Wireless Qi Charger Car Mount Review

I’ve tried a number of windshield/dashboard mounts, and most of them have worked pretty well, meaning they adhered to the windshield or dashboard without coming loose, and they secured my smartphone to the mount. The ones I didn’t like were the mounts that held the cellphone magnetically or with adhesives. The iOttie Easy One Touch passed my tests with its secure vacuum grip on the dashboard of my car, and the padded grippers that held my phone. A ball-and-socket joint and telescoping arm allows the phone to be positioned in almost any way for the best viewing. The side grippers on the mount expand to take phones up to about 3½” in width, which would include most smartphones made today, as well as some of the smaller phablets. My Moto-X phone fit easily in the mount.

Car Mount Wireless Qi ChargerThese windshield/dashboard mounts are invaluable for many people, and I can’t imagine using my smartphone’s GPS without having the phone in a dashboard mount. If you’re looking for a car or tabletop mount that holds your cellphone securely but releases it quickly when you need to take your phone with you, the iOttie is definitely worth a look.

People that will find this the Car Mounted Wireless Qi Charger useful are individuals that have a qi standard phone that is compatible for qi charging that want a fast and easy way to charge their phone without having wires everywhere but having the phone held in a position that suits them. The holder itself is adjustable so it can support a variety of different size and branded qi charging compatible phones; to adjust it just press the release buttons at the either side of the charger together for the grip to widen.

At a Glance…

  • Wireless Qi Charger
  • Designed to be installed in
  • For Qi Standard Compatible Phones

Manufacturer Specifications


  • Output: DC 5V/1A
  • Input: DC 12V/1A
  • Charging Efficiency: Above 70%
  • Power Source: Car Charger
  • Compatibility: Qi Standard Phones


  • Power IN


  • Main product dimensions: 111x66x54mm (L x W x D)
  • Main product weight: 138g

Note: The adhesive pad on the mount is very sticky, enough so that it was a bit difficult to remove the mount. I recommend that you install it in the right location the first time so you won’t have to strain to remove it. The good news: with the vacuum seal added to the adhesiveness of the mount, it’s not going to move until you want it removed.

A good update on the old design to make it more compatible with larger phones, though it is now a tad more involved to mount the phone, as I often feel more comfortable using both hands to secure it as opposed to the old design which I never felt unsure just using one.

In addition, one of the rubber friction bumpers on the side arms fell off and had to be glued back on. The factory adhesive doesn’t seem to be quite up to the task.

Car Mounted Wireless Qi Charger is a great way to charge why wirelessly as you cruise the open roads. A great way to charge your phone as you hit the highway, the Car Mounted Wireless Qi Charger uses the latest way for wireless charging. Order one today and we guarantee to ship out your order within one working day. Brought to you by the leader in Cell phone accessories, Tagreat.com.

I just love this product. I’ve had a belkin car mount cell phone holder until it fell off and broke and the suction wouldn’t work anymore. That thing fell off all the time! And I thought I loved that, but man is this so much better. Suction holds up so well. I have it on my windshield so no problems with holes in my dashboard. It adjusts beautifully to however what position I want it to. I just push the side buttons to release my phone and when I’m back I just put my phone down on it and it snaps in!! You can even move the bottom panel to the sides I u can charge while it’s on it! I like my phone in front of me when I play music or use the gps in the car and this has been a lifesaver for me. Haven’t fallen off yet!!

For the past 6 weeks it has held up nicely in my car. I do like the fact that it holds my phone in place and it is easy to remove with just one hand. I wouldn’t recommend putting it on your dash because of the reviews that it might damage your finish. Glass is strong, smooth and easy to clean and would recommend attaching it to either your windshield or other stationary glass.


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