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Best Dog Leash – Retractable Dog Leash with LED Flashlight

Retractable Dog Leash with LED Flashlight
Retractable Dog Leash Camouflage

Wow what a great idea and product ,this product arrived just as described . This product arrived in a timely manner and was packaged perfectly, it arrived in excellent condition .

This product is a PETSTWO’s Choice Retractable dog leash.This retractable leash lets you choose how far your dog can wander. Can withstand the force of pull of dogs that weigh up to 44 pounds Retractable leash extends up to 16 feet . Ergonomic handle design on the retractable dog leash lets you maintain a tight, comfortable grip without any discomfort.The built in flashlight is awesome .

I really love this product for it’s versatility and it is very nice looking too.It works perfect and has so many features , it makes walking my dog a breeze .I love to go for power walks.I can now walk and my dog can roam around me without me always pulling on the leash .She has plenty of length to roam and follow me.This product is made of high quality materials , it is built to last.If you are looking for a product like this for yourself or as a gift look no further you have found it .

Exclusively Designed for Small to Medium-Sized Pets to 44 Pounds That Love to Take Walks!

PETSTWO’s Choice Retractable Leash with LED Flashlight is lightweight, sturdy and easy to use. Its strong wear-resistant retractable nylon cord extends up to 16 feet offering your pet lots of “freedom on the leash” while you still maintain full control of your dog during your daily strolls together.

Experience Stress-Free Safer Walks with Your Pet BOTH Day and Night!

Walking your dog in the dark can be unsafe for you and your pet. PETSTWO’s Choice Retractable Leash has a built-in easily detachable super bright 9 LED flashlight so you always enjoy safe pathway illumination and maximum visibility. Every leash comes with Safety Precautions & Directions.

Reliable, Durable and Designed to Last.

Our Black PETSTWO’s Choice Retractable Leash is known for its premium quality, superior durability and attractive design. Its impact resistant casing with soft-grip ergonomic handle makes it easy for one-handed operation and ideal for longer walks with your pet.

Lock & Release Button Works Every Time.

This leash easily adjusts to a safe, appropriate length for your surroundings with a one-button lock and release system. Just push the lock button and the leash instantly stops and securely holds your pet at exactly that lead length. For additional security, the lead cord has a double stitched bite belt with reflective elements and a secure locking metal collar attachment.

I bought two of these. I am very happy with them, it makes night walks so much easier and improves safety. Good weight and grip. Used to constantly have other one pulled out of hand, not this one, more ergonomic. Corded lease good & responsive with quick lock and control. This leash is one of the best purchases I have made. It combines a flashlight with a retractable dog leash. Now that it gets dark earlier, we have to walk in the dark, and with the light attached to this leash makes it safer crossing streets and easier to clean up after my dog. In the past I had to carry a flashlight, which is basically fine. But in the winter when wearing gloves it became quite cumbersome. This leash solves all of that.

I absolutely LOVE this leash! My yard is very dark in certain corners b/c the porch light doesn’t quite light up the whole yard… well this is perfect! With the attached light, I can see the ground around us to make sure he’s not picking up anything that he shouldn’t be! We just had a fence installed, so we mostly just let him run free when he needs to go out, but I also use it to take evening walks with my pup and my hubby. Would definitely recommend… especially if you live in an area that’s not well lit.

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Wireless Qi Charger Car Mount Review

I’ve tried a number of windshield/dashboard mounts, and most of them have worked pretty well, meaning they adhered to the windshield or dashboard without coming loose, and they secured my smartphone to the mount. The ones I didn’t like were the mounts that held the cellphone magnetically or with adhesives. The iOttie Easy One Touch passed my tests with its secure vacuum grip on the dashboard of my car, and the padded grippers that held my phone. A ball-and-socket joint and telescoping arm allows the phone to be positioned in almost any way for the best viewing. The side grippers on the mount expand to take phones up to about 3½” in width, which would include most smartphones made today, as well as some of the smaller phablets. My Moto-X phone fit easily in the mount.

Car Mount Wireless Qi ChargerThese windshield/dashboard mounts are invaluable for many people, and I can’t imagine using my smartphone’s GPS without having the phone in a dashboard mount. If you’re looking for a car or tabletop mount that holds your cellphone securely but releases it quickly when you need to take your phone with you, the iOttie is definitely worth a look.

People that will find this the Car Mounted Wireless Qi Charger useful are individuals that have a qi standard phone that is compatible for qi charging that want a fast and easy way to charge their phone without having wires everywhere but having the phone held in a position that suits them. The holder itself is adjustable so it can support a variety of different size and branded qi charging compatible phones; to adjust it just press the release buttons at the either side of the charger together for the grip to widen.

At a Glance…

  • Wireless Qi Charger
  • Designed to be installed in
  • For Qi Standard Compatible Phones

Manufacturer Specifications


  • Output: DC 5V/1A
  • Input: DC 12V/1A
  • Charging Efficiency: Above 70%
  • Power Source: Car Charger
  • Compatibility: Qi Standard Phones


  • Power IN


  • Main product dimensions: 111x66x54mm (L x W x D)
  • Main product weight: 138g

Note: The adhesive pad on the mount is very sticky, enough so that it was a bit difficult to remove the mount. I recommend that you install it in the right location the first time so you won’t have to strain to remove it. The good news: with the vacuum seal added to the adhesiveness of the mount, it’s not going to move until you want it removed.

A good update on the old design to make it more compatible with larger phones, though it is now a tad more involved to mount the phone, as I often feel more comfortable using both hands to secure it as opposed to the old design which I never felt unsure just using one.

In addition, one of the rubber friction bumpers on the side arms fell off and had to be glued back on. The factory adhesive doesn’t seem to be quite up to the task.

Car Mounted Wireless Qi Charger is a great way to charge why wirelessly as you cruise the open roads. A great way to charge your phone as you hit the highway, the Car Mounted Wireless Qi Charger uses the latest way for wireless charging. Order one today and we guarantee to ship out your order within one working day. Brought to you by the leader in Cell phone accessories,

I just love this product. I’ve had a belkin car mount cell phone holder until it fell off and broke and the suction wouldn’t work anymore. That thing fell off all the time! And I thought I loved that, but man is this so much better. Suction holds up so well. I have it on my windshield so no problems with holes in my dashboard. It adjusts beautifully to however what position I want it to. I just push the side buttons to release my phone and when I’m back I just put my phone down on it and it snaps in!! You can even move the bottom panel to the sides I u can charge while it’s on it! I like my phone in front of me when I play music or use the gps in the car and this has been a lifesaver for me. Haven’t fallen off yet!!

For the past 6 weeks it has held up nicely in my car. I do like the fact that it holds my phone in place and it is easy to remove with just one hand. I wouldn’t recommend putting it on your dash because of the reviews that it might damage your finish. Glass is strong, smooth and easy to clean and would recommend attaching it to either your windshield or other stationary glass.

Dog Training Tips and Tricks

How to Train A Dog

Most of puppies must be trained to some standard. Just about all pet dogs need to know essential manners. Almost all dogs need to know important things. A number of dogs know tricks. I take pride in the fact that my dog is trained to the best of my ability as well as is always learning. All this is important if perhaps your canine friend is to be around some other dogs, and taken out in public. In this article I have included training tips as well as how to teach your dog important things.


Step 1: Hierarchy: The Pet Dogs Place

Pet dogs ought to be at the bottom of the hierarchy, you need to be at the top. Most people must show your family dog who is chairman! To show your puppy that you’re “top dog” theres some simple things which you are able to do: Try to eat ahead of the dog and even don’t ever give food to the dog while you are eating. As soon as out walking do NOT permit your new puppy walk ahead of you. A dog walking in front is a boss. The boss must be you. Usually do not let your dog get their food till you say so. Train your canine friend “wait” ( i am going to explain how in this instructable) In case your canine watches you eat, growl at the dog. Yes growl. You may possibly look brainless, however your dog will eventually keep in mind stay away from you while you eat, like they would in the outdoors.

Simplest way to come to be alpha dog, I have used this on huskies along with serious alpha dog issues: make eye contact, and also try to make them look away. Eye contact is big for canines. Stare at them. Right in the eyes. Don’t look away until eventually they do, and only just after they do.

Step 2: Primary Good Manners

1 . Home furniture.

In case you do not want your pet climbing on your sofa, never ever let them on there. From a young age, IN NO WAY let your new puppy on the household furniture. In the event that its too late for that, as soon as your pet dog jumps on the furniture. The minute they jump up say “NO! ” and also take the dogs collar and after that lead them to the floor. Then simply return to whatever you were doing.

2 . Men or women.

Whenever the dog jumps up at men or women, In that case it is necessary to break this habit. Right away, tell just about any guests and also members of your household then any time the dog jump up at them, to turn their back to the dog and even fold their arms whilst telling your new puppy “no”

3. Any other dogs.

In the event that your pet dog plain does not like several other dogs, please don’t put it in a situation where it will be close to them. To avoid this, socialise puppy dogs from a young age, on a lead, and in a calm manner. The only way to do that is exposure to other dogs as much as possible from a young age.

4. Taking walks on the lead.

A puppy ought to walk on the lead in a calm controlled fashion, as well as should not pull on the lead. Whenever the dog is a puppy teach it this by pulling it back whenever it goes ahead and saying no . Keep in mind LOTS of praise whenever the dog is walking nicely! With regard to grownup dogs, this behavior CAN be corrected. Once again with the growling, whenever the dog pulls growl and say no . Additionally any time the dog pulls stop and turn and walk the other way. Keep on to do that right up until the dog gets the idea.


Additionally, a note for the puppy owners, Always clean up after your pet!

5. Chewing.

This behavior is difficult to correct, even so I’ll do my best to clarify. First of all, Whenever you do not want an item chewed, keep it out of the dogs way. If perhaps they do get anything, show it to your adorable puppy, and say ” what is this?! bad dog! ” and even roll up a newspaper and hit THE FLOOR OR YOUR LEG * NEVER HIT THE DOG*

Step 3: Name, Come, Sit plus Stay

Schooling a puppy its name:

At the time you have chosed a proper name for your pet dog, you may learn to teach the dog its name. Coaching the dog its name is very simple, say it to the dog continually, unlike “rex, rex, rex, rex” but i imagine that would probably work… But i choose to use the far more personal version, “rex, hello rex come here rex, whos a good rex? your a good rex! ” without a doubt, appears to be brainless, unfortunately it works.

Training a puppy to come.

Get started with a short distance, on a lead. Talk to your new puppy, then simply shorten the lead, as soon as the dog gets to you, Treat beloved toy + a lot of praise. Step by step increase the space as well as loose the lead. It may differ for each and every dog, a few learn fast, some others take more time. but all will learn sooner or later.

Sit down.

That is quite easy. Almost all canines pick this up. Treats most liked toy – Highly recommended.

You could train a dog sit, simply by gently tapping the dogs err rump (not too good wording i know) as well as saying sit. Furthermore as soon as the dog sits, of their own accord, say “sit, good boy/girl”

I figured out an easy way to get my doggie to sit, without pushing his rump down. Hold a treat slightly over and behind the snout; the dog automatically sits. Once the dog sits, say SIT and then the treat. Repeat 100 times..: -) credit to get_going for this


Stay normally goes together with sit. Hand signals are usually good for stay. hold your hand out flat and say stay firmly. If the dog moves, take them back to the position you told them to stay in and try again. Repeat until the dog stays there for 30 seconds call to you and praise, give treat or favourite toy. Gradually increase the time for 30 seconds to 45, and then a minute, 2 minutes and work up to 5 + minutes.

Step 4: Lie down, wait around, Drop it

Lie down –

Sit down is required just for this. So get your new puppy to adopt the sit position, and hold your hand palm down, together with lower your hand little by little and say “lie down”, In that case lift the dogs front paws and then put them down but , in the lay down position. The moment the dog is in the lay down position, LOTS of praise, and treat with most liked toy. Do it again until the dog will lie down of their own accord. Then MORE praise and treat with most liked toy.

Wait –

This includes a treat. The treat has to go on the floor, whenever your dog goes to get it, stop the dog and also say wait. right after 1 minute allow the dog get the treat just after you say “go on then”. Slowly and gradually increase the time.

Drop It –

Drop is QUITE important. Picture in the event that your dog had a cat, or perhaps another animal or a specific thing important? It is necessary to train a dog drop. You will need a teddy or ball in addition to toy of some kind, give it to your dog. Let the dog enjoy it for a moment, and then call your canine back, take the toy from the dogs mouth and say “drop it” after that throw the toy for a second time and repeat. Throwing the toy once more is necessary as a result the dog understands that giving it to you is okay, simply because the dog gets it back again. Despite the fact that this is not always the case… I recently used this in an “emergency” cassie caught a bird… the good thing is she did not hurt it, it was just a bit stunned. On the other hand drop is very important for games just like fetch.


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How To Make A Dog Spring Toy

My Pet Dog
My Pet Dog

That is my Poodle puppy, Wangcai. Once he is a bored puppy dog, he is a really terrible puppy dog! I wished to make him some type of spring gadget to ensure that he could burn off a few energy. The only issue is the fact that we have a yard that has no trees from which to hang anything off of. Right after a little bit of brainstorming, I came up with this nice small toy!

In case you have got trees in your yard just where your canine can play safely and securely, you are able to skip the hangar as well as just tie the spring to a branch.

Step 1: Tools plus Materials

You will need a storm door chain kit, an over the fence planter holder, 10 feet of heavy rope, some kind of twine or similar string, a 1″ split ring (ie. key chain ring), jingle bells, a 3 or 4 foot strip of polar fleece, scissors, cutting pliers and a measuring tape.

The project supplies cost me $15 to purchase as well as around Half an hour to make. You can find every little thing you need at The Home Despot as well as the Dollar Store.

Tools and Supplies
Tools and Supplies

Step 2: Taking away The Chain

One end of the spring has a chain, that we don’t need. Use the cutting pliers to remove it. In case you have got a hack saw, you can cut the mounting bracket off. I’m not worried about keeping it on, considering that the doggy only plays with the rope.

Removing The Chain
Removing The Chain

Step 3: Placing The Split Ring

Place the ring on the spring on the end from which you just cut the chain off of.

Adding The Split Ring
Adding The Split Ring

Step 4: Adding The Rope

Place the rope through the end of the spring without the split ring, get the center of the rope and then make a knot.

Adding The Rope
Adding The Rope

Step 5: Attaching The Bells

String as many bells as you would like, onto the twine. Tie up the bells onto the rope, above the knot on the rope. Cut the unneeded string.

You are able to skip adding bells to the toy, if you want. I find that the bells make noises that encourage and excite the dog to play with the toy.

Adding The Bells
Adding The Bells

Step 6: Knotting The Rope

Take the hanger along with rope outdoors to the fence wherever you desire to hang the spring
toy. Put the ring onto the hanger and let the rope hang. Cut the rope to ensure that the end will hang a foot or so off the ground. Try to make random knots on the rope, using one of the knots close to the end of the rope. The knots serve two reasons – Trying to keep the two strands together as well as to give your dog places to grab the rope.

Knotting The Rope
Knotting The Rope

Step 7: Adding The Strip Of Polar Fleece

Take your strip of polar fleece as well as tie it to the rope over the last knot. At the time I hung the toy on the fence, I took the fleece in the picture off, it was too short. I choose to use polar fleece for the reason that it is strong when wet, is stretchy and quite resistant to doggy teeth.

Adding The Strip O Polar Fleece
Adding The Strip O Polar Fleece

Step 8: Enjoy Your project!

Have a look at what you constructed! The best dog toy ever before! As with any dog toy, please supervise playtime for safety purposes.

Enjoy Your project
Enjoy Your project


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How to Make Dog Clothes from Recycled Denim

Denim Jacket for Dog
Dog Denim Jacket

As a young man, I have made fun of puppies wearing apparel for many years. At this point, as a man with a nice puppy I’ve noted myself with the importance for dog outfits. Any time the weather condition gets very cold as well as your pet dog has very little hair, you should do something or you start getting puddles in the house! I had an old pair of denims with a knee torn out. I had an old fleece scarf which I never wear any more. A little measuring and sketching and I was ready to get started. I had fun making Dottie’s jacket and hope that you have fun as well. The jacket I wound up with is customized just for Dottie’s size. I even thought it was clever to add one of the back pockets to the side of her jacket. (for treats? ) I’ll give you the steps that I followed and urge you to be creative and give it a try yourself!!

Step 1: Supplies

Pick up several old clothes… a pair of jeans and also a fleece scarf is exactly what I used. When you wish to use a flannel shirt as well as sweatshirt, no problem. I suggest something for the outer shell that’s durable such as denim or another heavy cotton. For the lining, anything you would use to stay warm can be used for your puppy. I also used a sewing machine but you can pretty easily sew by hand if you don’t have a machine or just prefer to do so. I picked up some “industrial strength” Velcro at a local department store. A piece of chalk will also come in handy… I’ll cover that in another step. A pair of scissors and a measuring tape and you’ll be ready to go!

Step 2: Design a plan! Measure your puppy…

Sketch a plan

Almost all dog clothes are a pretty basic plan. Pretty much imagine a blanket with a hole in the front to put the head through as well as something to fasten around the stomach or chest. I did not have a cloth tape to measure my dog so I used a string to measure and held it to a tape measure I had open on a table to get the lengths. Measure around the neck below where the collar usually sits as well as make sure you allow room for the dog’s head to fit through. Keep in mind it’s always easier to trim off a bit more than scrap it and start over if it’s too small. In case you want to add a fastener at the front, you can do that likewise. You want to offer enough room to ensure that your doggy can moved comfortably to play or “other” activities he or she may do outside the house.

Step 3: Cut Pieces

Cut Pieces

Keep in mind whenever you are cutting your pieces to allow for seams. I gave myself an additional 1/4 Inch for every seam I was planning to put in. This is not the step of which I added the Velcro… it will come later on. I simply added the image to show how I saw the jacket coming together. For piece A, I used the front of a jeans leg with the knee of the jeans toward the lower back of the dog. This gave a little extra give in an area that the dog usually bends while running as well as actively playing. I also decided not to have any pattern paper so I used a piece of chalk to make rough sketches on the denim. This helped me to see where the cuts needs to be without having to do multiple trimmings or cut too short on a piece. In the event that you want to use a Velcro closure on the front along with the bottom, add enough size to make an overlap and remember your seam allowance!

Step 4: Putting the pieces together

Putting the pieces together

This is where it truly gets enjoyable! You can see that my jacket came out a bit different from the original sketch. I decided to add a back pocket from the jeans to the side panel of the jacket. For piece A, I used the front of a jeans leg. The other pieces I cut from the back of my jeans. The back of jeans tend to have slightly larger pieces than the front. Like working a puzzle, you can put the pieces together in a way that you can make a good fit for your dog. Once I had the shell (denim) pieced together, I tried it on the dog to make sure I was going to get a good fit with the finished project.

Step 5: And the lining goes in…

And the lining goes in

I took a wide fleece scarf as well as cut it in half. That gave me two pieces of which I could sew together to make a solid piece wide enough to cover the inside of the jacket. By cutting it just more compact than the denim shell, I was able to roll the edges over and pin them. As I sewed around the edge of the entire jacket, I removed the pins. By simply cutting a small V in areas that had sharper curves, I was able to get the denim to lay down over the fleece lining. It looks a little rough but I was going for function more than fashion. Somebody with better skills than myself would be able to finish the edges and make a more attractive product.

Step 6: Adding Velcro fastener

Adding Velcro fastener

By just adding the Velcro going horizontal on one side and also vertical on the other side this gives you maximum grip with easier fastening. This also provides you a little area for error. As soon as you attach your velcro, bear in mind to sew around the edge and then back and forth across the middle to give you the most stability.

Step 7: Dress in and take pleasure in!

Several quick tips… if perhaps your pet has never worn any items of apparel, this may take an adjustment period of time. I don’t suggest you to feel you can stick the apparel on the dog and hit the street. It took a long time for Dottie to get accustomed to putting on her jacket. When she realized she stayed warm any time she wears it… she gets excited when I get it out due to the fact she knows it’s time to go outside the house and play! By letting her wear it for a few short periods of time and then a couple of short walks, she got used to the jacket. Appreciate the cold weather with your doggie and please share pictures or perhaps stories with me!

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