Best Dog Leash – Retractable Dog Leash with LED Flashlight

Retractable Dog Leash with LED Flashlight
Retractable Dog Leash Camouflage

Wow what a great idea and product ,this product arrived just as described . This product arrived in a timely manner and was packaged perfectly, it arrived in excellent condition .

This product is a PETSTWO’s Choice Retractable dog leash.This retractable leash lets you choose how far your dog can wander. Can withstand the force of pull of dogs that weigh up to 44 pounds Retractable leash extends up to 16 feet . Ergonomic handle design on the retractable dog leash lets you maintain a tight, comfortable grip without any discomfort.The built in flashlight is awesome .

I really love this product for it’s versatility and it is very nice looking too.It works perfect and has so many features , it makes walking my dog a breeze .I love to go for power walks.I can now walk and my dog can roam around me without me always pulling on the leash .She has plenty of length to roam and follow me.This product is made of high quality materials , it is built to last.If you are looking for a product like this for yourself or as a gift look no further you have found it .

Exclusively Designed for Small to Medium-Sized Pets to 44 Pounds That Love to Take Walks!

PETSTWO’s Choice Retractable Leash with LED Flashlight is lightweight, sturdy and easy to use. Its strong wear-resistant retractable nylon cord extends up to 16 feet offering your pet lots of “freedom on the leash” while you still maintain full control of your dog during your daily strolls together.

Experience Stress-Free Safer Walks with Your Pet BOTH Day and Night!

Walking your dog in the dark can be unsafe for you and your pet. PETSTWO’s Choice Retractable Leash has a built-in easily detachable super bright 9 LED flashlight so you always enjoy safe pathway illumination and maximum visibility. Every leash comes with Safety Precautions & Directions.

Reliable, Durable and Designed to Last.

Our Black PETSTWO’s Choice Retractable Leash is known for its premium quality, superior durability and attractive design. Its impact resistant casing with soft-grip ergonomic handle makes it easy for one-handed operation and ideal for longer walks with your pet.

Lock & Release Button Works Every Time.

This leash easily adjusts to a safe, appropriate length for your surroundings with a one-button lock and release system. Just push the lock button and the leash instantly stops and securely holds your pet at exactly that lead length. For additional security, the lead cord has a double stitched bite belt with reflective elements and a secure locking metal collar attachment.

I bought two of these. I am very happy with them, it makes night walks so much easier and improves safety. Good weight and grip. Used to constantly have other one pulled out of hand, not this one, more ergonomic. Corded lease good & responsive with quick lock and control. This leash is one of the best purchases I have made. It combines a flashlight with a retractable dog leash. Now that it gets dark earlier, we have to walk in the dark, and with the light attached to this leash makes it safer crossing streets and easier to clean up after my dog. In the past I had to carry a flashlight, which is basically fine. But in the winter when wearing gloves it became quite cumbersome. This leash solves all of that.

I absolutely LOVE this leash! My yard is very dark in certain corners b/c the porch light doesn’t quite light up the whole yard… well this is perfect! With the attached light, I can see the ground around us to make sure he’s not picking up anything that he shouldn’t be! We just had a fence installed, so we mostly just let him run free when he needs to go out, but I also use it to take evening walks with my pup and my hubby. Would definitely recommend… especially if you live in an area that’s not well lit.

This product is in stock now, we guarantee next working day shipping and offer a 3 months warranty on all our products. Brought to you by the leader in Dog Supplies as well as Dog Collars and Leashes wholesale,


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