now more precious than ever.

* Speaking of Android 5.0 Lollipop – it is so awesome! Not only is is simplistic, but in its simplistic ways, it is sleek, stylish, and beautiful. Google has done a great job is making everything easier to find, easier to use, easier to function. The color scheme is more coherent and consistent, and uses a basic color code that just makes sense. And it is quick, quick, quick! I know the phone itself is super-fast, but Google has done a great job is getting rid of the bloated feeling of past versions. I also have an old Nexus 4, and have enjoyed Lollipop on there for a while, so I know the speed is not just from the phone.


And speaking of the phone’s speed – WOW! So Samsung has made the S6 with just one processor this time – their new octa-core(8-core) Exynos, and it is by far the greatest, fastest, and most powerful processor I have ever witnessed. The Snapdragon 810 was supposed to be almost as fast if not equal, but I’m glad I’m finally able to try Samsung’s top of the line Exynos processor. Obviously, each new phone is/feels faster than the previous generation, but this is the first time where it’s blown me away. And I have used many really fast phones before, like the HTC m7, to the S3-S4-S5 and Note 2-3-4. But this phone blows them all a way by a far, far margin. Trust me when I say you will be very surprised, and very pleased. Here is finally a phone that you don’t have to wait for any longer – you tell it what you want to do, and it does it instantly. The S6 is like a Bugatti with its limiter taken off. This phone screams full-throttle!

* The phone comes with 3GB of RAM, and in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB versions.


Finally, the camera: It is great, what can I say? This area of technology will keep continuing to progress and advance for the next 5-10 years at least, but we have already come so far. I would go as far to say that besides dedicated DSLR cameras, you would not find better compact cameras like these for under $500 from a dedicated camera. And to have it be already included in your phone is quite amazing, when you really think about it. This year, it even includes optical image stabilization, which you can see actually working as you pan/tilt/shake the camera. I used to buy $300-500 super-zoom point-and-shoot cameras for my travels back in the days of 7-8 years ago, and they didn’t come out half as good as what this camera can do. And there are built-in enhancements and edits that you can do straight from the camera that are quite robust and powerful.

So, why did I say the evolution is near complete, and not yet? Well, besides the theoretical ideal that nothing is perfect, to the practical ideal like things like the camera will continue to improve for the foreseeable future, I felt that while Samsung took some big strides forward, they also took some steps back. For instance, by making it non-plastic, they open themselves to being less experienced in sealing it up, so they couldn’t make it waterproof anymore. In the same vein, they can no longer make the back plate removable to replace the battery(although it is not impossible – you can actually get around it, but then you would void Samsung’s warranty). And I’m guessing they didn’t have enough research time in the metal production assembly to be good enough yet to include holes for the microSD slot.

So what can they practically improve on to make this as near perfect as possible? Make it waterproof like before(or better), and if you can’t make the back plate removable, then improve on the battery life, and allow for the microSD expansion slot. And keep improving on TouchWiz, and get the Google updates out quicker. Once those are set – and because we know you will always continue to improve on the processor(phone power and graphics power), the screen(resolution, image quality, color reproduction, brightness, sunlight legibility), and the camera, next year’s edition should make it as near-perfect as possible for the Galaxy S family, and maybe then after that you can start a whole new phone family, and bring out those bendable/roll-able screen technologies we know you’re already working on, or something even more outrageous.

If you debating whether the international version is more worth it because you can use it overseas, remember that the international version does not have all the LTE bands, so you might not get the best possible 4G speeds. But you don’t want to be stuck in a contract? Well, then, you can buy the phone at full price from the US carrier that you use most, and then call their customer service and have them give you the unlock code. Because you bought the phone whole, you are not under contract, therefore you are entitled to the unlock code. Plus, you can save buying the phone whole from the carriers – versus the international version – and save about $150+.

Overall, this is the very first Samsung phone that has blown me away. Not just in some ways impressed me, but made me very happy and please, and proud, to own a Samsung phone. The Note Edge was almost there, but after a while it became too big and heavy for me. The S6 has the perfect combination: big beautiful screen for all your needs, light-weight and compact for extended use and one-handed use; super-fast for business and gaming, good battery life to last you the whole day, and oh so beautiful that you can show it off proudly. This is a phone that you can have for many years and it will still be just as cool and just as usable several years down the line. The S6 Edge is the most unique phone(not just unique-looking) that I have owned and even seen in a long time. Get it, you will LOVE it!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Review

Galaxy-S6-Edge_Combination2_Gold-Platinum_0For readers, my opinions on this device (ATT 32Gb version) is based off the experiences I had with this device for the passed few days since launch day (Aug 21, 2015). I will continue to update this review in the future. This review should be the similar to Galaxy S6+ on other carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

The world’s first dual-edge display was born from a need to create something new. That’s how we built Galaxy S6 edge from the ground up. Now, it’s an upgrade. In every sense of the word. It’s Galaxy S6 edge+.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Pros:

– The dual curve edge just look damn cool.

– No more plastics and cheap material. Samsung is finally giving us the hardware that we’ve long desired. By far, the best designed Galaxy phone to date imo. If you have played with the Galaxy S6 edge, just imagine a larger version of that.

– 5.7 in, QHD Super AMOLED screen.

– 16MP Camera with Smart OIS and 5MP front camera. This is the same camera as the one in the Galaxy S6. You will not have any buyer remorse when it come to this camera. IMO, it rivals those photos that are taken on the Iphone 6 and the LG G4. Of course, each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

– I notice that the front camera has a wide angle when taking picture. As in comparison to the iPhone 6, i feel that I can capture alot more and fit more ppl into my selfie without the extension of a selfie stick.

– Gorilla Glass 4 panels for front and back. Gorilla Glass are known to be tough and scratch resistance. But get ready for the fingerprint magnet. Being glass, I notice I constantly have to whip the screen (back and front). Not really a big issue, but it’s a pain at time.

– Comes in various colors: White, black, gold, titanium This really annoys me. Yet, ATT only carry the gold and black right now.

– Comes in 32, 64 of built-in memory. (I don’t know why there are no 128gb version in the US)

– Less of the TouchWiz’s gimmicky features like the eye scroll, eye away from the screen pause. So we will not be experiencing the same slowdown or low storage as we did with earlier versions. If the GS4/5 were all about the features, this phone is all about the design. I do like the camera app and how they add a “close all” into the recent screen.

– There are some plus feature that they add that I like. For instance, the side swipe for your favorite contacts and app. I think there are so many more potential feature for the curved edge. But so far, I only notice a few.

– Rapid charging (this feature is available with wired or wireless but you need the correct product for this to work)

– Wireless charging – So if you have extra money that you want to drop for a wireless charging dock, you will be able to use it with this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Cons:

– The curve screen make it difficult at time to pick up the phone due to the narrower side.

– I sometime feel that the curve screen make my video, pictures, etc to feel a bit distorted when I’m viewing it on the phone.

– No removable back panel.

– No removable battery. I’m a battery hog, so I’m always draining my battery by 3-4pm. Not being able to just swap out my battery will be a pain. I got about 15 hours of normal usage from this phone. Wont be able to get a 2nd day out of it but being in a mostly idle user hand, it might not be a problem

– Lower battery capacity – 3000mAh compared to other phablet. With the new processor and 4G of RAM, battery usage should be more efficient so it should not be a big deal, but end-users would rather the capacity to increase than decrease. In my experience, you wont be able to make the 2nd day without a charge. So keep a charger handy.

– Still no on-screen navigation button – Might only be a problem for “pure” Android fan.

– Rear Camera and Flash sticks out a bit and not flush with the back panel.

– Front and back glass is a potential problem as we all experiences with iPhone 4 and Galaxy s6. Glass will break if you drop your phone at the right angle regardless how much stronger it is, so “case up”.

– The 1 speaker at the bottom is louder, however when you turn it on max, you will get some distortions in the audio quality. You wont get the audio level of those Dual front facing stereo on the G4.

– I have been experiencing some weird stutters/lags while messing around the phone. The phone seems to have to reload the app when I do app switching. It’s only takes a sec for it to reload when you switch app back and forth but with all that RAM, I do not know why they are doing that.

– The price is a little more expensive than I thought. With myself being on the ATT Next plan, you might have to purchased the phone outright for over $800 after tax. It’s a bit to chew on, but Bestbuy is running this promotion that if you trade in a working smartphone, you can get a instant $200 rebate which is what I went with.

Overall, this feels like a this is a solid device. Though I do think having difficulty handling and just picking up the device from the table is an issue that need to be address one way or another. Not really a big deal for some other user. Just something to keep in mind before purchasing. If you can overcome these small issues, I’m confident that you will enjoy this smartphone.But I will gradually update this post if I see any other pros/cons.

Please visit your local carrier store to have some hand-on time with the actual phone as what listed here is my own personal opinions.


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Samsung Galaxy J7 S-View Cartoon Flip Cover

The Cartoon Samsung Galaxy J7 S-View Flip Cover was developed with the user’s lifestyle in mind. This case, designed to protect the Galaxy J7 Smartphone without adding bulk, is the perfect combination of style, durability and convenience. Take it to the gym, on a hike, to the grocery store or an evening out on the town. This case is constructed to withstand even the most active lifestyle while allowing the user to display their sense of fashion. Plus you will never miss important information with the S-View window. Many smartphone cases make you choose between protection, fashion and function. With the new S-View Flip Cover for Galaxy J7 you can have it all! All around protection without limiting access The Samsung S-View Flip Cover Folio Case provides superior protection for the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone. The flip cover with window display protects the smartphone’s screen when it is not in use and is easily flipped open for full access to the screen. When closed, the S-View cover allows you to easily view key indicators, time, date, music play list, alarm, missed calls, new messages, etc. without flipping open the cover. You can even receive and reject calls without opening the flip cover. A color to match every taste The Samsung Galaxy J7 S-View Flip Cover is available in a variety of colors so there is certain to be a color to match anyone’s personality. Even the most fashion-sensitive smartphone user will find a case or two that matches their personal style. Easy installation Additionally, these cases have been specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone. The back easily snaps on, replacing the phone’s standard battery cover, without making the phone bulky. Installing a Samsung phone case is simple and only takes a few seconds.

  • Keeps important information at your fingertips – Auto Wake Up – Signal and Battery Status – Messages – Missed Calls – Time/Date – Current Music Details (if using Music Player)
  • Respond to calls and alarms without opening the cover – Swipe to Accept/Reject Calls – Switch Call to Speakerphone
  • Wakes your phone automatically when opened
  • Adds personality and style to your device
  • Reduces smudges and scratches

Samsung Galaxy J7 S-View Cartoon Flip Cover

Not sure this cover does much to protect your phone in case you drop it but I love it none the less. You just flip open the cover(similar to opening a tablet cover) and it lights up and ready to go. Shuts off when you close clover. I have one in white and blue. I know there are many other colors to pick from and I will probably invest in a red one eventually. I get a lot of comments on it but as pointed out earlier its probably more for show than protecting your phone. If you drop your phone a lot, probably not the cover for you.

I really like this new flip cover case for my cell phone. The color is perfect! I can turn my phone on/off , charge it, & really like the view feature. The only reason I did not rate it as a 5 star is because the installation instructions were quite vague. I actually had to take this new flip case and my phone to my cell phone provider to have them install the case…mainly because I did not realize I had to remove the actual back of the phone to install the back of this blue case as the “new” phone back. However I get compliments all the time about how sleek & nice this cover looks and would highly recommend it!!

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Baofeng UV-5R Walkie Talkie Review

Baofeng UV-5RThe BaoFeng UV-5R is a compact hand held transceiver providing 4 watts in the frequency range of 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz. It is a compact, economical HT that includes a special VHF receive band from 65 – 108 MHz which includes the regular FM broadcast band. Dual watch and dual reception is supported. You get up to 128 memories. Other features include: selectable wide/narrow, battery save function, VOX, DCS/CTCSS encode, key lock and built in flashlight. Selectable frequency steps include: 2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5 and 25 kHz. RF power may be selected at 4 or 1 watts. This radio comes with an SMA-Female antenna, flexible antenna, BL-5 Li-ion battery (7.4V 1500 mAh), belt clip, wrist strap, AC adapter (8.4V 600ma) and drop-in charging tray. This radio requires the PC03 FTDI programming cable.

  • High / Low Power Settings (4W/1W) Programmable Amateur Radio
  • Frequency Range: 65-108 MHz (Only commercial FM radio reception) VHF: 136-174 MHz(Rx/Tx). UHF: 400-520 MHz(Rx/Tx)
  • Customize Channel Names, the Boot Display and More by Using the PC03 FTDI Programming Cable
  • 1500mAh Battery; Broadband (Wide) 25khz / Narrowband (Narrow) 12.5khz Selectable
  • AUTO Keypad Lock, Dual Band, Dual Display and Dual Standby

The Baofeng UV-5R is not an APX7000, so if you’re expecting that, you’re not going to be impressed. If you want a good, reliable inexpensive dual band HT that is in fact a COMMERCIAL (it IS FCC part 90 certified) Radio, this is for you. Out of the box, it comes complete with a good 1800mah lithium ion battery, belt clip, hand strap and drop in charger. If you’re familiar with commercial radios, you’ll feel at home programming the UV-5R with the free software, but you’ll need to purchase a USB cable if you don’t already have one (this radio uses the same 2-pin Kenwood LMR style cable that Wouxun, TYT and many others use). The cables are less than $20.

You get 128 channels with any combination of VHF or UHF channels. Another plus is the radio ACTUALLY SUPPORTS NARROWBAND, INCLUDING SPLINTER CHANNELS. This is a HUGE plus if you want to use the radio to listen (or transmit, if you’re authorized) to public safety after 2013 when the FCC mandates narrowband on VHF and UHF. Many agencies are also going to channel steps most ham radios cannot properly tune (e.g. 154.8225). The UV-5R uses DSP, so it has great audio on both transmit and receive. Reports I got about my transmit audio were great, and I noticed if I spoke loudly, the DSP did a good job of attenuating the voice to a tame level.

The display is fairly easy to read, and for it’s size the keys are easy to press. What I really like is the large volume knob with integrated power switch, no accidental turn off of buttons! The PTT key is easy to actuate and you don’t get fatigue for long conversations. Speaker is loud, though I don’t think it has the 1 watt of audio the specifications state. It is loud enough to hear in a crowd or driving down the road with the window open. Construction of this HT is solid, does not feel like a $50 radio, more like a $150 radio.

The only downsides are the poorly written manual, but hey, this is a $50 radio not a $500 radio. If you’ve used LMR type radios, you’ll be able to get around in the software, the menu system also lets you control many of the radios’ features. It does have an FM radio, which actually has great sensitivity, and the flashlight feature is easy to actuate using the lower side button and actually comes in handy.

All in all, this is a great ham HT that has the unique ability to LEGALLY operate on part 90 (commercial) frequencies (for those duly authorized), has great performance, and a long battery life. For the price, you cannot go wrong with it. I would buy another and probably will.

This Baofeng UV-5R Walkie Talkie Handset comes with 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as cheap walkie talkies.

The Simplest Way to Train Your Dog

Rewards and Punishments

To mold behavior you may need rewards and punishments. Rewards contain foods, of course , but probably an affectionate scratch or belly rub, a friendly word “good dog”, throwing a ball, or maybe anything else the dog will enjoy.

t01b759112bc43fbd8fPunishment is usually as simple as looking away and also ignoring the little nudges your dog gives you as it begs for a pat on the head. That is an effective way to control a doggie who gets over excited while actively playing. Removing a favored toy is yet another gentle punishment, nevertheless on occasion harsher treatment is necessary: a sharp “NO! ” a loud clap right close to the ears, a time out, or in rare cases a symbolic slap on the nose or rear end. The hit must NEVER hurt — your aim is to train, not to extract revenge, which is exactly why a lot of dog training textbooks will look back at punishment as “negative reinforcement. ” The expression punishment looks too angry.

Reward good behavior along with punish the bad. This looks obvious, yet almost no pet dog owners obey this rule. Allow me to share a number of examples:

Pet dog generally are not allowed in little one’s playgrounds, as a result they are often tied up outside the gates to wait while the young children play. Many dogs will wine, bark or howl until eventually their masters go back. One or two years back I witnessed a terrier with a very well-trained human. The dog would bark, the human would come running. The woman would pet the dog and speak with it in soft, reassuring tones. The dog would wag its tail happily, and then start yipping the minute she stepped away. This routine was repeated about several times, till finally she could not even turn her head towards her boy or girl. She left the playground, her kid crying to stay longer, the dog jauntily trotting by her side. I never saw them once more but I had learned my lesson: never ever reward bad behavior. Some tender-hearted animal lovers might argue that the dog was genuinely anxious (i. e. he wasn’t being “bad”), nevertheless the facts remain: any time you don’t want a certain behavior you ought to discourage it. Rewarding it will just make matters worse.

At the first try I tied up my beagle he started to bark. Beagles are very vocal, very expressive, and very loud. Mine can put real pathos into his howls, and that day he treated the whole neighborhood to a heart wrenching performance worthy of “La Tosca. ” I did go to him, but instead of love and sympathy he got a sharp word, a loud clap near his ear and then the view of my back as I strode off. Body language is necessary. Pretty soon the sight of me stalking towards him in (mock) anger was enough to make him stop barking. We did not stay very long — it was clear from their dirty looks that the other mothers considered me cruel — however we returned every day and before the week was up my dog was cured. Right now he can relax by the fence for hours, savoring the fresh air as well as the adoring attention of all the children. I will check up on him once and a while and give him a reward for being so great.

A barking dog is bothersome, but when I was visiting some close friends I had to cut our stay short when they were unwittingly training their own dogs to attack my children. My buddies had two large rescue dogs of indeterminate breed. The dogs would bark whenever visitors came into their home but would soon calm down — in case the strangers were adults. My two boys, aged seven along with nine at the time, looked exactly like prey. The dogs circled around them barking and growling with their teeth bared as their master tried to reason with them. He explained to the dogs in an kind, reassuring voice that these children were friends. Only after one of the dogs lunged at my younger son, biting the boy’s sweater right under his neck did their owner finally accept to lock them up. When their mistress came home she let them out. She had more authority over the dogs and felt sure she could make them behave: her tactic was to call them to her when they growled, where they were rewarded with caresses and the occasional treat. “Stop that! ” she gently scolded, whenever her dog showed its teeth if a boy dared tiptoe by. Of course the dogs continued to threaten the children — the dogs were never sharply and clearly reprimanded, instead they were being rewarded for their behavior with extra attention and affection. Bad behavior should always be followed immediately by negative consequences — otherwise not only will the bad behavior continue, it will worsen.

You’ll find several occasions in which punishment should never be used: any time you are training a dog to do a silly parlor trick this is a game you are playing with the dog and even it should be fun for everyone. If perhaps your new puppy is slow to understand, chances are the trainer is to blame. Dogs don’t mimic: if you stand on all fours and shake, for example , a child might imitate you but a dog will just stare like you’ve gone out of your mind. A dog won’t understand either if you try to push it into a certain position. The dog sees the action — you moving it around (probably against its will) — not its final position. To train your dog you must first train yourself — to communicate in a way the animal can understand.

Train yourself ahead of training the animal

This step relates to a game which will help you know how challenging it is for the dog to understand — and preferably it will help you be more patient, and then improve your human/dog communication ability.

The simplest way to learn to train your pet dog is to pretend to be one. Two people are required for this game (which children delight in playing too).

One person is the designated trainer, one other plays the dog. The trainer thinks of an action for the dog to learn: sit down and scratch its head, by way of example. No miming or physical contact is permitted, no words may be exchanged, not even “yes” and “no. ” You plan to avoid using any cues or hints which a real dog would not be able to understand. Stand facing each other, as well as wait for the “dog” to try something (with a real dog you will need to give it a few treats to begin with, to push it into action). As soon as a ideal action is taken, the trainer makes a brief clicking sound, which would be the equivalent of a treat. The dog’s goal is to earn these treats, and it will try all sorts of actions to get them.

As dog together with trainer face each other alone, both players will understand that it will be impossible to guess and perform the entire trick. It needs to be taught detail by detail. In the event that the dog makes a slight movement such as it might sit down, click that. Click it again three or four times till the dog is repeating the movement, sure that this is what is expected. Then stop clicking that movement. The dog will understand it needs to do more and will go further: click when it sits. After a half a dozen times clicking a sit, stop clicking and wait for more. Click a hand movement, any movement. Then only click if the hand is moving towards the head. Click when it touches its hair. Finally click when the dog scratches its head, and give it a big kiss.

After that change roles and play the dog. Smart as we like to think ourselves to be, this game is difficult!

Clicker Training

Utilizing a clicker (or making another specially designated sound like snapping fingers or clicking your tongue) with a real canine is also very helpful. Train the dog to recognize the sound by clicking right before you give it a treat. Right after doing this several times your dog will perk up the second it hears the sound. The clicker has several advantages over real treats:

You can click while the dog is making the desired action rather than afterwards which makes it much easier for the dog to make the connection between its action and the reward.

A particularly food obsessed dog might have trouble focusing on the game and might just stare, slobbering, at the hand holding treats.

You are able to reduce the number of treats simply because you no longer need to give one every time you click. Either make it random, to keep the dog guessing and alert, or use it as an extra cue: almost (click) almost (click) yes! (click & treat).

Whenever playing the training game along with a real dog it is also a wise decision to keep it quiet. Wait right up until the dog has figured out the complete trick before giving it a name. You don’t want your pet to consider that the command “roll over” means “lie down. ” Work exclusively on a single trick over several short sessions spaced over a few days (or even weeks, depending on how hard it is) and only give the trick a name once it is complete. After that use your chosen vocal or hand command for a few sessions prior to practicing the new trick interspersed with older ones.

By the end of a training session for a new trick, I will often quickly go through the list of the old ones he’s mastered — to end on a positive note, with easy treats, keep him motivated to find out more, and also to mark the end of the “lesson. ”


Browse‘s collection of Dog Supplies and accessories that keep your dog’s tail wagging including Dog Apparel, Dog Toys and much more.


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Galaxy S6 edge+ Cartoon Series S-View Flip Cover

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Cartoon Printing Series S-View Flip Cover, Folio Case for Galaxy S6 edge+

Galaxy S6 edge+ Cases and Covers

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ S-View Flip Cover protects your screen when it is not in use and is easily flipped open for full access to the screen. When closed, the S-View cover offers instant access to critical features through a unique window interface, thanks to the Samsung ID chip. View the home screen to check the time, weather and other status items. Accept or reject incoming calls with just a swipe, or reject calls with a preset message. Control your music playback directly on the S-View screen. If you miss anything, notifications are shown in the recent activity menu of your S-View cover. Swipe the right icon to quickly access your phone’s camera, without opening the cover, to quickly take pictures or video to capture the moment. Swipe the left icon to access your favorite contacts for easy dialing with your flip cover closed.

  • Flip Cover with smart, interactive window provides quick access to key phone features and ability to respond to incoming calls and alarms without opening the cover
  • Swipe to preview expandable Messages/Missed Calls, Access Quick Camera and Video Recorder, Access Favorite Contacts, or Access Settings and App Notifications
  • New cradle design allows for easy, snap-on installation and adds hard plastic protection to the corners of your device
  • Available in multiple attractive patterns

The Cartoon S-View Flip Cover folio case protects the smartphone’s screen when it is not in use and is easily flipped open for full access to the screen. The back cover provides a seamless replacement for the original battery cover and features a rubber seal to maintain the Galaxy S6 edge+’s water resistance. Accept or reject incoming calls with just a swipe, or reject calls with a preset message. If you miss anything, notifications are shown in the recent activity menu of your S-View cover unless phone security settings are activated. Swipe left to quickly access your phone’s camera without opening the cover.

I know there are a lot of negative reviews about this cover. I bought it anyway having seen it at the Metro PCS store. I love the cover. It protects the phone nicely while in my pocketbook or pocket. I don’t feel I have to take special precautions like I did with my old cover. This cover fits great, looks nice, and protects the phone. Some people said that the cover does not stay closed. I have not had this issue at all. If I’ve had the cover folded back (which I do when I’m playing on it), I will turn it face down on the table when I close it. This prevents the cover from opening. Don’t have to leave it that way for long either. This case is amazing. Very sturdy but lightweight, and protects my phone wonderfully. It’s great quality and looks wonderful. It functions as great as it looks. I have had it for about 2 months and it has not worn out at all. Considering all the opening and bending backwards would wear on the seam, but it has not whatsoever. I’ve gotten many compliments on it and people asking where I got it. Great price too.

I really like this. Doesn’t last very long before the screen gets messed up. I have gone through 2and now they are out of stock.

The Cartoon Printing Series Flip Cover for for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is available at Order today and we guarantee to ship your order out tomorrow. Brought to you by the leader in wholesale cell phone accessoriesSamsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Cases, CellBy.

The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Case

Galaxy Note 5 CaseThis is a beautiful and classy Galaxy Note 5 Case, Flip Leather Case Cover [Luxury Series] [Genuine Leather] with Magnetic Closure [ Sleek & Stylish], Soft Folio Leather Case [1 Card Slot] for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The Leather Case is not only a good protection to your device, but also a decoration to strut your style and stand out from the masses. Considering about both of them, you can rest assured to choose our case brand. We focus on refinement and attention-to-detail in every aspect of our products.

  • Luxury corrected grain leather shows high ability in toughness, permeability & abrasion resistance
  • Anti-slip, Ultra slim, brings your device comprehensive protection.
  • Plus a Slot for essential ID or Card
  • Elegant, Understated & Fashionable style
  • Soft handle feeling & Velvety texture
  • Easy access to all buttons, ports & camera without removing the case

Great product, fits my Note 5 perfectly. I love the magnetic closure, other brands have an annoying leather strip that you have to hold out of the way when viewing the screen. Also, this is one of the few holders that is made from real leather, while that makes it more expensive, it looks and feels much better than the fake stuff. I actually bought 2 different cases, this one and another, similar one that is fake and about 1/3 the price, and the difference in quality was definitely noticible. The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is because the card slot isn’t big enough to actually hold any cards at all. Not a deal breaker – I still highly recommend this product.

Was impressed with this leather case. I’ll be honest, I was first skeptical about this because of all the other cases that I’ve bought through Amazon for my Note 5. I previously bought a similar black leather case, but sides of the case started to peel off. About me, I work in New York City and I ride the train into and out of Manhattan everyday, so I find ample time to constantly use my phone to check internet, mail, etc…. I also go to the gym 4 days out of the week and I use this phone and keep it in my side pocket. I would say that for the amount of usage that put this case through and the time that I’ve already had (about 4 months), the case is still in good shape. There are no tears and the leather still keeps it scent. Yeah the leather gets broken in, but not to the point where I ever thought that the case was going to fall apart. If there is anything else out there better than this (Quality), I will certainly look. But for the price (you pay a little more), you are getting quality. Think about it, you try to save $5-$10 by finding a cheap alternative, but in the end, the you end up spending more money because the cheaper product had to be replaced. Again, I guess it depends on what type of usage you have. But for people who appreciate a quality product. Look no further.

Overall, I’m satisfied with this smartphone case and have already ordered a similar one for my wife’s iPhone.

The iCarer Leather Case for for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is available at Order today and we guarantee to ship your order out tomorrow. Brought to you by the leader in wholesale cell phone accessories –  Here you find best Galaxy Note 5 Cases.